Prosecutors May Also Charge Parents Of Michigan School Shooting Suspect

“Owning a gun means securing it properly and locking it and keeping the ammunition separate,” Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said.

Gun Violence, School Shootings

12/2/2021 7:05:00 AM

“Owning a gun means securing it properly and locking it and keeping the ammunition separate,” Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said.

“Owning a gun means securing it properly and locking it and keeping the ammunition separate,” Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said.

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Most important thing is to not tell people where it is but second amendment weirdos don’t want to take that into account. USDC_RI She’s crazy & interpreting her own laws. Is she going to charge the parents in these cases? 🤔 No when are you guys they going to charge the mother of Kyle Rittenhouse, she knew what he was doing!

Ahh yes blame the parents, not the school, not the laws hahahaha 🤣🤣💩 what a joke. These parents did the same shit every white school shooters parents do. I saw on the news that they were considering trying him as an adult. If that's the case can they still charge the parents? Sure, and if you need that weapon in case someone is breaking into your home just tell the intruder to wait while you solve the combination locks and assemble the parts.

Yes! Thank you! It is like 30 years ago parents bought their teens alcohol but as soon as they began being charged with DUI deaths it stopped. We need the same with guns. There must be accountability especially when there is death. If it’s not loaded, how do you use it for home defense? Damn straight. Time to set examples

Please charge the parents and indict.

Parents Of Michigan School Shooting Suspect May Also Be Charged: ProsecutorThe parents of the 15-year-old accused of carrying out a deadly shooting at a Michigan high school on Tuesday could also face charges for their son’s alleged crimes. how they can continue to even live in Oxford has to be in their minds. Good! Good!!

Parents should be charged. Your kid = your responsibility. Even if the gun was his, his parents shouldn't have allowed access with out supervision. 15 - He knows right from wrong but at that age, emotion overrules logic. Exactly! I wouldn't expect much from them, DO IT While it would be good not to have a gun at all, if you must the basics to protect life and prevent misuse must be implemented.

Unfortunate and sad… May? No gun, no dead kids. They are responsible as much as their son. The answer is smart guns. Nobody else can commit a crime with your gun and you don’t get swipe access until you’re 18. Good

4th student dies in Michigan school shooting as suspect is charged with murderA 17-year-old student is the fourth victim to die in a shooting at a Michigan high school as murder charges were announced against the teenage suspect. 💔💔💔💔

Good 😌 If they were forced to carry insurance against massive payouts for let's say ummm your kid taking the gun to school and killing people things would change overnight Actually this is a very good idea. Parents are responsible for their children. If a child break a neighbor’s window the parent pays for the damages. How is this situation different. Perhaps parents will actually parent their children

How does having an unloaded gun locked up protect? See? Guns are stupid. The parents should be charged with murder. The parents are guilty. It’s a horrible story for all but you are irresponsible if you buy a gun in a house where you know you have an unstable child. Parents should be charged. 😵‍💫 Absolutely!!!!

Yeah lock it up, but keep the ammo in it if its for self defense Charge them ... Arrest them ... Lock 'em up! Their son is being charged as an adult ... how many other ways have they been bad parents?

Michigan school shooting suspect charged with terrorism, murder as fourth victim diesA 17-year-old student is the fourth victim to die in a shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan as murder charges were announced against the teenage suspect.

Charge their asses and put them in prison. Marj. Here is your chance to hand out some Congressional medals. Agree. Charge the parents and every parent of a minor who uses a gun in an act of violence. Take some responsibility for your kid’s actions. Thank you. Hi rights - meet responsibility. Oh wait, I think you two may be old friends. Let’s help you get reacquainted.

2 days now of 'may' charge the parents. DO IT. We need to stop these killings. If making parents carry some of the legal responsibility for school shootings stops this violence, then do it. Good We have firearms vaults in our home and every vehicle. We're either carrying our firearm (CCW in 35 states) or it's secured in a gun vault.

Yes we need to get rid of stupid people and their poor excuses. They should be held accountable for theirs and their sons stupidity Do it!!! Make an example! Apparently the thought of their children hurting themselves or someone else isn’t enough! Maybe if they’re threatened with jail they will lock up the guns!!

From what I've heard about his mother, I bet she's proud of him now.

Michigan School Shooting Suspect Ethan Crumbley Charged With Terrorism, First-Degree MurderThe 15-year-old sophomore at Oxford high allegedly shot and killed four students

What I don't understand is some people refuse vaccines they state God is their vaccine..........why do they feel they need guns to protect them against children. One hopes 😂😂 entonces para que chingados quiere un arma, para de aqui a que encuentre la munición, el ratero ya cargó con la casa entera.🤪🤪 para pendejo no se estudia.😆

I've been saying that forever, as a supporter of the Second Amendment. A shoebox in the closet or shotgun under the bed is not proper storage of a firearm. Or use it to help the police do their job. Parents are charged if their child is a truant, but not a murderer This is the best news we've ever heard following a shooting like this. It's time to start making parents responsible. Perhaps we can still go after Kyle Rittenhouse's parents.

If you own a gun and don't know the above, then it's evident our rules /laws are at fault ! Thank you GOPers ! The owner (father) should be charged with murder as well. Time to hold gun owners responsible

Students grabbed scissors for defense and escaped out a window in deadly Michigan shooting; suspect charged with murderThe suspect in the Michigan high school shooting is being charged as an adult with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of terrorism causing death, among other charges. If only he'd used a car, he would get his sentence reduced. Arrest and charge the parents who bought him the murder weapon literally days prior. Now charge his parents.

A M E N D How many civil suits will follow? They’re done. now this gotta be making more news….LOCK YOUR GUNS UP If more parents were held accountable then maybe these horrific events will stop Excellent Do it!!! Not once Fox news said that Trump was lying to the people every damn day cmrhines Proper security of a weapon requires that 1. Weapon is cleared & locked away in a safe or gun box. 2. Ammo is locked and stored separately from weapon. 3. Both are stored out of sight and access to others, especially children. Basic questions on California’s gun safety permit.

May? Should. Do it, it was their gun. Let them rot

Michigan suspect recorded video about killing students night before shooting, officials sayAuthorities investigating a shooting that left four high school students dead in Michigan found videos on the suspect’s phone that showed him talking about

They should have been arrested immediately Good Oh no! Consequences for guns owners? Wouldn't that be unconstitutional? Egad. So, she's going to charge a child as an adult, anyway. Got it. I was actually discussing this issue today with an attorney. When a parent owns a firearm they need to also own a gun safe or a wall safe. Who is responsible for the unsecured firearm? The gun owner, the unauthorized user or both?

The Dad needs to be charged. Can they once just actually do it instead repeating the same bs over and over again… maybe if they held the parents accountable these gun nuts could stop supplying their demon spawn with ammunition NRA will change that. nice

Yes! Sounds like the Prosector is just trying to score political points 🥱🥱🥱