Family, Vol 54 Issue 06

Family, Vol 54 Issue 06

Queen Bun Gives Birth To Thousands Of Tiny Rolls

Queen Bun Gives Birth To Thousands Of Tiny Rolls

4/9/2020 5:01:00 AM

Queen Bun Gives Birth To Thousands Of Tiny Rolls

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toospooky5u MythicalChef Yummmmm They'd been in the oven so long 😭♥️ The real news here is that the molten cheese grotto has been located, and the queen bun is living there. We must go there and kill all the buns to make the grotto ours. Congrats. It what happens when you put the bun in the oven. This is fucking ridiculous and it made me happy.

how long does it takes for the small buns to grow? SLUT! King’s Hawaiian is the father SuperButterBuns congratulations This is what happens when Hawaiians are locked down for too long Awh The kind of positive story I needed right about now 😂😂😂😂 Such a Bun Nest is called a Bakery and eating all the little Rolls is called a murder This must not to be confused with a crowbar Which is a metal tool used in force ones way in.. or just a nice place for crows.. not intending a murder

lol So many cute little bread crumps jpbrammer Only the strongest of rolls will survive til next thanksgiving... cameron_kasky An a bun dance of babies sure wtf sure ok I'll take it RN thank u veryimportant The Onion is the only institution worth saving hell yeah! They look innocent now but soon they will turn on their stale mother and slowly consume her over the course of the next two days.

SuperButterBuns SO BEAUTIFUL. Who's the father? King Cake? You guys. Go get some air. 😂 This look like bread and ground nuts redroomrantings So happy for her. What the Golden Corral is safe for another year They look delicious/ precious. Thank you Mom did it AuntCaro This is blessed All of those small ones are normal sized for us.

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