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Protesters clash with police at Paris protest against police violence

Protesters clash with police at Paris protest against police violence

11/28/2020 9:40:00 PM

Protesters clash with police at Paris protest against police violence

Hundreds of black-clad protesters clashed with police at the end of a demonstration against police violence in Paris on Saturday after masked protesters launched fireworks at police lines, put up barricades and threw stones.

( 5 images )The majority of the thousands of demonstrators marched peacefully, but small groups of masked protesters dressed in black smashed shop windows and set two cars, a motorcycle and a cafe on fire. The fires were put out quickly.Police fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowds and in early evening water cannon sprayed remaining groups of protesters on Place de la Bastille.

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The interior ministry said it had counted 46,000 protesters in Paris. Police said they had made nine arrests.Thousands of people also marched in Lille, Rennes, Strasbourg and other cities.The protests follow the publication this week of CCTV footage of the minutes-long beating of Black music producer Michel Zecler by three police officers in Paris on Nov. 21.

The incident has also fanned anger about a draft law that is seen as curbing the right of journalists to report on police brutality.The bill would make it a crime to circulate images of police officers in certain circumstances, which opponents say would limit press freedom.

Many protesters carried placards with slogans like “Who will protect us from the police”, “Stop police violence” and “Democracy bludgeoned”.The images of Zecler being beaten have circulated widely on social media and in the French and foreign press. President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday the images were shameful for France.

Four police officers are being held for questioning as part of an investigation into the beating.“What is happening in Paris is extremely worrying and we cannot let this pass. I have spent two years with the yellow vests and I have seen all the violence,” demonstrator Caroline Schatz told Reuters at the Paris march.

The journalists’ organisations and civil liberty groups who organised the marches were joined by far-left militants, environmental activists and yellow vest protesters. The yellow vests have been protesting against government policies for two years.Reporting by Tangi Salaun; Writing by Geert De Clercq; Editing by Alex Richardson, James Drummond and Frances Kerry

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No one cares. 'Poor people are watching you.' I am sure the Jews, watched the Nazis, it did not change what happened. Khmer, also... Did not change what happened. Thing is, in the US, people voted in Biden, wait until that chicken roost. The World, seems to want the worst? They write signs in English at French demos now do they?

London next. Time to turn the tide against this assault on civil liberties. France is just like England now. They let too many Muslims in How about civilian violence toward police? Paris can be a tough town with plenty of thugs to deal with and some dangerous arrondissements. I lived in France and people break the law openly all the time, taunt and attack the police--so please take a step back and see both sides!

WW3 loading 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Exactly! And, still, the leading cause of death among black males is other black males, not police violence. They don't seem to complain about that violence. We are very concerned about police violance in Paris.... And also about Human rights and freedom of speech... 😂😂 So called democratic european countries....

Il parle a qui là. The police is just following the orders of the govt . The real problem is the govt. Macron is immature and inexperienced to run govt. YvonneTelting Actually, no we’re not. Using violence to protest against violence? 🙄🤨 Yeah, it makes perfect sense France must be strict and all must follow national laws

Why is the perception of violence on the part of protesters always characterized as 'clashing' and yet violence at the hands of agents of the state (police) is 'maintaining law & order?' 'France is a country that is in crisis today' Yup, we watching. This demonstration is a shame ManifDeLaHonte By using violence? Nice.

France is the world's butthole.