Protests Spread Nationwide On Fourth Night After Minneapolis Death Of George Floyd

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Anger over George Floyd's death is reverberating across the U.S., with protests from New York City to Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day a police vehicle was set on fire. An act of vandalism reporters have cited as a turning point in the day's activities."You are burning cars, you have defaced the CNN building. Ted Turner started CNN in Atlanta 40 years ago because he believed in who we are as a city. ... They are telling our stories and you are disgracing their building," Bottoms said in a televised interview.

Others who had surrounded CNN's headquarters, smashed the building's windows and sprayed graffiti on the network's logo.Los Angeles crowd descends on uniformed officerAt one point, an officer grabbed a male activist in an attempt to restrain him. But after a brief tussle, a throng of protesters pulled the officer to the ground. They descended on the uniformed officer, kicking and hitting him with protest signs. Eventually, a man in civilian clothing pulled him out of the melee.


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These are professionalprotestors

It’s irresponsible of NPR to not specify the difference bt protest/protesters & riots/rioters Protestors don’t loot, set fires etc. when things get out of hand some protestors leave others become rioters. listeners don’t understand the difference you have to spell it out.

Gdad1 Riots are over-determined. The death of another innocent Black man is not the only cause. It is the CONTINUAL deaths of Black people at the hands of police resulting from historical RACISM now INFLAMED by a White Supremacist President that is the cause.

So you are reporting two deaths and still calling them protest. Try looking up the meaning of riot. DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

They aren't 'protests', you twits. They art riots. Out of control riots, with no concern whatsoever for George Floyd.

Absolute shame JusticeForGeorgeFlyod BlackLivesMatters MinneapolisUprising

Let us pull out the police reports and newspaper articles from summer of 1970. The inner cities were burning with riots. We have learned nothing.

Antifa does nkt care about George Floyd’s death. Antifa just wants anarchy and to end capitalism. They are terrorists.


Fix Your Headline The current one fails to address the systemic problems underlying the current unrest

These are 'riots,' not 'protests' you frauds.

This has nothing to do with George Floyd. GeorgeFloyd

Looting Louis Vuitton store in Portland. Nothing screams justice like designer handbags.

Pretty impressive how the Democrats went from the lockdown party to the 'burn it all down' party in less than 48 hours

Blacks wonder swhy epeople around the world despise them; this is why. Every other race h_a_t_e_s them because they behave subhuman

*Anger of George Floyd's MURDER is reverberating across the U.S. Fixed that for you.

I get the need to protest, but I do not get or support people rioting.

I am a mature white man and while I can empathize with the AA community, which I do, I will never feel the fear a black man faces on a daily basis. My gay nephew is married to a black man and I worry about him all the time. Worried that a karen might call police to get him killed

I worry that people who are prejudice might see these protests and looting and burning and internalize it and instill more fear in them of a culture that they do not come in contact with. Police of white and black and Hispanic cultures/ethnicities all tend to target blacks more.




Riots. Not protests.

Hate to say it, this isn't anger about poor Mr. Floyd. This is a bunch of thugs looting, stealing and create violence. They hurt the cause being a bunch of thugs

This is so not about George’s death. Rather than just idiots who love to steal, commit arson, vandalism & loot the very stores whose employees were in the front lines working so your families could eat during the SAHO ALL OF YOU ARE AS BAD AS THAT COP!

To be clear: The peope rioting are probably kids from the suburbs. They may may be hired by the republican national comitee to foment violence. Do not buy into the violence or the reports of violence by protesters!

His death is only the straw that broke the camel’s back. The systemic racism was allowed to go unchecked for far too long.

Those are not protests. Those are riots.

I get the feeling professional 'protest groups' are doing stuff.

Anger over George Floyd's MURDER, actually.


Anger? ANGER? a you idiots!! This has nothing to do with anger. Show me the 'anger' in this video!

Trump brought the Country to the verge of collapse, he must resign.

Organized riots in 48 hours

Opportunists seeking a fee pass to destroy and steal. It’s not about a protest

Protests or riots? Looks like some of each. Let’s not conflate the two

They are protests when properties & businesses are looted & burned. These are riots!

