R. Kelly Makes Bid to Get Out of Jail, Fears Contracting Coronavirus

R. Kelly Makes Bid to Get Out of Jail, Fears Contracting Coronavirus


R. Kelly Makes Bid to Get Out of Jail, Fears Contracting Coronavirus

R. Kelly's latest pitch to be released pending his trial in Illinois federal court centers on his fear -- like most Americans - of coming down with COVID-19.

R. Kelly 's latest pitch to be released pending his trial in Illinois federal court centers on his fear -- like most Americans - of coming down with COVID-19. The disgraced singer's attorney, Steven Greenberg, filed a motion Thursday in which he refers to coronavirus spreading around the world, and the health risks he believes he's facing while penned up in Chicago MCC."No matter what steps they take the sanitation will be substandard, the risk of an internal pandemic at the MCC is great." Kelly says social-distancing is near impossible in the jail, soap is only available to inmates who can afford to buy it from the commissary -- and don't mention hand sanitizer. He claims there's just ONE large bottle on the visiting floor ... but it is labeled,"STAFF ONLY." He says forcing anyone to remain under these conditions is"tantamount to making them drink poison." Kelly wants to be released on bond, and says he's willing to wear electronic monitoring -- although he notes it's not really necessary, because during the current pandemic he's a"low risk" to go outside at all. As for where he'd live -- Kelly says he'd shack up with his last remaining girlfriend, , at an apartment complex in Chicago. TMZ broke the story ... Kelly's legal team was Read more: TMZ

Keep his rapeing ass in jail He looking skinny and sick Let him stay there Now he’s concerned with contracting viruses Hahaha leave Kelly smelly in the celly 🖕🖕 No!! To bad. Your there to stay! Boo hoo I vote to transfer him into the same cell as Harvey Weinstein. They can be bunk buddies! Why do convicts think it’s Safer being Out if jail? 😩

All these low life prisoners thinking they can get outa jail bc of the virus GTOH I believe you can die

Kelly Osbourne talks staying home as she pledges to #StayHomeforOzzy amid COVID-19Kelly Osbourne is asking others to StayHomeforOzzy in an effort to raise awareness for people like her father, who's particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. It shouldn't take a famous person to get people to wisen up and listen. Maybe if he'd snorted less shit up his nizzie back in the day... Ozzy has been living on borrowed time anyway. It's easy when you've got money

🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 This guy would do anything to get out of jail. He should be glad if that’s the only thing he catches instead of an ass whoopin don't be such a wuss you get it once then you'll be fine Fly out of jail! Fk rkelly STAY IN JAIL FOR BEING A HUMAN DISGRACE TO THE WORLD ,WOMAN AND A PIG NEVER MIND THE VIRUS. STAY IN JAIL SO THE MEN THAT DONT LIKE MEN LIKE HIM HE CAN BE THEIR BITCH!!!

Pft. He will stay there. The president stated no one that had done any type off sexual assault and abused will get out These cowards. Committing heinous crimes and scared to do the time. cowardsdoingtime

Kelly Ripa Is Discouraging This Self-Isolation Hair TrendPlease, please listen to Kelly Ripa and don't lean into this 'pandemic trend' for you hair. Lol as someone who has cut there own bangs. Don’t.

How many girls did he give an STD to? Karma is a b!tch. Irony, a man who knew he was giving stds to little girls is worried about contracting something. Act like it’s the first time he contracted something lmao Oh yeah we fear dirty disgusting creatures of this earth like him! Boohoo Did he get the Memo? We are all locked down out here too. Shut up but nice try. Right

Why you? You don’t think the other hundreds of thousands of inmates are in fear as well? Maybe someone can pee on him and make him safe from the virus!

Opinion | Business Makes War on CoronavirusFrom WSJopinion: “It won’t be easy or overnight, but it can be done.” How U.S. manufacturers are helping solve the ventilator shortage. opinion fordnation if USA manufacturers are, how come we havent started? Other countries are hanging on to what they have. We need to look to ourselves now for supply and demand opinion We don’t need ventilators. We need mass testing and early hydroChloriquine treatment As soon as all these companies feed off the taxpayer trough it will be over Early treatment cuts this disease and prevents more serious cases needing vents chinapays for ChineseCoronaVirus

🤣 Why so scared? Make him and Weinstein share a cell Should get people who have the corona virus to piss all over this pedophile Umm NO Should have thought about that before you started pissing on people. Was he in fear when he pissed on little girls? He didn't see nothing wrong! criminalsystemofinjustice everyone deserves bail and are supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty! Jail without bail is the new hands up don’t shoot.

