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Pullback Leaves Green Berets Feeling ‘Ashamed,’ and Kurdish Allies Describing ‘Betrayal’

As Turkish forces cross into Kurdish areas of northern Syria, the orders from Washington to U.S. troops are simple: Stand back. Let the Kurds fight for themselves.


“They trusted us and we broke that trust.” With the White House revoking protection for Kurdish fighters, some of the U.S. Special Forces officers who battled alongside the Kurds say they feel deep remorse at orders to abandon their allies.

As Turkish forces cross into Kurdish areas of northern Syria , the orders from Washington to U.S. troops are simple: Stand back. Let the Kurds fight for themselves.

That operation, in the middle of the American-led campaign against the Islamic State in Syria, showed the extent to which the United States military was willing to protect the Syrian Kurds, its main ally on the ground.

“I’m ashamed,” said another officer who had also served in northern Syria. Both officers spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals from their chains of command.

Army Special Forces soldiers — mostly members of the Third Special Forces Group — moved last week to consolidate their positions in the confines of their outposts miles away from the Syrian border, a quiet withdrawal that all but confirmed the United States’ capitulation to the Turkish military’s offensive to clear Kurdish-held areas of northern Syria.

American Special Forces and other troops had built close ties with their Kurdish allies, living on the same dusty compounds, sharing meals and common dangers. They fought side by side, and helped evacuate Kurdish dead and wounded from the battlefield.

As part of security measures the United States brokered to tamp down tensions with Turkish troops, Kurdish forces agreed to pull back from the border, destroy fortifications and return some heavy weapons — steps meant to show that they posed no threat to Turkish territory, but that later made them more vulnerable when Turkey launched its offensive.

“The S.D.F.’s elite counterterrorism units are hardened veterans of the war against ISIS whom the U.S. has seen in action and trust completely,” said Nicholas A. Heras, a fellow at the Center for a New American Security, who visited the S.D.F. in July to advise them on the Islamic State, or ISIS.

The battle of Kobani that began in 2014 gave birth to the United States’ ties to the Kurds in northeastern Syria. ISIS fighters, armed with heavy American-made artillery captured from retreating Iraqi army units, surrounded Kobani, a Kurdish city, and entered parts of it.

Thousands of S.D.F. fighters received training from the United States in battlefield tactics, reconnaissance and first aid. Reconnaissance teams learned to identify Islamic State locations and transmit them to the command center for the American-led military coalition to plan airstrikes.

“They completed each other,” he said of the S.D.F. and United States-led coalition. “The coalition didn’t have boots on the ground and fighters didn’t have air support, so they needed each other.”

Even after the Islamic State had lost most of its territory, the United States trained counterterrorism units to do tactical raids on ISIS hide-outs and provided them with intelligence needed to plan them.

The Kurdish leader Mustapha Barzani did not trust the shah of Iran but believed Kissinger when he said that the Kurds would receive help from the Americans.

In the fight against ISIS in Syria, Kurdish fighters followed their hard-fought triumph in Kobani by liberating other Kurdish towns. Then the Americans asked their newfound Kurdish allies to go into Arab areas, team up with local militias and reclaim those areas from the Islamic State.

Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper reported from Washington, Thomas Gibbons-Neff from Kabul, and Ben Hubbard from Erbil, Iraq.

Read more: The New York Times

CarolynW1111 Maybe we should be allies with Syria 🇸🇾. CarolynW1111 NYT is a lie machine for the MIC No one will ever trust US. We will be isolated, exactly what Putin wants. TreasonousTrump Name them! Some people say something somewhere! I spent a lot of time in that desert. Give facts and names tell thier story! I was stationed in turkey and I was stationed in Iraq. I met the Kurdish people and I broke bread with them. They have been at war for hundreds of years.

pyd-ypg military These are child killer Terrorist Trump haphazardly and recklessly removed a powerful US chess piece from the board. The country's ability to project and protect it's interests abroad have been diminished in exchange for nothing. Disgraceful. Go Home us soldiers Olof Palme was a swedish Prime Minister

It's the NYT. The US is illegal in Syria! AmiGoHome Trumps support those now

White House Threatens Turkey With Crippling SanctionsThe Trump administration threatened new sanctions against Turkey that officials said could cripple its economy if an offensive in Syria – precipitated by President Trump's move to withdraw troops from the region — targets ethnic and religious minorities Bigger plans 4 global mass destruction/slavery. Destabilize Turkish area..1st wars start soon & spread. Trump always trying to make himself look like good guy, but not..sold out ppl of wrld to demons for profit. Saudi paid, that’s where Am troops go. All w/ Trump is Money dance This President of United States of America, Donald Trump is a joker. This joker has also put USA in danger. Trump is incapable of thinking with clarity. He is a junkie!! There is enough chaos in the world without Little Donnie creating more.

