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Public officials threatened doctors over ivermectin refusal, hospital says

A spokesperson for the hospital said: 'These conversations were deeply troubling to our physicians and staff.'

10/20/2021 1:05:00 PM

A spokesperson for the hospital said: 'These conversations were deeply troubling to our physicians and staff.'

A spokesperson for the hospital said: 'These conversations were deeply troubling to our physicians and staff.'

"These conversations were deeply troubling to our physicians and staff because they were threatened and their clinical judgment was called into question by these individuals.St. Peter's Health did not name who the elected officials were, although Republican Attorney General Austin Knudsen's office did confirm it had called hospital executives last week.

A spokesperson for the attorney general disputed St Peter's Health's version of events, including claims it had dispatched a Montana Highway Patrol trooper to the hospital.The spokesperson added:"TheDepartment of Justiceinitiated an investigation into very troubling allegations made by the family of a patient at St. Peter's Hospital.

"After hearing of the allegations and the ensuing investigation, Attorney General Knudsen contacted a board member who set up a telephone conference with hospital executives."No one was threatened or had their clinical judgment questioned while the Department of Justice was trying to get to the bottom of the serious allegations that the hospital was mistreating a patient and violating her rights and her family's rights. The investigation is ongoing."

In response, the hospital told theBillings Gazetteon Monday:"St. Peter's works closely with public officials and regulatory agencies, and we occasionally receive inquiries about patient care and patient rights. Last week, several of our providers and care team members who are working tirelessly at the bedside were harassed and threatened by three public officials.

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