Public service announcement: Stop! F*cking! Snitch tagging!

If we wanted to tag someone in a shady post, we would!

5/29/2020 7:30:00 AM

Public service announcement: Stop! F*cking! Snitch tagging!

If we wanted to tag someone in a shady post, we would!

justsaid that Musk was being aggressive towards the media, so what in the name of all that is holy would possess you to call Musk on over?!No, this is not acceptable. Snitch tagging needs to end.If we wanted to alert someone that we were being shady about, we would tag them.

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The case against snitch tagging is simple. If we wanted to alert someone that we were being shady about, we would tag them. That's what tagging is for. Twitter has built a whole robust system of it, with @ mentions and hashtags and photo tags. If we didn't tag them, you can bet your sabotaging ass we want to shit talk that person with our friends but we don't want to start DRAMA™ by looping them in the convo.

Sure, the person that you're stealth dragging could find the tweet by searching their own name on Twitter, but then any type of roasting that person stumbles into is on them because that's a special type of millennial narcissism and who even does that?! (Okay, we all do it, but still.)

Don’t. Tag. People. Into. Tweets. They. Weren’t. Tagged. In. Just. To. Try. And. Start. An. Argument. Read more: Mashable »

I remember the rules... Right at the beginning.... Not allowed to call anyones house into disrepute. (Directly) No eye contact. Which allowed the press to pretty much do what they wanted with the information. (Blackmail) 🖕 Snitching is one thing, but posting something on a public forum and getting upset if someone passes on the info? Seriously, if you're not happy or confident enough to have the person of interest see it, don't post it, or go private..

Don't sell out my network!! Geez doesn't look like I know what you're talking about either.

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