Green Berets, or as Trump will soon be calling them: 'Democrats.' When you pull out before the job is done, that’s 'cut and run' as far as I’m concerned. –George W. Bush Be Careful what you Print, Trump Always Wins In the End, Think About It! Make Politicians send their own children first into their back room deal for profit wars!

AramKrdstn The greatest Army in the World for Rent. Only in Trumps Adm. HURRY_UP The American state and the media are deceiving the people. They say we help Kurds, but they help terrorists. PKK = PYD = SDF = TERRORIST It is not the mission of a Green Beret to make statements about how he FEELS about his orders. He has many avenues of redress of his grievances: chain of command, chaplain, medical, his Mamma, but not the press. I question the integrity of this report &/or your 'sources.'

US alway do ..we pakistani have suffered alot ,pakistan joined hands with US and they fund talibs ,trained them,give them weapon against soviet and than US left talib unsettled middle between afghan n pakistan and that backfired since than till now we can see whats happening It's better for them Here's an example of how a biased garbage media panders to Trump-haters with cynical headlines.

Trump announces 'review' of Green Beret murder case: 'We train our boys to be killing machines'Maj. Mathew L. Golsteyn, a decorated Green Beret, is facing court-martial in the killing of an Afghan man he suspected of being a Taliban bomb maker. Trump is doing more harm to America's image abroad than all it's enemies combined could ever hope for If there is abhorrence to unearth, Trump will grab for it with his dirty hands.

Americans should fell ashamed but since a majority of them are too self absorbed or right wing ideologues they won’t instead they will post pro Russian pro Turkish comments on Twitter, what is now the cesspool of American opinion. The U.S. can't keep fighting other people's battles, sooner or later the world is going to have to take care of its own problems.

Soldiers follow orders...or they quit! They do Not dictate geopolitics! Watch! Bull And yet the military supported and still supports Trump. You knew what you were getting but voted for him anyways. Should have never used terrorists to fight terrorists to begin with 帮分裂分子搞独立,把别国领土支离破碎是你们坚守的骄傲?你们能允许别的国家出动军队帮助加州、华盛顿和新墨西哥独立吗?

It's SO CRAZY that trump has now become the anti war president while exposing the Democrats at wanting to keep fighting and our troops in harms way He is one step ahead. Democrats will have to campaign on keeping our troops on foreign soil in a conflict that was never voted on SCS_Disputes is always against whatever Trump does. At all times and in all ways. PartisanRag Why not endorse a Congressional Act of War then?!?!

Trump’s Abandonment of the Kurds in Syria Has Other Allies WorriedNews Analysis: President Trump’s “inconsistent and rapidly shifting positions in the Middle East have injected a new element of chaos into an already volatile region,” write ddknyt, NYTBen and halbfinger ddknyt NYTBen halbfinger These are also news ddknyt NYTBen halbfinger TrumpGenocide TrumpBetrayedOurAllies Fck Turkye

Weren’t we going to pull our troops out long ago, now time has come and we are against it. I get it that we shouldn’t off as things aren’t well and won’t be. Then again world doesn’t see good deeds by USA, they only see negativity. good ole USA.the. trump. pumped....sold I’m sorry our Military has to feel this way. Their heads should be held high. Not in service to an autocrat who hasn’t the knowledge of honesty or decency within him.

The war against ISIS was a total waste due to Trumps idiotic decision to pull out of Syria. Trump is a traitor to our allies and gives favor to dictators. Trump plan for America is a dictatorship. He needs to be removed from office and imprisoned. “Some”. Uh-huh Wish the NYT cared as much about US citizens killed by illegal aliens as they do about Kurdish fighters.

It was the act of a coward. The presence of American troops served as a buffer and protection for the Kurds. The territory invaded was Syria, not Turkey. This time Trump invited Syria and ISIS to facilitate his re-election agenda. I think it was the right thing to pull back. This is a direct American conflict. It is syria’s conflict. If we didn’t draw back we could’ve easily gone to war with the Middle East and Russia. CGSCivics

This shows the value of the US Army and its soldiers. Others would immediately take the opportunity to get out of the danger area. Strong, very strong, respect.💯🇺🇸👍 Now do Obama!

