Rand Paul blocks quick passage of $40 billion Ukraine aid package

Rand Paul single-handedly delays Senate approval of $40B Ukraine aid package.


5/13/2022 3:07:00 AM

Rand Paul single-handedly delays Senate approval of $40B Ukraine aid package.

The legislation has been approved overwhelmingly by the House and has strong bipartisan support in the Senate.

Even so, Paul’s objection was an audacious departure from an overwhelming sentiment in Congress that quickly helping Ukraine was urgent, both for that nation’s prospects of withstanding Vladimir Putin’s brutal attack and for discouraging the Russian president from escalating or widening the war.

It was also a brazen rebellion against his fellow Kentucky Republican, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell began Thursday’s session by saying senators from “both sides” — meaning Republicans and Democrats — needed to “help us pass this urgent funding bill today,” gesturing emphatically as he said “today.”

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American hero BoughtandPaidFor RandPaul He wanted oversight, that's why. He mentioned it be monitored and everyone that was gonna make money flipped! Giving the CIA $40 billion is rediculous. Do we not remember what they did to ghettos in the 80s? They invented Crack and it's distribution to fund foreign operations

Starting to think his neighbor had a point. Этот «красавчик» жмёт ручку российскому сенатору Putin is very proud & happy with him RussianAsset He’s asking for transparency in how it will be spent, right? Think god nbc sucks His neighbor was right Stop the fake war That 40 billion needs to go to the United States

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Thanks Sen Paul Rand Paul is one of the few honest politicians in D.C. NBC 'News' is nothing more than establishment propaganda. Finally someone is standing up for Americans. Use the money to help America for a change Thank GOD for Rand Paul. He for putin too Good Good on him! Take care of Americans first. Lord knows we need it right now. Ukraine is barely an ally....... unless you know they lined your son's pockets and you get 10% big guy. FJB UltraMAGA

Based. Good Americans need the money 💰 Good , not all is lost for The USA then.

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Based Rand Paul. Good use that $40B at home 40 Billion on a war that had very little to do with us, while millions are without healthcare in the tail end of a global pandemic, homelessness is at an all time high, & millions of hard working Americans continue to struggle to afford basic needs like Housing, Gas, & Food. WILD

I stand with RandPaul Hell yes Good Hero ✌️😎🍸🤣 RandPaul got balls unlike most canadian “politicians“ Hero Who’s on Putin’s payroll?

Who Is Adele's Boyfriend, Rich Paul?The superstar and the mega sports agent started dating in 2021. Rich Paul? Where do they get these strange names from lol?

He’s a patriot. Ever consider that.? Only because all or the bacon Nancy put in it. God knows those adventurers visiting our country from the south need new cell phone plans for free He could do that because Republicans are in charge Pretty telling that our politicians will act more swiftly to fund a proxy war than to help their own constituents and fellow countrymen.

40B would pay for 18 months of universal healthcare but sure….. My deepest respect and appreciation goes again to Rand Paul, one of the few honorable politicians. this is awesome!!!...RandPaul , thank you Senator!!!! Rand Paul is the best ever!!!!!! I support aid to Ukraine. But Rand Paul is right. We should have supported Ukraine with our military support to end this atrocity.

As well he should. He literally just asked what it was for, and they refused to say. This is the billion dollars on a pallet in Iraq all over again.

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Not all heros wear capes. glad he stopped that, we don't need funding to go to overseas countries that we are not at war with nor allies with. im glad he made sure it was blocked. makes me wish i was in his district, i'd definitely vote for him if i was. we need to focus on problems here at home! Thank you, Rand Paul. We have more pressing issues to deal with here than caring about a country that isn't our own.

