'Put on Your Superhero Suit': How Lady Gaga Navigated a Year Unlike Any Other

With soul-reviving dancefloor anthems and an imaginative, merch-mad rollout plan (jockstraps!), Lady Gaga showed the world how to be a pop star in 2020.

9/17/2020 5:46:00 PM

“Freedom for me is when I can go to the darkest part of my heart, visit things that are hard and then leave them behind. Give them to the world, and spin all the pain into a puddle of gold.” - ladygaga on her upcoming “911” video Read the cover story:

With soul-reviving dancefloor anthems and an imaginative, merch-mad rollout plan (jockstraps!), Lady Gaga showed the world how to be a pop star in 2020.

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ladygaga Well, there goes another one off my list. I thought she grew up being bullied? Where the fuck is the white supremacy in that? Or was that just another lie? Give me a break. NO LONGER A FAN. ladygaga Maybe in your elitist bubble but not mine. ladygaga ridicule!!! ladygaga I feel sad for the people who hate themselves so much that they want to make everyone else feel bad about themselves too. White guilt is a mental illness.

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ladygaga You don't like it here, you have the resources to leave. ladygaga Your welcome to leave. GOD Bless America. Damn the dividers. ladygaga You are definitely poison hater. Is that adrenocrome your drinking. Illuminati get off on doing crap in plain veiw. ladygaga You white people make my ass twitch says the white lady

ladygaga CancelLadyGaGa ladygaga THIS IS HOW YOU RESPOND. THIS IS HOW YOU USE YOUR PLATFORM. THIS IS WHAT GOOD PEOPLE DO! Thank you ladygaga ladygaga Did she say that quote with a straight face? Someone give her a movie role, that girl can act. Funniest thing ever 'im in the process of learning...'

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Artem Chigvintsev stunned after Lady Gaga reacts to Dancing with the Stars routineStrictly star Artem Chigvintsev left stunned after Lady Gaga reacts to his Dancing with the Stars performance with new dance partner Kaitlyn Bristowe

Singer Lady A Is Not Backing Down in Legal Fight With Lady AntebellumSeattle blues singer Lady A, who has been in a legal battle with the country band formerly known as Lady Antebellum after they edited their name without consulting her, is not backing down. She is now suing the Lady A band for “lost sales, diminished brand identity, and diminution in the value of and goodwill associated with the mark” as well as trademark infringement and unfair competition. Allies We know. TheRealLadyA ladya I mean ladyantiblm Drop the suit. Pick a new name. Your poorly researched PR stunt turned intense legal battle is not a good look.

Seattle singer Lady A files countersuit against band formerly known as Lady AntebellumThe battle between the singer known as Lady A and the band Lady A (formerly called Lady Antebellum) appears bound for a courtroom. I hope she wins Good. Hope she wins. Those fools knew what “antebellum” meant when they chose it. When it's time too sue it's time too do that.

Anita 'Lady A' White Sues The Band Lady A Alleging Trademark InfringementAnita White countersues the band Lady A over use of the name. a dormir I Don’t know them

Anita 'Lady A' White Countersues Lady A for Trademark InfringementSeattle blues singer Lady A has filed a trademark infringement countersuit against the group Lady A, escalating the legal battle between the two artists There’d be no confusion here—I’m a country DJ who still calls them “Lady Antebellum.” So....carry on people... 💈If it proves out to the Recoding Company of America to be Plagiarism, then on with it- Good... she deserves the win!

‘Lady A’ Files Trademark Countersuit Against Nashville TrioAnita White, the artist who goes by “Lady A,” filed a countersuit for trademark infringement on Tuesday against the Nashville trio formerly known as Lady Antebellum. Lady Antebellum cha… You go girl! So unfair the way they stole your name! Hope that she gets ALL of her coins. Good! Fuck ladya