US withdraws troops from northern Syria as Turkey expands military operationThe U.S. is withdrawing its forces from northeast Syria as Turkey 's military operation targeting America's Kurdish allies there continues to expand, according to a senior U.S. official. very scary Bye bye Kurdish terrorists OperationPeaceSpring Obama has established the business is now the trouble of the United States. Do not worry the Turkish army will clear all the tetorists.

200 year wars are for desert dwellers maggieNYT Trump has totally destroyed US Foreign policy and now our Military/Security partnerships around the globe. Why should any country trust the US? Contrary to this Narcissistic President’s beliefs - we need friends and allies. As expected Thank you for your service Green Berets and all service and armed forces in the Middle East.

They are troops. They do as they are told. O questions only orders Are The New York Times pushing for all out war on Turkey? All green berets who want to stay can stay at your own expense! greenberets thejointstaff USArmy DeptofDefense SyriaWithdrawal And dead silence from Arkansas’ own SenTomCotton ...

Funny. Never heard an American soldier considering killing civilians as a shame . But when it comes to pkk-Pyd(a terrorist organization )thugs which is a long-standing enemy of your NATO ally is a shame . American army is only heroes in the movies . Otherwise they’re pure losers. Not fighting alongside terrorists embarrasses them 🤔

The Latest: Bomb targets prison holding captured IS membersAKCAKALE, Turkey (AP) — The Latest on Turkey 's invasion of northeastern Syria in a military operation against Syria n Kurdish fighters there (all times local): 1:50 p.m. A Kurdish ... realDonaldTrump so you are setting ISIS members free to commit more terrorist attacks across the world. I hope you are in jail soon, charged with the murders of every Kurd killed. melpriceHB Send them to their Daddy and Benefactor living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And it is reported the it has been a secret meeting between USA , Turkey , Russia and the Syrian regime to hand the area between Tal Abiad and Gere sipi to Turkey to push the kurds to held a cheap deal with the Syrian regime that is all I understand that. Only honor, loyalty, courage and a willingness to sacrifice make such a commitment possible.

Do you have conscience? Lol The NYTimes scouring the world over for any current or former troops willing to criticize the president. If nothing changes, then expect cycles of similar cycles...? Our president thinks everything is about money. He doesn’t resonate with “American conscience”. Everyone is expendable to him and everything is a transaction.

It is a shame that US supported, armed and spent billions of dollars of tax-payer money to a 'terrorist' organization Charlie Wilson of late is turning in his grave. maggieNYT When asked who he was voting for in 2020, he replied, 'Well Trump of course.'

A history of selling out the Kurds, people with 'no friends but the mountains'When President Trump pulled troops from a region of northeastern Syria , it was denounced as a “shameless betrayal” of the Kurds, who were left on their own to fight off an invasion by Turkey . But Kurdish history is filled with such betrayals. melissarossi199 melissarossi199 I’ve known some Kurds. Scary and violent. Only way to get them to stop is hurt them Then they act pathetic and want to know why(?) kind of collective manic depressive. So much drama and real madness. When they get hurt they snap out of it but not until. Keep coming back. Help! melissarossi199

Yet another in a long line of stains. It will pass. Just as this officer demonstrates. He's probably never heard of My Lai. MSM now pushing open, continuous war narrative. Lmao. Lol. This isn't the first time to last time. These guys all “go native” ... That’s the very premise of ‘Apocalypse Now’ Next time dont get into alliances with terrorists just bec it suits you

Conscience and DT? Are you joking? AkshatTarush5 I feel bad for the American Soldiers! By the looks of this, I am sure the American soldiers want to help the Kurds by fighting against the Pigs (Turks) but it's the God damn Government of America which prevents situations like these. Congress should do their job and declare war if they want one!!

TarekFatah I don't think any country or race will ever trust USA again.... cowardly act.... TarekFatah This is a War Crime..President Erdogan, Turkey Army and rebels must be punished for horrendous death of thousands innocents..Attacking civilian areas without warning is the lowest level of treachery and cowardice Erdogan has fallen to..America can't let Kurds down.? Act fast pl.?