If it's true, good. But this is NBC reporting so I have to question the integrity of the report. him and Sen_JoeManchin must be friends The us needs it more than ever before, ukraine is gonna be fine without 40B that will only go to the rich/crooked politicians, or worse to putin himself Rand Paul is a True Patriot

Good for him. No Blood For Oil Useless! What do you expect.Republicans only care about how much money they get,not the state they represent

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Good for him. F sending money to other countries when our gas prices and everything else is in the toilet Again we would have to borrow the money from China Not one dollar to Ukraine. Cut off all foreign aid. Dismantle NATO, bring our troops back. Not one more dollar abroad. Only spend on the American people now before we have a civil war

Thank God at least one member of congress has some brains and ask questions before we send 40B to a country that would never spend that much on defense. CNN MSNBC FOXNEWS NEWSMAX Warroompandemic. Just sitting down on table will solve this $40b problem. That money will build hundreds or thousands of low cost housing for Americans. Why is Americans problem not a priority.

Good. Help our own ppl out in the states first I am all for helping others but maybe we should use a few of those billion to ease the baby formula shortage? Stop sending money to other countries!!!! Take that 40 billion and help out the homeless Veterans. If it wasn't for the Veterans we would be speaking Japanese or German. We they have done more for this Country than you could ever know.

Good keep holding it up and don’t let it through!

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true American hero That uncran mony can be use to get more baby formula or get them gas prices or just waste It all on sketchy uncrain Good!!! We have our own problems to worry about. Thank you Senator Paul! The 128 pound neighbor who kicked Randy Paul's pansy ass was of Ukrainian descent. The only good thing about libertarians is that they are anti war. Shweew. Where the f is the anti war left? You people been drinking the neocon rehabilitation coolaid or what? Wars are bad and a waste of financial resources and human lives. Demand peace talks not war.

THANK YOU RAND PAUL!!!!! Stop sending billions to Ukraine, their problem has nothing to do with us. It is only making the military industrial complex people richer. Good. It's about at least 500k families that could use aid in the US. You know, the same families that struggle to pay the same money in taxes and fines from taxes- to live HERE.

It's about time we stopped giving money to other countries to support THEIR economies when ours is in the toilet! One man can make a difference. HERO

GOOD!! AMERICANS FIRST U JACK A$$E$! KING Nice not all heroes wear capes The Biden family/Ukraine money laundering operation has gone on long enough. Rand Paul FTW At least someone in govt is a patriot. Wow I’m honestly impressed by this guy today

Good No US money to fund war in the other hemisphere. READ who really gets the money. No accountability in the bill. VegasStrong13 People like that are unfixable, fix the damn procedures if America wants to compete with other nations. So much time is being wasted due to utter nonsense and procedural theatrics.

What ridiculous framing. Insisting an IG oversee how these funds are spent should be commended. Good Good Good, thank you Paul!! God bless Rand Paul! Kinda hard to think about giving more money to Ukraine even if seems no other compares in giving to Ukraine. Also given the amount of people in our country suffering from economic turmoil.

come on maaan, let biden pay back to his ukrainian pals Hero So why is Mitch still the leader? He’s not, that’s the big secret. Good ! Something going on over there. We figured there was. There are 100 senators, why do we only get media coverage of 10-15? And single handedly he asked an independent oversight responsible assigned. Since when asking for supervising & keeping a check on how govt spends money is nonsense. Those claiming big cries shud b happy dat suggestion wud ensure more money flowing into right places

Buy some baby milk products instead 40 billion package? Package? Good! They can’t tell us how the money will be spent

He just wants there to be some oversight. Ukraine is a cesspool of corruption. I don't know about you guys but I would not feel comfortable sending over a blank check of that amount of money to a country that is in war and known for being corrupt. Good for you RandPaul. Hold the line. He's putting his responsibilities to The American Citizen first. We need more like him!

Make this man president Good Thank you Paul, the only Senator who's actually concerned about Americans first and foremost. If we are going through an “INFLATION” and only raising “MINIMUM WAGE,” why are we sending money? Are they going to pay our debt to China or something? Good OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!

