Rand Paul raises specter of impeaching the AG (for some reason)

8/12/2022 8:32:00 AM

Add Merrick Garland to the long and growing list of people Republicans want to impeach. (via @MaddowBlog)

Add Merrick Garland to the long and growing list of people Republicans want to impeach. (via MaddowBlog)

There's no evidence that Attorney General Merrick Garland has done anything wrong. Sen. Rand Paul nevertheless raised the prospect of impeaching him.

argued on the air that it was at least possible.COVID booster requirement for state employees, including ferry workers and state troopers., Richardson says 777 showing up for you can encourage you to take up some pursuit of spiritual study.Ian Rapoport of NFL Network was the first to report the news Thursday morning.

“How do we know?” Paul asked, rhetorically.He added, “How do we know [hypothetical incriminating evidence] was in the box before it left the residence?” It was deeply odd rhetoric, even from a GOP lawmaker with a record of believing weird conspiracy theories, but that’s not all he said.5, but said all state employees must still be fully vaccinated with the two-shot regimen of Pfizer or Moderna, or the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.In the same Fox News interview, the Kentuckian also broached the subject of impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland."777 can be a number that indicates grace, a spiritual term that describes assistance and blessings from Spirit coming into your life that don't have to be earned or even asked for," Richardson says.“I’ve never been a fan of overusing impeachment, but I think there has to be an investigation, and if it warrants it, there’s going to have to be a look at whether or not the attorney general has misused his office for political purposes.The Aug.Have they gone after a political opponent? I mean, this is beyond the pale.“He’ll be back sometime around Tennessee,” Bowles said.

” At least so far, Paul hasn’t presented any evidence of the attorney general misusing his office for political purposes or going after a political opponent, apparently because no such evidence exists.Emails to the Governor’s Office asking for an explanation went unanswered as of publication.There's a spiritual lesson to be learned.What’s more, if the Justice Department didn’t have legitimate evidence of wrongdoing, it almost certainly couldn’t have received a court-ordered search warrant.But Kentucky’s junior senator, speaking to a national television audience, raised the specter of impeaching Garland anyway."Widespread vaccination is the primary means we have as a state to protect everyone," both directives read.He’s not alone.In this case, it's extra important to get clear on what exactly was happening when you noticed it.A day earlier, Republican Sen.5 directive hints at instituting an ‘incentive’ to stay vaccinated and get boosted.It’s something he needs to handle, we trust him, we talked about it.

Josh Hawley did the same thing.“At a minimum, Garland must resign or be impeached,” the Missouri senator wrote on Twitter, failing to point to any evidence of wrongdoing on Garland’s part." "I think the incentive is going to come in the form of compensation or a bonus," said Elizabeth Hovde with the Washington Policy Center.777 meaning for love.Complicating matters, this isn’t altogether new.Last month, Rep."The governor is in negotiations now with labor unions, and that seems to be directing the course," said Hovde.Jim Jordan — a Republican who would likely chair the House Judiciary Committee in the event of a GOP majority — also of impeaching the attorney general.On the other hand, it can also simply mean you've found a good partner to accompany you on.ET.

Months earlier, Republican Rep." She’s critical of vaccination mandates in general, believing it’s a personal choice and should not be made a condition of employment.Scott Perry — yes,.

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MaddowBlog Republicans fire/impeach/remove people who DO THEIR DAM JOB. Exactly why they have Zero business 'serving' in office [of any kind]. MaddowBlog Vote raul paul out MaddowBlog They ARE funny ... 🤥🙄🤥🤥😒😆🤤😳😜 MaddowBlog It is clear now that for what is called today gop, a courier criminal & world class lair comes ahead of anything, including the country & its institutions!

MaddowBlog GOP is lining up a long list of people they will investigate. If they get the majority, it’ll be another couple years of them sitting on their a$$ and do nothing for the American People, just like they’ve done before. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Right. Republicans want to impeach people. Sure. MaddowBlog Is that the best he's got? Seems a tad weak from this angle

MaddowBlog Keep trying. RandPaul isn’t going anywhere MaddowBlog To Hell with the GOP.America wants the traitors in the GOP in prison cells now. Right fucking now! MaddowBlog They want to impeach anyone doing their job.

Gov. Inslee drops COVID booster mandate for WA state workersQuestions are now being raised about Governor Jay Inslee’s reasoning for lifting the COVID booster requirement for state employees, including ferry workers and state troopers. FOX13 Political from start. But now there is *zero* science to back him. He's purged his agencies from anyone who would question him. You have to have the vax to start or maintain employment & taxpayers will be gifting them $$ to get boosters even though vaxxed still get & spread it. Welp, let's start with the fact that they don't work. Inslee should be put in prison and all his assets be taken and given to state workers for being forced out of jobs!

MaddowBlog Republicans always attacking Law Enforcement and not the criminals MaddowBlog Maybe the Republicans should drum up a fake dossier, pay for it through party sponsored lawyer firms, deliver it to comrades at the FBI, falsify FISA warrants, then knowingly drum false articles of impeachment and drag the country through 3 years of a bogus investigation(s)

MaddowBlog How, once this is verified publicly, can people like Rand Paul even think about supporting TFG. MaddowBlog Let’s impeach Rand Paul. I can’t stand the whining brat. MaddowBlog Impeach Rand Paul's hairdresser!

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