We need more Peace Protocols. The USA waste 8 trillions dollars on Mid East, for what ? No more SOUL SACRIFICE. 0 All we need is more Brilliant plus Intelligent Administration, to Stop THIS RIDICULOUS WARS with a Perfect Strategy from Peace Protocols, from United Nations. MAGA Us should learn some things from India, number 1 thing would be how to be loyal with your allies

War is his business. That’s is his only concern. The more of it, the higher in the ranks he will go. His concern for his troops seem to take a back seat to the Kurds and endless war. After all he is not the one getting shot at. Hearsay. We trained them, fortified them, armed them, took out ISIS. We did what we went to do. Kurds have been in this fight since 1920. We need to worry about our own borders and USA. 15 horrific wars in Africa-should we go there too?!

Indeed the American haven't any conscience The people of Irap trusted you too, when you said we will bring the democracy. What is the result ? We as Turkey will finish this game.TheEnd is close. People of America. Support Trump against your deep state. There's no such thing as the 'American conscience' with regards to this. Orders are orders. Democracy is an unstable system of government. This is just further evidence of that fact. One regime can roll back all the good work the others did and set the country on the wrong path.

TarekFatah Hope Trump rethinks his decision, Pls dont trade lives for votes It sad to see history repeats itself. TarekFatah Historically America only has had vested interests. America’s consciousness is but an illusion.

The Green Berets feel ashamed today But years later when they visit the Kurds and learn that Their Kurdish comrades have all perished, all because they left them to die by Turkey's massacre They have to live this guilt for life All because they have a 'Turn coat traitor-in-Chief From President Erdoğan to Western countries .. Turkey has in the face of a terrorist organization, 'with a terrorist organization, you invite Turkey Is the table?' You ask. They call it nayn nayn. What nayn’? 😃

'Shame on you! Shame on you for your opportunist policies! Shame on you for the blood, spilt & mixed to the dirt in this region' As Amin Maalouf told ; ' There will be blood forever on G.W.Bush's hands... ' TarekFatah 'One guy said something and it suits our political agenda, so it's news.' TarekFatah US did the same with the translator s from Iraq and Afghanistan. Comes as no surprise to me. They continue to support Pakistan how was caught red handed harbouring their most wanted OBL. Its dispicable.

TarekFatah The New York Times: 'Depending upon who is President, war is either good or bad. Meanwhile, we'll just keep pretending we have any journalistic integrity whatsoever.' TarekFatah Have you Clowns considered using a False Flag to alter public opinion, maybe a Gas attack? 🤣 We aren’t the world police, If trump engaged in this the left would have echoed the same thing. FakeNews

TarekFatah Funny how when Obama abandoned the Kurds and the Yazidis to ISIS, it was not a stain on the American conscience. TarekFatah I can see where he’s coming from. Trust is something that people in uniform live by & often die by. Sadly, the same can’t be said of politicians & bureaucrats. That’s why the world’s in such a shitty place.

TarekFatah manage to sustain their livelihood, to a larger extengt, u ppl r no match to intellect of professionals from India, now running clinics, hospitals, few noted univs., NASA, the IT sector etc TarekFatah Former President Obama is indirectly responsible for the rape, torture, slavery, and murder caused by ISIS when he withdrew from Iraq. But that was celebrated by the New York Times...because Obama.

TarekFatah oh army officer!!!! did ever the US have a conscience globally, all oecd, economically well-off nations dislike the US, it's just the excesses in US consumption that makes few developing, emerging nations dependent in yr imports, thus, such nations manage to sustain CONTD TarekFatah Thank you Deep State, We get it, you don't want the US to reduce the Illegal presence of our War machine and want The US military to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, message received

TarekFatah SO TRUE. NEVER BE SELFISH. StateDept POTUS That’s not our land, are war. We need to get out of the shit hole and quit blaming trump. There’s been to many Americans live lost over there. Protect the Homeland!!!!!!! TarekFatah It's treachery, simple!!! TarekFatah It is very shameful!! Act before it is too late!!!

Situation in Syria proves US nothing more than a Hollywood blockbuster.

It was a mistake using PYD-PKK a Terrorist Organization to clean up another Terrorist Group ISIS. Today PYD-PKK dealing with Esed, President Trump is fixing wrong desicions of prior president. It is a stain on our conscience to have involved in other country’s civil war. , find your conscience. All the world know we fight but USA left us alone and he let turkey and Isis cut our head See who's terrorist

The true betrayal of Americans is the daily slanted news printed against its President. Truth lp27177663 No friends but mountains meanwhile, how many will vote for Trump in 2020? Probably most of them. It’s not the first time that America has done something like this and it won’t be the last Wish the US had a conscience. He didn't ship weapons to baby killers.

