Putin's state-run media admits Russian-speaking Ukrainians fighting back

6/5/2022 1:08:00 PM

A Russian journalist on state-run television said that the development was 'a very interesting paradox.'

A Russian journalist on state-run television said that the development was 'a very interesting paradox.'

A Russian journalist on state-run television said that the development was 'a very interesting paradox.'

Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and had family members who died in the Holocaust genocide perpetuated by the German Nazis during World War II.Follow Us.The five generals Putin cut loose on Monday were Maj.Reuters.

Zelensky is also a native Russian speaker, who was mocked by his critics for his inability to speak Ukrainian without mistakes during his presidential campaign.The Kremlin's state-run media is admitting that Russian-speaking Ukrainians are fighting back against Moscow's assault on their country.Above, Ukrainian Army soldiers pass an afternoon at a frontline position on May 20 in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine.Police Col.John Moore/Getty Images Andrei Sidorchik, a journalist speaking on the country's state-run Russia-1, pointed out that"the main backbone of [Ukrainian] fighters" in the Donbas region"is comprised of Russian speakers and residents of Ukraine's Russian-speaking regions." He expressed surprise, saying"this is a very interesting paradox." Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy responded to the comment at the time, telling Italy's RAI that Macron was looking"in vain" for a"way out of Russia.

" The remarks were first reported by Julia Davis, a columnist for The Daily Beast and the creator of the Russian Media Monitor, who shared a clip of the segment to Twitter on Saturday, with English subtitles.24 invasion of Ukraine, Putin has purged numerous high-ranking military officials.The journalist blamed"an ideology that was installed" in Ukraine since the collapse of the Soviet Union.Ukraine has been an independent nation since 1991, with Putin saying publicly on numerous occasions that he does not believe Ukraine should be an independent country, expressing his desire to reconstitute the long-defunct Russian Empire.Pundits on Russian state TV begrudgingly acknowledge that Russian-speakers in Ukraine they supposedly came to "liberate" are actually fighting against invading Russian troops.Aleksandr Dvornikov, the so-called Butcher of Syria, has not been seen in two weeks.Instead of leaving, they advocate breaking Ukraine's will to resist by erasing Ukraine's modern history.In May, that arms deliveries to the war-torn country would intensify.


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