And tweens fear being raped... LMAO. Getting out of jail is not going to decrease his risk of contracting the virus. He is safer in jail as there are fewer number of people traveling.

'Minecraft' Makes Educational Content Free Amid Coronavirus PandemicAs schools around the globe shut their doors to help fight the outbreak, the long-running video game is offering lessons exploring topics from human anatomy to astronomy to history and beyond.

Stick his ass 'In the Closet' 😂😂😂 Sit yo ass down! Totally forgot that he is in there lol Don’t let this scumbag out That Rona should be the last thing he’s worried about He should of thought about that before he allegedly messed with underaged girls who was afraid of him allegedly. How does it feel to be afraid sir 🤔🤔🤔🤔😷😷😷

Yeah. You, Weinstein and Cosby don't deserve to be in prison. eyeroll Not gone happen

From Waldorf to Wetsuits: The Ghost Fashion Designer of 'Gossip Girl' Now Makes Sustainable SwimwearAbigail Lorick's newly launched label Ansea seeks to offer a counterpoint to the male-dominated world of surf:

he def shouldnt be let out He can stay locked up. No special treatment Rapist don’t get out of jail Sex not good enough ? You wanna get transferred to JUVENILE JAILS Everyone is fearing the virus! He doesn't deserve to get out! 🤪 That's all these gang bangers do is cry in prison! Typical P.OS! 😒😑 Are you kidding me? Hope karma gets his Ass quick!!!

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There’s corona virus out here to may as well stay put He wasn’t afraid of AIDS.he’s good we’re he at 🤣 Not fun being sexually exploited and assaulted, is it Kelly? He has herpes. He could only hope to get corona. His life is shit anyway. So he has, and has given others, herpes... but is running from a virus he knows he could potentially catch without any kind of warning? And mf are even considering a 'bid'... Nah, i am NOT here for this type of bullshit content. Let him drown in them COVID19 lung fluids

Sooo do you think he’s happy that all his victim slash girlfriends are statistically safe from dying from the virus orrr upset that he is in the “high risk” category? Him and Bill Cosby both Need to chill with that 🤷🏾‍♂️ Hell fucking no He can be put in isolation np

So No. Apparently, people (underaged girls mostly) have been contracting diseases & viruses from him for years! He didn’t give 2 shits about their fear! Sit ur ass down, fool!!! 🙄🙄🙄 He deserves to catch something else AIDS Smack differently This MAN got all kinds of VIRUSES ...CORONA IS NOT GOING TO KILL HIM. He’s IMMUNE TO IT. Keep his ass in JAIL!!!!

R Kelly should be put in a cell with Weinstein. We’re putting pedos in not letting them out. They have another choice 😏 watch the top celeb are fall. Roses are dying, the peddles are falling. Go out here & see how many are referencing flowers at this moment. But shhhhhh.... it will be out little secret. When do birds sing?👈

Keep his punk ass in. If Harvey gotta do his bit so can Kelly.

Getting the Virus is the least of ur problems pimp😂😂😂 Kinda like being trapped in a closet huh? What doesn’t r Kelly have? Might as welll add this to the mix Nice try.... kattnunyuh No. Rapist. Excuses 🤣 I've been waiting for the perfect time to post this meme.. thank you TMZ. Sit tf down and do your time sir 😭

Yeah, NO.

Sorry but I'mma r Kelly supporter I say just let him out and get it over with already you can't make someone a slave he's out running around buying high heels on his credit card free him Just tell him to have someone pee on him that will make him immune.... I hear he's into that kind of stuff Just keep him quaranTEENed

They drank the kool-aid now everybody wanna add they sugar He is actually safer in there. Go ahead and let him out so he can get coughed on or sneezed on. stay in prison Dude should get a full bucket, will review his innocence later Boo hoo. Too bad pervert. You broke the law.

I think COVID19 is in fear of contracting Him. I'm not trying to be funny, but does he really deserve a decent life at this point. This is karma Forza coronavirus You molest and urinate on little girls, you suffer consequences. In prison. It’s not supposed to be comfortable and accommodating. Period. If he did his time, can we then listen to his music again?

