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Pure as snow? Scientists say air carrying plastics to Arctic

Scientists say tiny bits of plastic are being sucked into the atmosphere and carried long distances to some of the remotest corners of the planet


Scientists say they've found an abundance of tiny plastic particles in Arctic snow, indicating that so-called microplastics are being sucked into the atmosphere and carried long distances to some of the remotest corners of the planet.

Scientists say tiny bits of plastic are being sucked into the atmosphere and carried long distances to some of the remotest corners of the planet

Their findings were published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances.

While there's growing concern about the environmental impact of microplastics, scientists have yet to determine what effect, if any, the minute particles have on humans or wildlife.

On average, the researchers found 1,800 particles per liter in the samples taken from that region.

"Importantly, the study demonstrates that atmospheric transport is a relevant process moving microplastics around, potentially over long ranges and on a global scale," Wagner added."Also, snow may be an important reservoir storing microplastics and releasing it during snow melt, something that has not been looked at before."

Read more: ABC News

They said sucked That's just pieces of the dome falling down , nothing lasts forever Yum You tellin me that someone's used condom is in my snow Yeah i saw the same thing about microplastics detected on remote mountaintops. Maybe after our last gasp a species will evolve that can metabolize plastics. My money’s on goats.

Wow! Those fucking Chinese really know how to perpetrate a hoax! MAGA 😆🖕🏽🖕🏻 Use glass. I had to google “remotest”, to see if it was a real word. If not, naturally, I would get unnecessarily high and mighty and act like I know things on the internet. It’s a word though. Wonder what that’s doing to our DNA ?

Planetary destruction on a global scale, caused by humans. Snow ! I thought it had all melted?

Plastic trash discovered in 'pristine' Arctic snowWe&39;ve polluted the deepest oceans with plastic trash, now it&39;s the Arctic&39;s turn: Blown by the wind, &39;microplastics&39; have been discovered there. BANPLASTICNOW SaveThePlanet SaveTheEarth SaveTheWorld

This Saturday is goan be loud 17 aug... Wow India to BanSingleUsePlastic from 2nd October announced PM narendramodi in his Independence Day speech! ☹️ So is that a good or bad thing? I’m not surprised. Climate change isn't going to end humanity. Little plastic pellets in the air, water, snow, and raining down on food and crops are.

Talk to India and China. They are the cause, but you want to hurt America. Is ABC in the running for Pravda America? Are we breathing them too? What are their effects on our internal organs?

'Punch in the gut' as scientists find micro plastic in Arctic iceTiny pieces of plastic have been found in ice cores drilled in the Arctic by a U... OOoh so pretty! Yup! We knew this. We've been fkg up the planet for 150 years

Like Sahara and Gobi desert sand. Only worse. Does this mean plastic will save the glaciers? What scientists Ah, they just forgot to rinse out their jars from their last experiment. Contamination - will have to throw that study out, and start over. TheWarMonitor I'm not a climate change guy.. but I am a PLASTIC change guy.. Get rid of it, we don't need it...

Great, just Great! Can not be evolution of the snow? We’re all gonna die from some kinda of plastic made cancer aren’t we? So we're sucking down plastic air into our lungs just like the sea creatures in the ocean.

As bad as that is, what about the possibility that people/animals could actually breathe in these tiny plastic particles causing lung damage or worse? Lefty owns issue!!!! Decades of paper bags the left demanded plastic!!!! Why they were in bed with them!!! Now they polluted the globe

this is highly depressing. we need to consume less and recycle more Deep deep shit Planet Earth is round. It doesn't have corners. This is fake news.

'It is raining plastic': Scientists find colorful microplastic in rainIt's raining plastic, a survey of rainfall in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, concludes. Scientists found that plastic showed up in 90% of the samples, mostly in fiber form, and came in a variety of colors. Lovely... Don Lemon would prefer it to be raining men.

As California’s recycling industry struggles, companies and consumers are forced to adaptCalifornia's recycling industry has struggled since China banned imports of plastics and other material. Experts say changes are vital to overcome a waste glut. This is the ugly underbelly of consumer goods, production, trade, and so much more. It is central to the climate change and overall environmental 4-alarm fire. Corp America has to drive this. maybe send it to hollywood. They recycle movies too! Small price to pay for abolishing slavery. Trump is blocking corporations from using slave labor. If you have a problem with that, maybe the problem is with your support for slave labor. Get used to life without slaves.

Scientists say monster penguin once swam New Zealand oceansScientists in New Zealand say they’ve found fossilized bones from an extinct monster penguin that was about the size of a human and swam the oceans some 60 million years ago. Be cool if it looks like Burgess Meredith. Evidence shows life was better off when earth was much warmer. These giants all lived with dinosaurs when it was warmer. No glacier. More co2. Soon to be a major motion picture...

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