Racial Slurs And Swastikas Fuel Civil Rights Pressure On Zoom

Civil rights groups warn that white nationalists and others are using the video-meeting platform Zoom to target people based on their race, sexuality and religion.

4/10/2020 4:02:00 PM

The civil rights group Color Of Change is meeting today with a Zoom official and plans to raise concerns over a recent rise in hate speech and racist 'Zoombombing,' NPR has learned.

Civil rights groups warn that white nationalists and others are using the video-meeting platform Zoom to target people based on their race, sexuality and religion.

"Black women are having a church gathering [on Zoom], and have people come in drawing genitalia and calling them the N-word," said Rashad Robinson, president of Color Of Change.His and other groups have found evidence of organized Zoombombing campaigns on Twitter and Instagram, as well as 4chan, an online message board popular with the far right. In screenshots viewed by NPR, people shared links and passwords to coordinate attacks on unsuspecting Zoom users.

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Now Color Of Change says Zoom must take more responsibility for what happens on its platform.A Must For Millions, Zoom Has A Dark Side — And An FBI Warning"We want them to release a specific plan to combat racial harassment," Robinson said.The group also wants Zoom to hire a chief diversity officer to focus on how the technology impacts minorities, improve security and apologize formally to victims.

Color Of Change has recruited other advocacy groups that are Zoom clients to back its demands, including the National LGBTQ Task Force and the National Hispanic Media Coalition, according to a letter to Zoom viewed by NPR.In a statement, Zoom said it"takes user security extremely seriously and the company looks forward to the discussion with Color Of Change."

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Another example of how emboldened neo-fascist groups have become due, in large part, to the political climate fostered by the right-wing of the republican party. If Zoom is used correctly, not shared in open forums it is easily controlled. Passwords required for entry, blocking comments, muting and not allowing anyone to share but administrators. Not that hard, folks!

Does zoom have an ignore or block button, because that’s all it takes. When churches and other groups that have open door meetings in real life go on Zoom and share their meeting information publicly, then yes, it is easier for racists and malevolent people to harass them. Typing is easier for the Dylann Roofs of the world than shooting.

Can someone please explain to me how this is Zoom's fault? Bear in mind Zoom has options for password protected meetings and breakout rooms to identify who is coming in. There is also mass muting. I am from Queens. There is no pretending here. There is no looking the other way. Why is the US Air Force holding an “early graduation” April 18? There is no more “early” Mike Pence is speaking virtually. Why isn’t the whole thing virtual?

The hate speech that hackers are doing to Zoom has nothing to do with realDonaldTrump . Actually the Zoombombing that is taking place is by liberals who are trying to make it look like something it is not. Fake hate crimes to make this useless group relevant KamalaHarris is to blame for this new HateSpeech , I demand that she be removed as a USSenator today ! She also must be charged with Treason

Zoom Sued Over 'Zoom Bombing,' Privacy and Security IssuesZoom is being sued over privacy, security issues. ahappykayla I knew they was up to something It’s not hackers that join the classrooms, it’s the students that willingly give out their passwords and ID and post it online lol. There are lots of videos on this 😂

Zoom security issues like Zoom-bombing could be a win for Microsoft - Business InsiderZoom has exploded in popularity, but privacy concerns have dogged the relatively new app. Giants like Microsoft might pick up the pieces. Another passenger from the ill-fated RubyPrincess cruise liner has died of the coronavirus, bringing Australia's death toll to 35. There is a rumour that Zoom sent the data to China 😖 Multiple screens please.

German foreign ministry restricts use of Zoom over security concerns: reportThe German foreign ministry has restricted use of the video conferencing service Zoom , saying in an internal memo to employees that security and data protection weaknesses made it too risky to use, newspaper Handelsblatt reported on Wednesday. atoonk Günaydın türkiye de çoktan kısıtlandı It's restricted to us too🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🙈

Well, Some 'Lizzie McGuire' Writers Held a 'Reboot Brunch' Over ZoomV. MUCH HOPING THIS MEANS WHAT I THINK IT MEANS PLEASE 🤞🏾

Zoom hires former Facebook security chief to beef up privacy, safetyZoom Video Communications Inc has hired former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as an adviser and formed an advisory board to improve the video conferencing app's privacy and security issues amid a global backlash against the platform. Too late. I won’t trust zoom anymore. Lol. Now the rest of the world will have the same access as China.

Zoom CEO Tells NPR He Never Thought 'Seriously' About Online Harassment Until NowEric Yuan says he is willing to make his video-conferencing software harder to use, if that means it will be safer. Zoom is grappling with a wave of online harassment on its platform. Then make it harder to use! Anything to do with the internet is going to have harassment because it's the internet. Better!!!! How Is the am stock doing today?