Like R Paul gives a damn about anything except his publicity Ukraine is a 'watering hole' and you are going to lose it. All he requests for is financial oversight and with the current economic volatility, he is looking out for us - the citizens of this country. Rand is the hero we need right now. GOOD !! FINALY HAVE SOMEONE THAT FIGHTS !!

Heartless America needs to know are we prolonging this war to pack UNION coffers. They are the real recipient of this money. Good He needs to go home, put in his curlers, and stop having lil boy tantrums The Randstander Good!

An American HERO I'm totally down w rand. He is absolutely right on. Thanku rand for your profile in courage it's insanity to give that country as corrupt a place it us. W nazis running much of it. And with out huge needs here Superstar! Thank you Mr. Paul THIS RandPaul?! Ultra-hmmmmmmski. 🤔 Someone in the US with a brain after all.

Good!!!! King Good What all u Ukraine dummies haven’t figured out a this 40B is an inflation tax. Good for Rand!!!

Thank you Good Good The $40 billion will be given to Ukraine in the end anyway. This guy is a Putin puppet. If everything is given by 🇺🇸, what will European Union 🇪🇺 do? Buy Russian oil? Why are we giving any country foreign aid. If anything, other countries are supposed to pay us as tribute. We should sell countries aid. They can buy all they want. We can charge interest on loans. We should never give free money away to other countries for any reason.

Well, that's ONE Republican with a brain. Only in the US can a single malicious person prevent things the majority want. Good job Rand! Keep it up!

😂🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩 for more Guns!!! The greatest motherfucker and murder are the Nato, EU and Americans and not Russians. Great job Dr Paul! Right decision 👏👏👏 Good. No more fucking money spent that we dont fucking have 🤮 RonBrownstein And he even not the most obvious russian asset in DC... Traitor to humanity.

Great job Rand Paul! This bill and the entire government on both sides of the aisle are a disgrace to this nation. They want to sent 40 billion to Ukraine as our own country is in a state of decay. That money could do a lot of good for the hungy, the drug addicts, the homeless! he needs to be put on the front lines there to help them fight off the Russians then

Hero RandPaul Bravo Rand! Enough is enough! Good Good “10% for the big guy” at least there's one rational person in the room. Sends Trump in to negotiate a peace treaty and end this War now 🕊️ Democrats already left $40 billion in Afghanistan Well done to him. arirang7879 If we survive this remember the few good people in America who stood up for some limited measure of peace and sanity when everyone else was screaming for WW3. Trump, Paul, Tulsi, Tucker, Marjorie, Josh Hawley... All vilified by the mind-bogglingly insane 'mainstream' of America.

By essentially just asking what was in the bill lol. The NPCs will be triggered, but people still living in reality are aware that's pretty telling of what's in (or isn't) in the actual bill

Good job we have to take care of our own before we take care of other people. I think of how much good that 40 billion dollars could do in the US. Why is Biden in such a hurry to pay off his Ukraine oligarch cronies with US tax dollars? And now we know why his neighbor beat the crap out of him ! This is democracy vs communism, freedom vs repression, and someone needs to tell R. Paul this IS the west vs Russia as much as it also is Ukraine. Russia can NOT win!!

End the military industrial complex! Have talks with Russia and Ukraine, End the EU dictatorship and NATO. FckRandPaul But not gonna say why eh? The Federal Government back to its old habit of endless spendings on millitary and foreign intervention. It’s like they’ve never left Afghanistan (spending-wise)

Why are any of you supporting us sending money elsewhere, when we have severe problems here! This is insane and all of you that can’t see the insanity are truly brainwashed! You go Boy

Good. Well done And people were pissed when Elon Mosque bought twitter. That $40B can go a long way to help the homeless, feed the hungry and subsidize the jobless. But no, better give it to Ukraine.. What a joke. Garbage headline ... A simple request that the funds have at least a shred of oversight on how they are spent. It's amazing this isn't automatically on every one of these spending bills let alone opposed.

