Race to replace Boris Johnson down to 6 candidates after first round

7/13/2022 7:38:00 PM

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt are leading the way.

The race to replace Boris Johnson is down to 6 contenders after round 1 of voting among Conservative members of Parliament. —Rishi Sunak (88 votes) —Penny Mordaunt (67) —Liz Truss (50) —Kemi Badenoch (40) —Tom Tugendhat (37) —Suella Braverman (32)

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt are leading the way.

Penny Mordaunt at her official campaign launch.called for his departure , finally rendering his attempts to remain in charge untenable.eight Conservative lawmakers securing enough support from their colleagues to make the first ballot.“verbal flatulence” void of any underlying philosophical principles.

Photo: Photo: Justin Tallia/AFP via Getty The race to replace is down to six contenders after the first round of voting among Conservative members of Parliament.Driving the news: Former chancellor Rishi Sunak led the pack with 88 votes, but a new poll found that trade minister Penny Mordaunt — who finished second in today's vote with 67— is far ahead of him among the broader party membership.During our conversation, which has been edited for length and clarity, we discussed how Johnson may have permanently altered British politics, what distinguished his style of populism, and the Labour Party’s continuing difficulties.Successive votes among MPs will whittle the field down to two in the coming days, before party members pick the winner.The successful contenders include former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt and backbench lawmaker Tom Tugendhat.Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Nadhim Zahawi, who oversaw the U.Do you think Boris Johnson has changed British politics? He has changed it in two obvious ways.K.K.

's vaccine rollout and recently replaced Sunak as finance minister, both fell short of the 30-vote threshold to proceed to Thursday's second round.People who look back on it now tend to think that the key moment in the Brexit campaign was when Johnson came out for Leave, and that British politics has not been the same since.Suella Braverman.Both had been seen as strong contenders.Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (50 votes), former equalities minister Kemi Badenoch (40), and Attorney General Suella Braverman (32) are all competing to become the standard-bearer of the right flank of the party.There were a lot of conventions he tested, and most of them held.Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Tugendhat (37), running as a no-nonsense centrist, also survived.” Two other candidates, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and lawmaker Rehman Chisti, also pulled out after struggling to gather support.What to watch: YouGov poll of Conservative Party members suggests he would lose at that stage to every single rival other than Braverman.Compared even to Theresa May before him, the Johnson premiership felt like it was much more willing to see how far it was possible to go before the rules kicked in, and it turned out it was further than anyone thought.Yet, despite that fact, its members generally shared the same elite class position and opted not to force the larger-than-life PM to share the spotlight with them.

He trails Mordaunt by a whopping 67% to 28% margin.That's established Mordaunt, a former defense secretary who is far less well known than Sunak (let alone Johnson) among the general public as the oddsmakers' favorite.And Johnson right till the end was trying to make a case that a popular mandate, Brexit, and then a general election which he won by saying he would get Brexit done, somehow, for want of a better word, trumped some of the claims of Parliament.The winner of that contest will automatically become prime minister, without the need for a national election.But as she herself today, "it's early days, chill out guys." Go deeper:.And that simply pushes against most of the ways that British politics work.

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Where Will the Conservative Party Go After Boris Johnson?“The Johnson premiership felt like it was much more willing to see how far it was possible to go before the rules kicked in, and it turned out it was further than anyone thought.” A Q. & A. with the Cambridge professor David Runciman. On the 6th of January,the people should make a revolution, but no “Congress”, Trump should stop people immediately, but what Trump’s done is good, his opponents destroy the US. The people should elect Trump, Sanders…but the best is Pompeo. 44 years ago China saw the bourgeoisie wasn’t full justice for promoting democracy, and mainly relied on brain-control. So China found that weakness of US, and made'Chernobyl','64','911',“Eastern Europe“Islamic”...disasters with the US. I once read in a child-rearing book that boys have three questions: 1. What are the rules? 2. What happens when I break the rules? 3. Are you going to enforce the rules? Those questions come to mind often as I read the actions of men in power, especially conservative men.

Eight candidates in running to replace Boris JohnsonNominations in the race to replace British Prime Minister Boris Johnson closed on Tuesday, with eight Conservative lawmakers securing enough support from their colleagues to make the first ballot. There are a few inaccuracies in your article One balloting started Tuesday not Wednesday Also that Labour tabled the wording of the vote of no confidence incorrectly. Parliament secretary advised it would table it as a motion if the wording was altered.

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Factbox: Views of frontrunners to succeed UK's Boris JohnsonThe race to succeed Boris Johnson as British prime minister has begun, with 11 candidates so far putting themselves forward for a contest which will ultimately be decided by around 200,000 Conservative Party members.

Contenders to replace Boris Johnson scramble for support as race beginsRishi Sunak was fastest out of the gate. 🔇🔊Well here we go again. It’s never nothing. IMHO, the best medium of stress relief is music. 🔈🔉 seethesear nftproject newnftproject newnftartist i gotta quick question… do you like polls? if so, check out my pages

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