Putin will imprison Russians refusing to fight in Ukraine for 10 years

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The Russian president signed the new law just days after announcing a partial mobilization of reservists amid losses in the Ukraine war.

appearing to show reservist troops exhibiting disorderly behavior. One video showed a group of soldiers intoxicated and asleep on a stop on the way to the front line. Meanwhile, another video showed troops refusing to form ranks when instructed to do so.

Pentagon press secretary Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder said that adding 300,000 troops to an already-struggling invasion"If you are already having significant challenges and haven't addressed some of those systemic strategic issues that make any large military force capable, there's nothing to indicate that it's going to get any easier by adding more variables to the equation," Ryder said.

Source: Law Daily Report (lawdailyreport.net)


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Better to live 10 years behind bars alive than not having one more day to live.

The people have to figure out, how to get the Russian military in the Kremlin and Moscow , to turn on Putin. Need tanks and armor to oust him.

Putin's legacy will be Russian shame: Russian men fleeing the country and the rape of 4 year-old girls will echo for the rest of this century.

FreeUkraine91 They have the capacity to imprison 700k

FreeUkraine91 Order 227 is back with 'style'

Better than being dead

It's over for him. This is the move of pure desperation. If any Russian civilian still backed him, they won't now. His internal funding sources will begin turning their backs on him. And then things can get real sketchy real quick

peggy_blair At this rate Putin will be no more by Summer 2023 and all refusenik heroes will be released.

Poland is preparing for a nuclear disaster: B. Putin approves the border change on Thursday & delivers an ultimatum to Ukraine... 'Fast-track' breakup of Ukraine - See video of Russian enlistment - False Flag Nuclear Attack Imminent?

So, it’s better to go into Ukraine and immediately surrender! That works in Ukraine’s favor! Thank Putler! Россия без Путина!

Fake news again


Current US Draft Law: Knowing and willful refusal to present oneself for and submit to registration as ordered is punishable by a maximum penalty of up to five years in Federal prison and/or a fine of US$250,000.

Elist. Train. Get weapons. Then turn them around and start the revolution against Putin

Putin's opponent is not Ukraine, but a puppet of NATO, NATO consists of many modern countries, how long Russia will last is in the heads of many people because logically Russia must lose, lose in number of countries, lose financially, lost to the propaganda machine technology.

Putin Pedo is just an inexcusable example of an ugly worthless human mamal Putinpedo Putin Russia RussianFederation

Let's hope the Ukraine destroy all towns like the Russian military has

Hey, that’s the way Communists operate!

fear based decisions

So when is Hitler Putin going to pick up a rifle?

Shts about to get real. Thx NATO.

'4-year-old Zosia ran outside, and seeing the house on fire, she rushed towards him, shouting:' Daddy, mommy, where are you.”The Germans grabbed the crying child by the hands and feet and, swinging it, threw it into the flames' 1939-1945 Germans murdered 6 million Polish citizens

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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