Protests erupt across Russia demanding Navalny's release

Russian police arrested more than 850 protesters.

1/24/2021 7:00:00 AM

Russian police on Saturday arrested hundreds of protesters who took to the streets in temperatures as low as minus-50 C to demand the release of Alexei Navalny, the country’s top opposition figure

Russian police arrested more than 850 protesters.

By01/23/2021 07:54 AM ESTLink CopiedMOSCOW — Protests erupted in over 60 Russian cities on Saturday to demand the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin's most prominent foe. Russian police arrested more than 850 protesters, some of whom took to the streets in temperatures as frigid as minus-58 Fahrenheit.

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In Moscow, about 5,000 demonstrators filled Pushkin Square in the city center, where clashes with police broke out and demonstrators were roughly dragged off by helmeted riot officers to police buses and detention trucks. Navalny’s wife Yulia was among those arrested.

The protests stretched across Russia’s vast territory, from the island city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk north of Japan and the eastern Siberian city of Yakutsk to the Russia’s more populous European cities. The range demonstrated how Navalny and his anti-corruption campaign have built an extensive network of support despite official government repression and being routinely ignored by state media.

The OVD-Info group that monitors political arrests said at least 191 people were detained in Moscow on Saturday and more than 100 at another large demonstration in St. Petersburg. Overall, it said 863 people had been arrested by late afternoon in Moscow.

Navalny was arrested on Jan. 17 when he returned to Moscow from Germany, where he had spent five months recovering from a severe nerve-agent poisoning that he blames on the Kremlin and which Russian authorities deny. Authorities say his stay in Germany violated terms of a suspended sentence in a 2014 criminal conviction, while Navalny says the conviction was for made-up charges.

The 44-year-old activist is well known nationally for his reports on the corruption that has flourished under President Vladimir Putin's government.His wide support puts the Kremlin in a strategic bind — risking more protests and criticism from the West if it keeps him in custody but apparently unwilling to back down by letting him go free.

Navalny faces a court hearing in early February to determine whether his sentence in the criminal case for fraud and money-laundering — which Navalny says was politically motivated — is converted to 3 1/2 years behind bars.Moscow police on Thursday arrested three top Navalny associates, two of whom were later jailed for periods of nine and 10 days.

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Navalny fell into a coma while aboard a domestic flight from Siberia to Moscow on Aug. 20. He was transferred from a hospital in Siberia to a Berlin hospital two days later. Labs in Germany, France and Sweden, and tests by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, established that he was exposed to a Soviet-era Novichok nerve agent.

Russian authorities insisted that the doctors who treated Navalny in Siberia before he was airlifted to Germany found no traces of poison and have challenged German officials to provide proof of his poisoning. Russia refused to open a full-fledged criminal inquiry, citing a lack of evidence that Navalny was poisoned.

Last month, Navalny released the recording of a phone call he said he made to a man he described as an alleged member of a group of officers of the Federal Security Service, or FSB, who purportedly poisoned him in August and then tried to cover it up. The FSB dismissed the recording as fake.

Navalny has been a thorn in the Kremlin’s side for a decade, unusually durable in an opposition movement often demoralized by repressions. Read more: POLITICO »

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I hope Russia gets Democracy, I’m from America and these Global Issues need attention to get rid of Putin! 3000+ Send trumpers over there,see what happens to them. Dedo do Tio Sam nestas manifestações. Incrível o poder de manipulação dos EUA na direita reacionária em todo o mundo ladevita12 Quand les gvts US y mettent leur grain de sel c'est qu'il y a un gros intérêt à le faire pour eux. Navalny l'ex néonazi, qui comme en Ukraine a des néonazis en tant que supporters, a le vent en poupe Nord-américain...

Fox reports 3000+ Protest is the right of every citizen unless is not constitutional Is like the Russian government system don't want protesters how can they be arrested this are lessons to be learned Human rights, human rights...why are politicians the world over like to cling to power at all costs? WEL..I THINK IT IS ABOUT THAT MR. PUTIN BUILD NEW GULAGS IN THE FAR NORTH TO IMPRISON THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS FREE RUSSIANS VOICING THEIR OPPOSITION..

- 150 С when putin came into power, he murdered 600 russians in their sleep and blamed terrorists he also had a gray cardinal who created opposition parties, everything is orchestrated, including navalny But some US companies support violence and abuse ! Like WorldofWarships ...... and for President Putin to walk to a Church, (holding a Russian Bible) for a foto op. Fun was had by all.

Navalny was born for this moment & he knows it. 🤞🏼 This is the type of government Trump would have liked to have in the USA.....similar to the one that his good friend Putin has. FreeNavalny FreeNavalnyNow They can’t jail everyone. RussianSpring RussianAwakening RussianProtests This is what happens to a country that lets its leaders gain too much control. Correcting the problem becomes almost impossible. This is also what Trump was trying to accomplish by intimidation, lies and confusion.

Godspeed... Главный пидераст страны MAGA in Moscow. Regime change NOW!!! This is exactly the kind of justice system we would have had in America had Trump won re-election. America dodged a bullet in November. 2,500 - Actual number Isn't he even more to the right than Putin? His past statements about Muslims and Georgians are clearly racist + other far-right statements.

Boy I hope dying for the cause can hopefully bring change, my expectations are low tho