Putin will be abandoned by Iran, China if Russia uses nuke: James Stavridis

9/26/2022 4:05:00 AM

The former NATO commander said the Russian president knows if he used a nuclear weapon 'it would cause the world entirely to turn against him.'

The former NATO commander said the Russian president knows if he used a nuclear weapon 'it would cause the world entirely to turn against him.'

The former NATO commander said the Russian president knows if he used a nuclear weapon 'it would cause the world entirely to turn against him.'

used a nuclear weapon on Ukraine.no single party stands much chance of winning enough seats to govern alone.September 17, 2022 The Estonian leader’s address was prompted by news that four regions of Ukraine in the Donbas and the organised south, all at least partially controlled by Russian and pro-Russian separatist forces, will hold referendums on joining the Russian Federation proper — as Crimea did in 2014.Roger Waters triggered outrage when he accused"extreme" Ukrainian nationalists and NATO of"provoking" Russia to invade the country.

Stavridis' comments came after the Russian leader issued a nuclear threat over Ukraine in a televised speech to his country last week."If Russia feels its territorial integrity is threatened, we will use all defense methods at our disposal, and this is not a bluff," Putin said.The rival center-left bloc failed to secure a similarly broad alliance with left-leaning populists or centrists, which could leave it at a big disadvantage."Those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the winds can also turn in their direction.She also warned members of Estonia’s sizeable Russian minority not to heed any calls from Moscow to join its war effort." Soon after the start of his invasion of Ukraine in late February, Putin put his nuclear forces on high alert.But populist leaders saw their parties' support steadily slipping both in opinion polls and in various mayoral and gubernatorial races since the last national election in 2018.For months, Russian-state television has been framing the war as a battle between the West and Russia, whose goals could be expedited if the Kremlin drew on its estimated 6,000 warheads..

Above, Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech on September 21.That triggered the premature demise of the wide-ranging coalition government and paved the way for early elections.” Slovakia’s Coalition Govt Disintegrating Amid Energy and Inflation Crisis.Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis said Sunday that Russia would be abandoned by its allies—including Iran and China—if Russian President Vladimir Putin used a nuclear weapon on Ukraine.Ilya Pitalev In an interview on WABC 770's Cats Roundtable, Stavridis said that Putin"does not seriously contemplate using a nuclear weapon.Her far-right Brothers of Italy, a party with neo-fascist roots, won just over 4% in the 2018 election." "He knows if he did, it would cause the world entirely to turn against him.He would even lose the support of the Chinese, the Iranians.Salvini and Berlusconi are now in an electoral alliance with Meloni.” He also criticized the West for supplying Ukraine with weapons, blaming Washington in particular.

No one is going to support a Russia that uses nuclear weapons.So, I don't take that seriously," he added.Since the last election, a reform has been passed aimed at streamlining Parliament and make its operation less costly to taxpayers.Newsweek has reached out to the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.Last week, former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov Newsweek that he also believes that the Russian leader's nuclear threat is an empty one.PINBALL POLITICS Just about everyone agrees Italy's electoral law is complicated, including lawmakers who created it."He has tried to make people scared because of the use of nuclear weapons, but I think this is in the category of a bluff," Kasyanov said.

"I don't think he will turn to a nuclear weapon for the simple reason that he realizes he himself would be immediately eliminated.The remaining 64% of the seats get divvied up proportionally, based on candidate lists determined by parties and their alliances." Read more.

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Game over Putin Why he’s not sure about is that some officers might refuse to fire those weapons. Or maybe even fire them at the Kremlin. If nuclear weapon(s) are used by any country our lives will cease to exist as we know them now. Putin is not crazy, but that doesn't mean he won't do it. And it doesnt mean we wont gravel to keep him from doing it.

And there's no money in it stavridisj ..at which point would that mean it's okay for the US or any other country to ever use any nukes? Interesting test occurred not to long ago, Interesting timing... what was that again about Principled? HunterJack373 russia will not use nuclear weapons but declare war against ukraine, take off their gloves and finish things quickly. that's what world leaders wanted. to end the war soon and to avert a global famine

But there would be no more world? Would any of us be around to turn on him? Probably not as Putin is in talks with China and Iran under plan for world domination. War propaganda. Dumb speculation followed by bold statements that are meaningless. You guys are pentagon stooges. LETS GO ☢️❤️

EXPLAINER: Italian election only part of forming governmentA Sunday parliamentary election will determine who next governs major industrial economy and key NATO member Italy.

Estonian PM Warns of Blackouts If Russia Disconnects Baltics from GridThe Prime Minister of Estonia has warned that her country faces blackouts if Russia disconnects the three Baltic states — all NATO and EU members — from its grid amid the ongoing Russo-Western sanctions war. 😂😂😂😂 Call Ukraine to help ya ass This sht needs to end. I still can't fathom how NATO countries have become dependent on Russia for their energy needs.

Pink Floyd Founder Cancels Poland Concerts After Rage Over Ukraine War RemarksRoger Waters triggered outrage when he accused 'extreme' Ukrainian nationalists and NATO of 'provoking' Russia to invade the country. That is exactly the truth... 🖕

US sees signs Russia is 'struggling,' has warned of catastrophe if Putin uses nuclear weapon: SullivanThe U.S. is seeing evidence that Russia is 'struggling' in its invasion of Ukraine and warned Moscow that there would be 'catastrophic consequences' if it were to use a nuclear weapon in its war against Kyiv, the White House national security adviser said. Propaganda Why threaten? I DON'T UNDERSTAND NATO, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT A FUCKING COMIC PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE UNLEASHES THE 3RD NUCLEAR WAR, INSTEAD OF REMOVING THE COMIC PENDEJO FROM UKRAINE THAT, HE IS NOT GOING TO MANIPULATE ME OR PUTIN EITHER, GET READY THEN PUTIN FIRE YAAAAAAA