Protests over police killings rage in dozens of US cities

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UPDATE: • L.A., S.F. under citywide curfews overnight. • Police cars burn, windows shatter as protests roil New York. • Minneapolis officials say violence has been stopped. MORE:

Police stands guard as Austin Fire Department put out a car fire under Interstate 35 freeway in Austin Texas, Saturday, May 30, 2020, while a protest over the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died in Minneapolis police custody on May 25.

Few corners of America were untouched, from protesters setting fires inside Reno’s city hall, to police launching tear gas at rock-throwing demonstrators in Fargo, North Dakota, to shattered windows at police headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. — In Salt Lake City, protesters defied a curfew and National Guard troops were deployed by Utah’s governor. Demonstrators flipped a police car and lit it on fire, and another vehicle was later set ablaze. Police said six people were arrested and a police officer was injured after being struck in the head with a baseball bat.

Not all protests devolved into violence. In Juneau, Alaska, law enforcement officers joined elected officials and residents at a peaceful protest in front of a giant whale sculpture on the city’s waterfront.Back in Minneapolis, the city where the protests began, police, state troopers and National Guard members moved in soon after an 8 p.m. curfew took effect to break up protests, firing tear gas and rubber bullets to clear streets outside a police precinct and elsewhere.

Trump appeared to cheer on the tougher tactics Saturday night, commending the Guard deployment in Minneapolis, declaring “No games!” and saying police in New York City “must be allowed to do their job!” More than 1,300 people have been arrested in 16 cities since Thursday, including over 500 Friday in Los Angeles.

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h ok

What do you mean 'violence has been stopped'!? You mean protesters have been shut down and now business as usual?

First thing would be to ban or censorpress coverage. Most coverage is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Our national media from all political persuasions has become a trumpet for violence. They revel in these moments.

Feel like this doesn’t address the full extent of the brutality officers are doing towards protestors for no reason. It seems to be biased towards a certain way.

Let me help you though, riot, you meant to say riot... even your main picture does not depict a protest it depicts a riot!

Progressive, weak , indecisive, afraid to offend anybody, leaderless officials are killing people and destroying cities. riots2020 coronavirus

Hope all you left voting Progressives enjoy the chaos. You are getting everything you deserve. My conservative piece of town is nice and quite, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful night. 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you for stopping the violance sorry the poor kid I felt his soul he asked me why too

I will never watch anything associated with any of you. These celebrities are encouraging violence, looting, murder, and destruction of poor people’s livelihoods and neighbourhoods. SteveCarell JanelleMonae CynthiaNixon Sethrogen jtimberlake chrissyteigen

black suburbs in SF n LA is a scary place If you are strayed there you'd get robbed

This is the latest attempt by the democrat/media to divide us and destroy America. It’s disgusting!!

Mohansinha SH00T !!



Why is it so hard for white cops to stop killing unarmed black people? How come they can show restraint when the suspect is white? 🤔

А вы с этим согласны?

I was with it at first. It quickly got hijacked by terrorist nazi antifa and extreme far left organizations attacking normal folk. They have become worse than the cops. Too bad they don't know how to engage the enemy they claim to have a problem with.

Violent protesters can not be and should not be justified. That is not protest for 'Justice'. That is RIOT. ARREST protesters who try to mess up the whole city!

There are no thugs, only tyranny!

Look, it's not that difficult of a problem to solve. Go to every Police Station and tell them you can no longer hide behind the State Prosecutors, Unions or the Blue Wall when you brutalized the people you are suppose to protect. You will go to jail! They've been told it's OK.

President Trump on Thursday retweeted a video of a supporter saying that the 'only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.' The man in the video is a New Mexico politician who faced calls to resign after making the remark earlier this month.

NO JUSTICE NO FUCKING PEACE!! ☝️🏿☝️🏿☝️🏿☝️🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

This isn't about police killings...

Unprovoked, unchecked police brutality was out of control across America today! GOP are incapable of governing.

Pro-justice!!! You are letting supremacists infiltrate our cause and making their point!!! Let photos be taken of them inciting around you while you maintain peace. Hate begets hate and Peace begets peace!!☮️💟💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💖

Stand with Minnesota!!! Free Minnesota!!!

Checkout Twitter feeds this is no longer ‘protests’ these are planned and well coordinated riots, anarchy.

I was watching the national guard in Minnesota and American military at its best.

We don't understand what TheDemocrats protesters are talking about

Stupid is as stupid does. They are insuring a Trump victory.

Why don't prosecutors just charge murdering cops with murder? It would stop the riots, and it's THEIR JOB anyway. All they have to do to end the riots is do their job.


So they destroyed cities to get attention. Now they loot and burn. What are they protesting by stealing?

So cops are going to stop instigating violence? Protests were all peaceful until the cops showed up and started tear gassing and brutalizing people

Stop calling riots and criminal activity mere protest

Karma may come late, but it will arrive. Nature is fair.

This is no longer about white or black, red or blue, this is now about cultural Marxists at civil war with America. These Marxists are hijacking and using the death of George Floyd to riot and burn down your communities.

Leftist media and NGO'S race-baiting with all their might now that plandemic recession looks to be insufficient to force Americans to vote for senile pedo Biden.

If violence in Minneapolis has stopped, the rest of the country is sure to follow with the rest of the states deploying the national guard.

Will not stop till all four are L!NCHED!

The police will never be able to look at our face. They are thugs. Make no mistake the police work for the elite. BlackLivesMatter BLACK_LIVES_MATTER

NYPD is best able to control this uprising. 30k members in ranks plus national guard if needed.

This is like the season finale of The Man in the High Castle

Where does the black community go from here?

Why aren't you reporting the innocent people attacked, injured, or killed?

Just moved from Minneapolis to Duluth

History repeating, must be an election year.

The youth are upset about racial injustice which has also highlighted income inequality. Boomers have indebted the youth for the creation of wealth for boomers only. Until boomer politicians deal with student debt, affordable healthcare, and income equality protests will continue

curfews are unconstitutional

I'm concerned and scared for my 🇺🇸 friends tonight... Tonight is scary. I absolutely love visiting the US and I know things will get better, hopefully soon. He's a video of my cute puppy instead to watch. Stay safe 🇺🇸 friends from a concerned 🇨🇦 friend.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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