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“Name a better breakfast than crunchy sourdough toast slick with salted butter and sweet-tart blackberry jam—I sure can’t.”

7/31/2021 3:00:00 PM

“Name a better breakfast than crunchy sourdough toast slick with salted butter and sweet-tart blackberry jam—I sure can’t.”

The best blackberry jam doesn't have to be hard. This recipe is quick to come together and can keep in the fridge for weeks. Or can it to last even longer.

Author NotesName a better breakfast than crunchy sourdough toast slick with salted butter and sweet-tart blackberry jam—I sure can’t. And while sourdough isa multi-day project, homemade jam comes together in about an hour.This can be as simple as blackberries, sugar, lemon juice, and a fat pinch of salt. Or have some fun in the realm of mix-ins, like Los Angeles’

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Sqirl. One of Sqirl’s blackberry jams is paired with lemon verbena—which may be hard to track down, but fresh herbs like sage and thyme add equal earthy complexity. Numerous other ingredients pair well with blackberries, from orange flower water and Grand Marnier to ground cardamom and freshly grated ginger. Even the simple addition of citrus zest will turn ordinary blackberry jam into extraordinary blackberry jam. One note: While there are many flavors that go well with blackberry, don’t use all the suggested add-ins in one batch. Stick with one or two, like cardamom and Grand Marnier; ginger and sage; lemon zest and thyme; vanilla extract and grapefruit zest.

Many jam recipes call for pectin, a stabilizer that, when mixed into jam and jelly, encourages gelling and sets the mixture. This jam doesn’t need it, as blackberries are fairly high in natural pectin. Adding lemon juice at the end not only balances all the sweetness—its acid also encourages the fruit’s pectin to set.

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