He has herpes one more disease won’t hurt. Lol

Come on TMZ, no one makes a bid to get out of. Jail this is not Storage Wars. I thought you were a lawyer. ..then I pull out my Beretta_USA 🔫 R. Kelly, Bill Cosby and Tekashi 6/9 You All are sick, and need to be in one cell together. Child molester, gang banger and rapist. Sounds about right. Why? So he can molest/rape more young women? 🤔

Lmao...Good luck! This seems to be becoming a fashion among incarcerated used-to-be celebrities All these so called celebrity convicts that want out because of covid 19 . Rapist Harvey and bill and pedofile Kelly ..remember to wash your hands in jail crybabies..They want sympathy but didn't gave their victims any? They can rot in jail

He didn’t fear contracting AIDS!

Clown 😂😂😂😂 You get what you deserve! Not gonna work buddy. That snitch 9 kid already tried it. You have to be Harvey Weinstein to get that executive Jew treatment. F*ck R. Kelly, no one deserves it more. There are soooo many contracting joke I wanna make 😂😂😂 😂😂😂🖕 Leave his ass there he’s a sick individual

🙄it better be denied 🙅 No way!

Good news is I haven’t seen any transmission via urine! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Karma Of course! Do t they all or claim to have it? How quickly they get tested in there while we’re struggling to get tested! Please get it Sir I’m sure you’ve contracted everything else under the Sun. Contracting corona is the least of your problems. You ain’t getting out pervert.

FREE THAT MAN! He is an innocent citizen. U got convicted criminals asking for release, he is not one! He's being held on pretrial, it's inhumane to keep him there! Is he near Harvey Vaginastein?

FREERKELLY Excuse me No f’n way should this freak be anywhere but prison. These fools on jail scared to get coronavirus ok “Jerky off Jerry” you rapped some ladies you don’t deserve to live the outside life in quarantine bit$h 🤬 Why is he in jail and he hasn’t been cinvicted? Harvey was outside He’s is dangerous!! He stays in


I’m sure his girlfriends didn’t want to contract ecoli from being forced to eat feces so.. Kinda like all his one night stands & girlfriends had to fear his STD’s Not an excuse to get out of jail. Hey, good idea! If CV19 doesn’t get us general population will. He still obviously doesn’t think he did anything wrong and should get a pass

Piss on this guy Jaja, nope. Didn’t like the sex ? I’m pretty sure he’s immune to that shit Hahaha

This m’fucker.... 🙄 The Corona virus is the least of this pig's worries. Pedophile! Let him get it ! It will just be one more virus he already has.. Too bad. Stay where you are You’re cancelled stay in there He gave underage girls aids, and STD and he is worried about getting Coronavirus. Let him out! My 13 year old daughter is hurting for cash right now!

Every criminal wants a get out of jail free card due to coronavirus.

He is one that should not be let out bcz then those girls will be in fear for their lives!!! Hard pass 😂😂😂 so Uh huh. Him and 95% of the others being held. I hope you get it you disgusting human. Only two things make me say that. One: If you killed someone I love. Two: Taking advantage of children. 🖕🏼

Y’all see anything?

Denied. We 'ain't having it. Makes sense. Let him and Weinstein out of jail, so they don’t contract Coronavirus, and all the young girls on the street can contact them. No 👎 Keep his ass in there!! Um nope Now he wanna social distance himself from Rona but couldn’t keep his distance from children Too bad buddy they won’t let you out.

South Park gonna go crazy in this episode about all these felons wanting to get out cause they're scared lol Fuck him

It’s probably time to start referring to him as Robert Kelly. I don’t think we’ll be hearing from R. Kelly anymore. Furthermore, Robert was knowingly spreading STDs for a time, so he can stay-damn-put. Thanks. Oh well! I think having the pedofilavirus is worse! stayinjailperve O Let’s Shut Down Th 🌎 ———- For 🧙🏼‍♂️

poll Free Kells? CoronavirusPandemic Entertainment People with herpes will get the virus but not die so he’s good He’s already contracted other disease Like Weinstein and Cosby I don’t give sh*t if they get it or not. Did the crime do the time jail. Come what may 🤬🖕 Urine helps sterilize just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️

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