So....there it is people! The MSM want us in WARS!!! Lies new York times lies Trump did the right thing.The Kurds have a history of ethnic cleansing,forced locals to join their militias et al.They didn't fight for the USA or the West.They fought for their cause. You have to choose an ally it is either Turks or these Kurdish terrorists!!! They killed more than 30000 people in Turkey since 90's. And shamefully you are calling them peace fighters. I guess you don't affraid of loosing trust of Turkish people.

Not on the evangelical 'conscience' the leadership in that group does not have one. Let me say it out. If they're terrorists, as that lout Erdogan particularizes the Kurds, does not it defines us, withal , as their brothers in arms ? Who were ISIS, then. The US stands debased . the military voted for trump:

realDonaldTrump blood is on your hands... you are a murderer and a disgrace. fuckdonaldtrump magamyass So do we go to war with Turkey to protect the Kurds? Iraq War 2.0? The American people are in no mood for more Neocon wars in the Mideast. Fake news. The Kurds are all over the Middle East. And allied implies a treaty we have never made with them. Moreover, they never needed us. They needed our armaments which we supplied. The Kurds are an amazing militia on their own and now they are united with the Syrian army.

The Kurdish Terrorists trusted us and we broke that trust. Now they are trusting Assad and tomorrow they maybe will trust ISIS. How stupid you are!! What have you expected from a terror organization!? They would work with anybody,💰 counts. America is not a trustable product. You can buy America at any cost or as per your personal pocket or if your pocket become empty then just give a dail

As if you were there for them 🤦‍♂️ Everywhere you go there's an Ulterior motive. No one trusts you ever, not ever. You're just a greedy selfish corrupt killing machine that kills everything including your own. Gonna start at square one where ISIS members' families escaped, civilians displaced, etc. Another expeditions, another job wasted.

I am embarrased to be an American, for the first time in my life, while this monster is in the White House. I need the rest of the world to know, he does not accurately represent all American citizens. 😢 Trump leaves America feeling ashamed. The solution is simple. Congress declares war on Turkey and calls up selective service. Stop blaming Trump. If you nutjobs want War Congress is who you go through. The blood will be on your hands.

May the drain be only on those that ordered this horrible pullback from the Kurdish people and it sure wasn’t Americans it was Trump and. a set up attack with Russian planes! Soldiers follow orders, but the problem is no one if objecting! They are on vacation! Ridiculous! 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 TURKEY ENTERED SYRIA

this is your style always without conscience

Neocon Times pushing The Lobby narrative. Get U.S. out of foreign affairs and murderous wars. Israel should have to steal Syrian land without American blood. His feeling will not change the facts , what is next? They will do same after leaving where they had foot prints. Where they are paid for services rendered they will remain .... economically viability is their top priority ...

No no no. We have no say in or control over the decisions of dumb-ass Donald. The stain is on him alone. A stain on the American conscience? Meat Muppet One's followers are so stupid that they think all of the atrocities commited by Turkey or Russia are led by the same people that brought you Sandy Hook.

And now they have made a deal with Syria and Russia to protect them from Turkish invasion. It will take decades to repair the mess Trump has created. NYT's is a stain on the American conscience. Why on Earth would POTUS risk loosing 50 US lives over this? Why not send you Journalists and ask them to put their bodies in harms way? I suspect no takers. Morons

Of course it's ashamed and be betrayed with kurdish

You're only a hero in Hollywood movies from now on. Turkey is a bloody shame to Europe....and to NATO.... It is ....and also a shame to the rest of the free world to let guys like Erdogan and Assad have their way with the people who actually defeated IS ...... For further reading, see: Iraq, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Vietnam...

melodrama is not news Do troops have to listen to orders from a criminal president about to be impeached the stain was already there when you started to arm them and train them against Turkey The Kurds helped the Young Turks massacre Christians. They might be an ally of the left but not the entire country.

You don't leave a soldier behind. That includes your allies. It's unforgivable!

DanielBShapiro NYT, the Constitution states the military answer to the civilian authority. It says nothing about the military answering to a self aggrandizing agenda biased NYT Zor any other MSM. DanielBShapiro This is post-truth that an american green beret prefers a ypg member instead of a marroon beret ( Turkish sof ) , his ally for 70 years from Korea up to Afghanistan

With this, they will never trust a Republican administration. It is clear only Democrats honor their commitments. lister_lester They trusted us and the financial greed of the traitor and pedophile we have temporarily in our White House betrayed our Nation and Allies again. WHO SAYS TRUMP IS NOT A RUSSIAN AGENT &TRAITOR.

