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Shelter-İn-Place (Lifestyle), Social Distancing

Quarantined and Engaged: They Said ‘Yes!’

The coronavirus didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love with fun, creative and romantic proposals

5/24/2020 6:30:00 AM

The coronavirus didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love with fun, creative and romantic proposals

The coronavirus didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love with fun, creative and romantic proposals.

A Walk to RememberI had been working for weeks to plan a proposal that recreated our first date. A walk in Central Park, drinks at Tavern on the Green, and dinner at Strip House in Midtown. After recently taking a fellowship at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, I was living in Cambridge, Mass., and luckily had plenty of time to get it planned out just right. Once the situation started to look more dire in New York, Krysten and I knew we could more effectively distance ourselves from others in Cambridge, so we encamped at the apartment Harvard has generously provided. I should note, after more than a year of dating long distance (me in D.C. and she in N.Y.C.), this was our first time living together. As we saw that it would be a while before we got back to New York, I took advantage of a very nice day outside to pull off an impromptu change of plans. After lunch, I emailed the Kennedy School’s photographer to see if she’d be available to capture the moment for us (at a distance, of course). We had already agreed to a “date night in” with steak and good wine, so the food was ready to go. One other key element of my previous plan was to gather friends for a toast after the proposal. Once I had the photographer all lined up, I set up a Zoom meeting and was able to invite an even bigger group. With the plan set, all I had to do was convince Krysten to come outside for a quick walk. Since the weather was fantastic, and we had been cooped up inside for a few days, she happily agreed. We walked over to the Weeks Footbridge maintaining a careful six-feet distance from anyone around us and avoiding any contact with surfaces. Our photographer was laying in wait and had graciously marked the perfect spot with an X. As we got there and I reached in my pocket for the ring, our photographer had to quickly reposition me to capture the moment well, which gave some levity in the moment and has maintained its hilarity as we’ve recounted the story. To my delight, Krysten said yes. At a distance, I introduced her to our photographer and we proceeded to take a few photos around the bridge. The few other people around remained safely away from us with a couple of nods and notes of congratulations. Walking back, we FaceTimed with Krysten’s parents to share the news. With family informed and the steak ready to cook, I let Krysten know that all of our friends would join us on Zoom after dinner for a quick toast. About 50 people from all over the country joined us and shared in some favorite moments from their own engagements and weddings. It was a bigger and more diverse gathering than we ever could have arranged in person and saved some significant time with phone calls to friends and relatives to share the news. Now we just have to figure out how to plan a wedding while socially distanced.

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Very little social distancing that evening, methinks! Part of me is thankful for the pandemic. We had to scale down our wedding plans and ended up saving aprox. 25k. My fiance is simply happy she wasn't forced to postpone it. Since evolution of humans many times we faced nearly whipped out by nature and man made disaster but love is so natural and God gifted noting stops us from celebrating

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