Summerfashion, Over 40, Birdprint, Feathers

Summerfashion, Over 40

Put A Bird On It: 9 Fabulous Ways to Wear Bird And Feather Prints

These new styles have taken wing in our closets and we’re loving bird print and feather fashion and motifs. Put a bird on it!

8/2/2021 4:41:00 PM

These new styles have taken wing in our closets! We’re loving bird print and feather fashion right now. summerfashion over40 birdprint feathers amazonfashion nordstrom

These new styles have taken wing in our closets and we’re loving bird print and feather fashion and motifs. Put a bird on it!

9. Think Outside Of The (Bird) CageWhile parrots and other denizens of the rainforest are perpetually popular patterns, other birds can be stunning as well, such as the soft taupes, golds, and grays in this. Peacock feather prints, cranes of all kinds, swans, and even birds that might be a little closer to home like blackbirds, cardinals, and blue jays can all make for great and unusual prints and accessories. 

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Shop Bird Print and Feather FashionWhat do you think of this avian-inspired trend? Are you loving bird or feather prints lately (or always)? What are your favorite prints at the moment and what do you have your eye on?*We’re kind of sorry for all the bird-related puns. We couldn’t resist. In fact, one could say they just flew into our brains. 

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