God bless him I don't like the guy, but I'm also opposed to sending $40b to another country when we should be spending it on our own people and infrastructure. I'm sorry for what the folks in Ukraine are dealing with, but I'm also America first. $40b could help a lot of homeless/needy folks. Put up with him or vote him out of office.

Rand Paul single-handedly delays government's theft of 40 billion dollars from American taxpayers I wonder if his next door neighbor is if Ukrainian descent. Kinda hope so

America First, baby Of course he did; he’s Russia’s favorite 2 asset, followed by 3 tulsi gaggs. Number 1 is obvious to all Some more front yard conversations need to happen with him! Hail Rand Paul son of Ron Paul We all know all those money will goes to Pentagon military complex and liberal warmongers. Not to people of Ukraine.

And his party is blaming Biden for not wanting to help?! God bless RandPaul ❤️ King He’s working for Putin He is so repulsive, take a good look of what Evil looks like. So mean spirited, like a women scorned.

Good!! Good build the wall Can we get Rand over to Ukraine to hand deliver the funds and personally apologize for the senseless delay..and maybe have him stay a couple of months helping fight Vlad as a show of penance for being an absolute douche? If you vote GOP you vote for anti democratic values and beliefs. You vote for minority rule.

Russian money speaks Good “Because, Russia was once the USSR!” -Randy Paul I standwithrand Imagine going to sleep at night knowing you get paid to be a steaming pile of garbage. 🤷‍♂️

That's great RandPaul blocked it.....we need that money here in the U.S. for the Anerican people , Ukraine need to resolve there own problems...War happen when there a wanna be tough guy,big mouth, latix wierdo dancer actor Nazi as President of Ukraine He said no to tax payer money straight into the hands of the politicians that have stock in the industrial military complex. Good for him.

Thank you Rand! He’s one of the members of Congress owned by Russia. Useless... An absolute disgrace Does he work for the American people? Or who does he really work for? Ukraine is on the front line fighting for us all: It's the only way Rand Paul get an erection. What’s the phone number of his neighbor. He needs a call ASAP! Rand Paul Is A Russian🇷🇺 Asset

Maybe someone should have accidentally broken his finger when it came to his vote, and we'd have passed that bill? Not that I necessarily approve of violence as such... Traitorous scum. Good How dare he hold up our plans to send all that taxpayer money to a foreign country? Quit throwing money at them. Go fix it yourself! How will we ever recover from Biden

Like a boss. We don't deserve Rand. Trash to Trash! 😝😝😝 GOOD FOR HIM Why are we sending $40,000,000,000 to Ukraine when we have skyrocketing inflation, baby formula shortage, and out of control homelessness? I stand with neighbor

Putin sends his thanks. We stand firmly with the world in support of Ukraine 🇺🇦 let’s make a donation in cryptocurrency to save the Ukrainian people, proceeds will be sent to the Humanitarian aid to Ukraine Wallet addresses can be found on our page tip section. Thanks for helping. StopWarInUkraine Good lol

Rantin’ Rand Didn’t Got Kickbacks…Elsewhere?!? Authoritarians Don’t Care for Democracies; Lunatics Follow Fascists! Hmmm! He has a point. Good, I was worried we would be sending money to foreigners before taking care of our own citizens Is RandPaul off his meds again?🖕 Good Good job

