Putin has 'nothing left to maneuver' in Ukraine as Russia flees Lyman: Gen.

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Retired U.S. Army General Mark Hertling called Russia's recent annexation of four Ukrainian regions, despite mounting losses, 'psychotic' on Saturday.

Hertling, who regularly appears on CNN as a military analyst, said that Putin is increasingly losing touch with reality and that he has"nothing left to maneuver" in Ukraine. He added that Putin's attempts to declare annexations and adopt a victorious posture were"psychotic."

"The fact that there is such hubris in the face of failure at every level that Mr. Putin is exhibiting is just amazing," Hertling said."And he still tries to do the Machiavellian approach of maneuvering pieces on the chess board, and there's nothing really to maneuver right now. He's been condemned on the world stage, he's losing on the battlefield, his economy is faltering, and yet he's still doubling down.

Hertling described the Russian leader's recent pronouncement that Russia would annex four Ukrainian provinces as illegitimate and a violation of international law. The"land grabs" came after referendum votes in the breakaway Donbas region, which the retired general also said was illegitimate, accusing the Kremlin of ordering votes to be falsified.

In claiming to annex the regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, Putin declared that any attack on them would be considered an attack on Russia itself, including any attempts Ukraine might


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Evil man Putin, you will never know peace. Soon the world will rejoice at your death because of your desire to wipe out Ukrainian from the surface of the earth. You are not God,but human just dust and ashes.

Mad Putin. This man doesn't belong to this 21st generation rather he belongs to the generation King Henry the V. The wicked man who killed for power even his ancestor Sterling. Putin will be assassinated very soon.

stophazaragenocide stopkillinghazaras 💔🇦🇫😭 DontForgetAfghanistan

You mean what the U.S. is doing right now in Syria? Hypocrites

'Psychotic' being the milder term he chose. He had wanted to prefix it with fking

It's not the motion in the ocean. It's five creepy satanists in shit suits allegedly liberating territory that the owners just reclaimed. slavaukraine

Supporting Ukrainian war criminals and terrorists and glorifying terrorism is psychotic. You either condemn all war crimes and terrorism or you are supporting one form of terrorism and war crimes and the oligarchy that funds them and you waste your tax dollars to fund maiming.

Annex Kaliningrad

Just please ya'll, don't lead us into nuclear war. Stop fulfilling biblical prophesy, just stop.

Language vs culture

PutinWarCriminal PutinsGOP UkraineWillWin

They got annexed ? Oh okay, the Wars over, let's all go home.

Psychotic is the correct word, but didn’t we all know that on the first day of his invasion?

US calling others psychotic

What a good observation.

It's a propaganda move, pure and simple. It need not be based on reality, so long as clowns like CPAC are willing to tweet approvingly about it...

Imagine the US East Coast surrounded by Russian military bases. Does Russia not have the right to protect itself from NATO? The Minsk Agreements were supposed to stop NATO aggression, but they lied and kept building bases.

Putin brought his problems on himself! Hopefully, his cronies and him don't go off the deep end and use nuclear weapons!

Hey, since Putin is on an annexation roll, how about him annexing Mar a Lago? He presumably just needs the vote of Mar a Lago's permanent(?) resident, The Donald, who (like Eric Snowdon) might have a good reason for wanting to live in Russian territory.

Congratulations to Putin and the Russian people 🇷🇺. Goodbye to the Western system's hypocrisy and injustice.

Exactly; previously many US generals called Israel’s China’s and India’s older annexations of Palestinian, Tibetan and Kashmiri regions respectively, despite their support for it, “difficult compromises” Hypocrisy is shame for humanity. Ukraine might get “difficult compromise”

My latest on why Putin really is doomed, his myopic mobilization weakening him even further and doing little to reverse Russian losses on the battlefield. The sham 'referenda'/'annexations' will also not save the Russian military from defeat

someone tell little Tucker.

If putin disappeared, 99% of world would sleep tight knowing the people paid to protect us, Are DOING THEIr Jobs! Sort this out ffs

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