Protests over George Floyd escalate near White House, around DC as Trump warns against 'mob violence'

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Some protestors threw bottles at Secret Service agents and police near the White House. Officers responded by firing tear gas to break up the crowds.

Even as they halted traffic on the Capital Beltway and shouted obscenities at the fleet of presidential helicopters that carried Trump back to the White House, the demonstrations scattered throughout the city remained mostly peaceful.

Showing at least five red welts on her bare left arm, Lindsay Kouyate, 21, said she was shot with something she couldn't identify. Kouyate said she was holding her"I Cant Breathe" sign near the police in front of Lafayette Square at the time. Police wearing helmets and holding shields formed a line between the protesters and the White House, a hot spot in the city throughout much of Saturday evening.

"Trump is the reason why cops feel they can do certain things to black people,” said Cameron Jackson, 25, a supervisor at a grocery store, as he stood in the middle of 16th Street. “He condones it. He is a racist.”Dave Pringle, 32, who works on criminal justice policy in D.C., also condemned Trump. "I came here to enforce the Black Lives Matter movement and to get justice for the injustices we have been receiving for over hundreds of years," said Ariel Weems, a 16-year-old high school student from Bowie, Maryland.“I don’t agree with any of his policies," Weems said."His Twitter comments? Shooting and looting? That was absurd. ... We’re out here protesting for our lives.”through the crowds, passing out water bottles.


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I have NO sympathy for President Trump. Trump is the bum that helped bring this about. But these kiddies have no concept of self-control. Maybe it's time to drop them in jail for a long while. Time to Teach them a serious LESSON. okboomer

Hey Rudy, isn't the White House occupied by a Republican?


Not acceptable protesters throwing bottles at secret service. Stop protesting

Riots and violence are the consequence of bad policies from this president favoring only the extremely rich which create what we are going thru now all over America,What do you expect from the people seeing the white supremacist protesting with machine guns! People are fed up!

Yeah and if anybody should know about mob violence, it’s certainly the 5 year old stand up comedian Brat who calls himself POTUS ! ! He and his mob will be exiled on or about January 2021 ! ! Provided there’s anything to be exiled from ? ! ?

Time to lock and load!

Only just because he can. He has found a legal way to shoot and kill the black! U know Trump is take advantage of every opportunity to abuse his power. Since Trump is supposed to be the great negotiator...Why isn't he outside with a bullhorn making amends?

/ How much has President Trumps Inflamatory Statements ignited more Protesters Rioting over the Police Killing of George Floyd !!!

“Yes because of certain reasons, you know, I used to wear little shorts on the job and whatnot and they would fire bricks and little pipes and bottles of beer at me and whatnot.”


The US Stock market will be Shorted in a Big way on Monday. There will be a end to trading for the day early as circuit brakers will be hit.

Next time just shoot them!

Please! Make America 🇺🇸 NORMAL again.

👁'The country really became a Nazi country my god now all America is being punished all over the world for arrogance and racism really and a disease North America pardon everyone for our defects that are incurable.

I don't want this country ruled by mobs in the street and neither do most Americans. The proof of this is going to be shocking to the Democrats when President Trump wins by the largest Landslide ever.

Good!!! Fire away!!!

threw bottles at the secret service? ...the secret is out ? dayum

Arrest the domestic terrorists.

The youth are upset about racial injustice which has also highlighted income inequality. Boomers have indebted the youth for the creation of wealth for boomers only. Until boomer politicians deal with student debt, affordable healthcare, and income equality protests will continue

Should be firing live rounds into the crowds. F them. You don’t threaten the White House perimeter. PERIOD!

Disproportionate response.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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