Protester Sues City Of Buffalo After He Cracked His Skull When Police Shoved Him

The city and police attacked 75-year-old Martin Gugino 'most fundamental rights as an American,' said his co-counsel.

2/23/2021 7:26:00 AM

The city and police attacked 75-year-old Martin Gugino 'most fundamental rights as an American,' said his co-counsel.

By assaulting 75-year-old Martin Gugino as he peacefully protested, the city and police attacked his 'most fundamental rights as an American,' said his c...

Gugino’s lawsuit argued that the city enacted an “” week-long 8 p.m. curfew that was “selectively enforced against peaceful protesters” like Gugino. The defendants also used “unlawful and unnecessary force” against Gugino in an effort to “suppress the exercise of his constitutional rights,” the suit argued.

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“You do not havefreedom of speech unless you have freedom of protest,” Gugino’s co-counsel Melissa Wischerath said in a statement. “By assaulting Martin Gugino as he peacefully protested in Niagara Square, the City and BPD [Buffalo Police Department] attacked Martin Gugino’s most fundamental rights as an American.”

Wischerath said the suit seeks compensation for the “severe injuries Martin suffered as a result of being a victim of unlawful police violence.”Gugino’s other attorney, Richard P. Weisbeck, noted that if the “roles were reversed, and Gugino pushed a BPD officer who then fractured his skull,

he would have been immediately indicted, and for good reason.”Gugino told a local news station late last year that the police who pushed him were not “especially bad officers,” but that the “whole system is wrong. They’reall taught to do the wrong thing

. That’s the problem that needs to be fixed.”The suit names the city of Buffalo, the mayor, police commissioner, the deputy commissioner, Torgalski, McCabe and a third officer, John Losi, whom the suit claims “shoved” the defendants towards Gugino before he was “assaulted.”

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Damn right...sue their asses. gazednews What's wrong with everyone God help us! droll3 Good! lostint07245298 Good hope he takes them to the cleaners 😠 TishJames is disgusting. Seeing this video and still dismissing charges? Wow, someone’s really trying to spend all her time and effort to get trump. You are an embarrassment to my state.

He touched the police officer and gets knocked to the ground. Police officers that use excessive force or are racist, need to get off the force. Police unions are the problem they protect bad police. Accountability make police officers carry their own insurance. Taxpayers pay good. Indict the police and the City Undauntingly!

johnnylstevens1 I hope they get fried. He didn’t crack his skull after police shoved him. Police shoved him, causing his skull to crack. Work on who “owns” the action. Did an elderly man crack his own skull in a temper tantrum? The tweet’s wording won’t be there every time this article is posted... He will win. They always pay out millions but refuse to reform their police.

Good! I’m with him! He approached a squad of police officers dispatched to manage protesters. He got a little push back when approaching officers to closely. His old made him tumble back and fall. It is NOT police brutality. The very fact that many can’t distinguish between the two does not help. I hope they end up funding his great grandkids' retirements.

He was obstructing and interfering with the police operations. If he wins, it will entice many to obstruct the police provoking assault so they can sue and earn big pay. Martin said he was going to start some trouble. He didn't disappoint. Right thing to do. Normally I’m not an editor: “...after his skull was cracked open as a result of police shoving him...” Fixed.

It’s shame he fell on head.Not much of a shove though. I would expect a reaction if I was poking an officer. This is a Damn Shame. There's Something Wrong with Police Training or the People they recruit to be Police Officers. Fucked up how city tax payers pays for police misconduct. They’re not responsible so they get away with it and we end up paying for their behavior 🤬

He should get some kind of compensation. He can't get back damaged brain cells. I watched this in horror live - I couldn't believe what was happening before our eyes! Another case where a Police Department got away with Zero accountability🤬 so this is Mr. Gugino’s only recourse. The police officers we’re released of any wrongdoing and we all saw the whole thing on video! They should’ve been charged. Period. Hope he wins!

After he attacked police. Good! Just TERRIBLE thuggery! Bankrupt those fuckers he better get paid