Final passage is not in doubt. Even so, Paul’s objection was an audacious departure from an overwhelming sentiment in Congress that quickly helping Ukraine was urgent, both for that nation’s prospects of withstanding Vladimir Putin’s brutal attack and for discouraging the Russian president from escalating or widening the war. It was also a brazen rebellion against his fellow Kentucky Republican, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell began Thursday’s session by saying senators from “both sides” — meaning Republicans and Democrats — needed to “help us pass this urgent funding bill today,” gesturing emphatically as he said “today.” Paul, a libertarian who often opposes U.S. intervention abroad, said he wanted language inserted into the bill, without a vote, that would have an inspector general scrutinize the new spending. He has a long history of demanding last-minute changes by holding up or threatening to delay bills on the brink of passage, including measures dealing with lynching, the defense budget and providing health care to the Sept. 11 attack first responders. Democrats and McConnell opposed Paul’s push and offered to have a vote on his language. Paul was likely to lose that vote and rejected the offer. He argued that the added spending was a significant sum that would deepen federal deficits and worsen inflation. Last year’s budget deficit was almost $2.8 trillion but likely headed downward, and the bill’s spending is less than two-tenths of 1% the size of the U.S. economy, suggesting its impact on inflation would be negligible. “No matter how sympathetic the cause, my oath of office is to the national security of the United States of America,” Paul said. “We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy.” Democrats said they were objecting to Paul’s plan because it would expand the powers of an existing inspector general whose current purview is limited to Afghanistan. That would deny Biden the chance past presidents have had to appoint the person to the post, they said. “It’s clear from the junior senator from Kentucky’s remarks, he doesn’t want to aid Ukraine,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., “All he will accomplish with his actions here today is to delay that aid, not to stop it.” Underscoring their joint desire to approve the bill immediately, Schumer and McConnell stood nearly side-by-side as they tried pushing the legislation forward. “They’re only asking for the resources they need to defend themselves against this deranged invasion,” McConnell said of the Ukrainians. “And they need this help right now.” The House voted 368-57 on Tuesday to approve the measure. All Democrats and most Republicans backed it, though every “no” vote came from the GOP. The bipartisan backing for Ukraine has been partly driven by accounts of Russian atrocities against Ukrainian civilians that have been impossible to ignore. It also reflects strategic concerns about letting Putin seize European territory unanswered as his assault on his neighbor to the west grinds into its 12th week. “Helping Ukraine is not an instance of mere philanthropy,” McConnell said. “It bears directly on America’s national security and vital interests that Russia’s naked aggression not succeed and carries significant costs.” Biden administration officials have said they expect the latest aid measure to suffice through September. But with Ukraine taking heavy military and civilian losses and no sign of when the fighting might end, Congress will ultimately face decisions about how much more aid to provide at a time of huge U.S. budget deficits and a risk of recession that could demand added spending at home. The latest bill, when added to the $13.6 billion Congress approved in March, would push American aid to the region well above $50 billion. For perspective, that would total $6 billion more than the U.S. spent on military and economic aid around the world in 2019, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. The push toward passage came as Russia continued blasting Ukrainian forces and cities in southern and eastern portions of the country. Reflecting international concerns prompted by the assault, Finland’s leaders announced their support for joining NATO and Sweden seemed not far behind. Biden asked Congress for $33 billion two weeks ago. It didn’t take lawmakers long to add $3.4 billion to his requests for both military and humanitarian programs. The measure includes $6 billion for Ukraine for intelligence, equipment and training for its forces, plus $4 billion in financing to help Kyiv and NATO allies build up their militaries. There’s $8.7 billion for the Pentagon to rebuild stocks of weapons it has shipped to Ukraine and $3.9 billion for U.S. troops in the region. The measure also includes $8.8 billion to keep the Kyiv government functioning, more than $5 billion to provide food to countries around the world that rely on Ukrainian crops devastated by the fighting and $900 million to teach English and provide other services to Ukrainian refugees who have moved to the United States. The biggest hurdle to rapid approval of the assistance was cleared this week when Biden and Democrats dropped their demand to include billions more in the measure to bolster U.S. efforts to counter the coronavirus pandemic. Republicans want separate COVID-19 legislation to be a battleground for an election-season fight over immigration that divides Democrats. The Ukraine bill lacks several Biden proposals, including for helping qualifying Afghan refugees remain permanently in the U.S. and paying U.S. farmers $500 million to grow more crops to compensate for Ukraine’s curtailed food production. The Associated Press