Wished the thesaurus would be utilized to select words in context to GeorgeFloydMurder protest and others alike. Context to 400 yrs of racist violence and killings committed on Blacks in America - when righteous indignation turns to desperation and hopelessness. EaseThePain

The previous POTUS was half-black and served TWO TERMS, but this type of progress isn't taking place throughout every facet of our entire society. I blame poverty and overall bias against the poor, more than racism, but racism remains deeply integrated throughout US society.

It's not anger over a single death, it's rage over centuries of systemic injustice

Calm down plsase.we need the legal way to this problem.

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In Atlanta, a crowd of protesters outside of an entrance to CNN's headquarters repeatedly threw rocks at officers attempting to keep them from rushing into the building. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issued a state of emergency around midnight.

Was he tested for Coronavirus? Sometimes it affects people in unexpected ways. Wait a minute ... was he ResistingArrest? Because NOT resisting arrest would probably have resulted in him not dying, but still, cops shouldn't be kneeling on ANYONE'S necks for ANY reason. RACISTS

As well it should. Seriously abhorrent behavior by all involved. Police should protect and serve not injure and kill. Thankfully the overwhelming majority of police do protect and serve with honor and integrity. But these guys should maybe a needle.

I might well become violent also if I continued to be the victim of systemic racism in the justice system, in jobs, in housing, in opportunties, and in a million other ways large and small that our black brothers and sisters deal with every. single. day of their lives.

dems destroying dems.'Instant Karma's gonna get youGonna knock you right on the headYou better get yourself togetherPretty soon you're gonna be dead' John Lennon

Soros is reverberating.. these are well coordinated, paid protestors.

As it should! This is serious shit! Go Black Supporters Go!


And y'all canceled Tell Me More...

Rise up!!

We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.

Easy to see why. What that cop did must never happen again.

And the President threatening you shoot protesters.

We are all angry. All colors. All sexes. All people. This was a horrid murder. But what does it have to do with riots? Why did the police stand down? Why are there professional agitators there?

Anti fa is all over it. They wanted to burn down the society.

This is not just about George. This is about the thousands of black lives that have been murdered by police because they are black. George Floyd's murder was the last straw. We will not be silenced any longer. This needs to be the end of police brutality!

The mob rules and gets violent! Wouldn't be surprised if the mob tries to lynch the officer arrested.

ShaneRaynor Why? The officer was fired and arrested. President Trumpmgot the FBI involved. BLM and Antifa communist rebellion, period. They don’t give a shit about George or Black livelihoods.

I hear they’re planning on protesting at NPR studios, much like CNN.

When we discipline our children we do it with love; when America discipline her children of color she does it with hatred.

Saying no to systemic racism

Strain theory?


Anger, and the blatant taunts from the White House...

And cops are shooting rubber bullets at journalists and arresting them, and spraying shit into the eyes of old ladies in wheelchairs.

“Let me say as I've always said, and I will always continue to say, that riots are socially destructive and self-defeating. ... But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. “ Martin Luther King, Jr.

What happened to GeorgeFloyd happens all too frequently to the Palestinians. Israel is a close and trusted ally of America. That they should share the same attitudes and methods to subdue powerless ethnic groups in their countries should come as no surprise then.

🇧🇷 George Floyd vive, em nossos corações. 🇺🇸 George Floyd lives in our hearts. 🏳️ World Peace! GeorgeFloydprotest SomosTodosGeorgeFloyd

It’s not just about Floyd. People are fed up with police brutality, economic inequality and the failed American state. We’ve tipped an edge.



This is domestic terrorism. No longer anything to do with Mr. Floyd.

NY is just getting over a pandemic, and people are going to go out and riot there now? Thousands of people died, and people are crammed together for a protest? Makes me think these people are mostly not New Yorkers.

Yeah we are well past protests.

And George didn't even die of a knee to his neck after all. Great!

Regular US Army time

people need to relax

This has gone into a rioting stage... the protests ended long ago.

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