Propaganda. The feud between Tutkey and the Kurds is not our fight. Trump has no honor, trump has no shame, he's a lead weight tied around the necks of the Americans destroying our reputations and our legacy. He must be removed from office to save our future and relations with the free countries of this planet

Trump's a traitor. Do you need further proof? Of course your headline is Negative. You make it sound like we pulled 10,000 solders out. Wasn’t it like 150. Congress can’t seem to allocate $$$ for the solders pay. What did your headline read when obama drew down Iraq? Quite the opposite just more of your double standard.

well said. well written. White supremacist mass shootings is a far greater threat to this nation than al-Qaeda. So does anyone have the balls to call it as such?! Absolutely pathetic. Out of control!

I could see this article coming days ago Trust in the US has been fading for 2 years now.. but this is still a major low انا اعتقد انا اسوا حاكم مر بامريكا ترامب Don’t leave them ! Fight with them ! NY Times best 2 ply ever 4 a good💩 With public sentiment appalled by Turkish atrocities against the Kurds now is the time to hold Turkey accountable for the Armenian genocide of 1.5 million Innocents during WW1. It's way past time they pay the price for their systematic crimes against humanity.

Fahrenthold How many of those special forces are refusing what seems like an immoral order? Dis. Obey. The orders. DISOBEY Doesn't the UN have peace keeping forces that could have been deployed to replace American forces? How about the France or Germany stepping up to the plate? When is Assad going to be tried as a war criminal? Erdogan?

Pathetic leadership.... No. I take that back. NO LEADERSHIP!! Make America Great Again! Yeah ..... right!

NYT I don’t beleive a Damn Thing you WRITE, most (all) of the time it is ALL LIES And you were against going in in the first place. Trump will punish Turkey. We can't stay everywhere Fake news NYT 50 guys would've prevented this? Can you explain how? Since we aren't allowed to use force? I'm intrigued to know.

It’s not just that we have abandoned a long time ally. It’s that we, as a nation, have shown to current and potential future allies that we are capable of such treachery. GOP What is the US doing with a terrorist organization? turkey, in Korea, was at war with America in Afghanistan and Iraq. for what . Pkk chased 40000 Kurds from their homeland in northern Syria. turkey looking at them now . There are 15 million kurd living in turkey . I'm kurdish.

Usa trusts terrorists evidence usa admitts they are terrorists too KonstantinKlug We will never trust the American traitors again. We will not forget the treachery of America even after a thousand years Battlefield betrayal is probably creating more anti-US terrorists. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. ISIS + Kurds vs. US

Too bad, I am in tears now. NOT. You shouldn't have called PKK terrorists your allies in thr first place. You thought Turkey is dumb enough to buy that YPG has no ties with PKK. Well you screwed up now. But whyyy whyyy 😣😔😔 .realDonaldTrump letting down the troops, demoralizing them. Nice job asshle

🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 For those who are upset at Trump: how long do you want him to leave American troops in Syria as human shields--10 years? 50? 100? The 50 prison guards that Trump brought home from Syria were a lot less tough on Erdogan than the economic sanctions in the pipeline now. You support terrorism!

Dude, it was 50 guys. Please, stop with the snowflake behavior. Turkey is a NATO member, and we are not the only NATO ally. .realDonaldTrump has promised to “decimate” the Turks economically if they harm the Kurds. What exactly is your problem? Happens after every 'war' the US is involved in. We should go ahead and pull out of every foreign station whose host country isn't willing to pick up the full cost of having US troops there.

Even after Trump is gone how US allies be able to trust that Americans won’t elect another Trump in the future? Great

PKK/YPG/SDF, is a terrorist organization that kills innocent people and babies! YPGattacksCivilians Trusted them to incite violent insurrection against our NATO ally Turkey? Really? Barack Obama told them they could do that? Are you SURE he did? Because if so........... PKK ile savaşıyoruz Kürtlerle değil.... Kürt Türk kardeştir, akrabadır ,ailedir.

Trump is doing what he is told to by Putin he is owned by the Russia and has no choose Everything that is said and written after this betrayal is just bla bla Shame on realDonaldTrump. TrumpMassacre Of course they are! These people became their brothers in arms. Which draft dodging, spur man would know nothing about. Burn in hell trump!

Not kurdish fighters , TeroristYPG

Be all you can be!!!! Right.

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