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Protests flare across U.S. | Reuters

Protests over the killing of George Floyd

6/3/2020 7:50:00 AM

Protesters marched to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., with the National Guard lined up behind crowd-control barriers. Follow live updates:

Protests over the killing of George Floyd

AdvertisementA man jumps from the window of a damaged store as protests continue in New York City, June 2, 2020. 📷 REUTERS/Jeenah MoonAdvertisementAt least five people were injured, including two police officers, in a police shooting in Brooklyn, a local television station reported.

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Damn. A whole lotta foreign actors in this comment section. Wonder where they loyalty lies... Fuck Trump. P.s. not paid to say that. I just wanted to say that I am OUTRAGED that there is UNEQUAL representation for ALL the ethnicities that faced BRUTALITY & VIOLENT ACTS against them. I DEMAND JUSTICE for ALL, NOT just for the ONE or the FEW, BUT ALL! Folks we need to be UNITED to foster CHANGE!

What they are doing near Memorial? There are no shops to loot there. Biketruck here you go. It’s real. Air Guard Airmen. What world am I living in? mwicane nababwira iki Why did the United States criticize Hong Kong police for their restraint and civility while threatening to shoot and even use the national guard against protesters in the United States? Please answer this question, don't dodge it!

Protests flare across U.S. | ReutersGeorge Floyd's cause of death was 'mechanical asphyxia' and it was a homicide, according to doctors who performed an independent autopsy. Live updates: Two terrorist organizations, ANTIFA and FETO are side by side. Shut them down! realDonaldTrump The Hennepin County Medical Examiners have determined that GeorgeFloyd died of a heart attack while resisting arrest. Sad and unfortunate. But time to move on. No intent by police to harm.

Protests flare across U.S. | ReutersFollow our live blog for the latest updates on the protests over the killing of George Floyd hello maam sir... what happened to the corona virus pandemic? The GEEK | Cinematic B Roll | Creative art | Short Film Structure | The Unsung warriors Follow us on Youtube for more Creative , fun , and dramatic content : insta handle :

Protests flare across U.S. | ReutersLIVE COVERAGE: Follow our live blog for the latest updates on the protests across the United States These. Aren’t. Protests. EnemyOfThePeople SOLTARAM OS PRESOS PARA TOCAR O TERROR. ENTENDERAM AGORA ? Somos57MILHOES The far right ProudBoys at the heart of inciting the riots across 🇺🇸 but realDonaldTrump denies reality and wants to blame JoeBiden . Makes no sense as usual. POTUS is MIA. foxandfriends FoxNnews MSNBC CBSNews cnn KellyannePolls

Protests flare across U.S. | ReutersProtesters staged a peaceful demonstration in New York City's Times Square, chanting and taking a knee in silence in memory of George Floyd. Follow live updates: 👍 A politic game ( it's soo clear now) DEMOCRATS are USING this to take PRESIDENT out. Open the eyes folks. WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC FOLKS We are in a pandemic We are in a pandemic The media don't talk about this anymore. Reuters, no mention of the pandemic? Should protesters be arrested for not wearing mask or obeying six foot social distancing rule? Will it cause the dreaded spike in cases? I know your outraged by it but I can assure you they will be okay and most are not vulnerable.

Protests flare across U.S. | ReutersLIVE COVERAGE: Follow Reuters live blog for the latest updates on the protests across the United States Revolution USA. these are NOT protests! they are Violent Riots! Peaceful Protests don't beat other people, let alone kill other people! let's keep the terms accurate shall we

Protests flare across U.S. | ReutersPresident Trump vowed to deploy thousands of heavily armed soldiers and law enforcement officers across the U.S. if mayors and governors do not 'take actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents' All the while, peaceful protestors were being tear gassed, just so the street was clear for his photo op outside church He can’t do that. They’re all in the Middle East guarding Syria and Iraq’s oil fields!