Prosecutors describe racist slur as Ahmaud Arbery lay dying

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An investigator testifies that one of the white men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery was heard uttering a racist slur over the young black man's body. Evidence also alleges that Arbery was repeatedly boxed in by two pickup trucks as he tried to escape.

This Thursday, May 7, 2020, file photo combo of images provided by the Glynn County Detention Center in Georgia shows Gregory McMichael, left, and his son Travis McMichael. Georgia's attorney general on Sunday asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the handling of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who authorities say died at the hands of the two men as he ran through a neighborhood.

Agent Richard Dial said the driver of the second pickup truck, William “Roddie” Bryan, said he heard the gunman say a racist epithet as he stood over Arbery’s body before police arrived.Special prosecutor Jesse Evans said Arbery “was chased, hunted down and ultimately executed.” Lawyers for the defendants and the state acknowledged in court the extraordinary context for the hearing, following a week of angry protests in the U.S. over law enforcement biases against black victims. Most wore masks when they approached the bench or when they weren’t speaking, conscious of the need to prevent spreading the coronavirus while most courts are closed due to the pandemic.

It wasn’t until May 7 that those men — Greg McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34 — were charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. The McMichaels’ arrests came two days after cellphone video of the shooting leaked online and stirred a national outcry.Bryan, 50, filmed the video. He also was arrested and charged with felony murder and illegally using a vehicle to try to confine and detain Arbery.

Defense attorneys requested the hearing to make prosecutors show whether they have probable cause to charge the men with murder.


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The issue is not just about the black lives matter, but the fact that ethnic communities all around the globe matter to all human lives, because racism in every corner of the planet in a modernised hidden form drives a well-designed institutionalised system.

There's no justification for what these two men did! May they stay in jail forever

RealCandaceO when are you doing a video apologizing for your false propaganda on this story? No new videos? Wonder why that is?

These men deserve the same fate they inflicted!! An eye for an eye

Of course

They hunted him like a dog, didn’t they?

The people at Fox News were worried this might become a “racial” issue! They realized this a bad look for a president who referred to white supremacists as “very fine people”.

“Evidence alleges”

Disgusting. Why do people this evil exist?! 💔

evidence alleges?



Christie_Ileto Lock the rednecks up throw the key away!

Fake news

This cowardess racist murder is absolutely NO different than the cowardess torturous actions Trump has & is demonstrating against Americans wi DEADLY use of a deadly contagious virus & now wi use of our own military against us. Trump should B tried 4 assault/murder/treason

Like father like son 🤷🏽‍♀️

If solidly proven, A Hate Crime should be tacked on as well. So investigate and charge them.


so sad 😪

SethAbramson Wait! A couple of homicidal racists were using racial slurs as well? Well, that tears it!!!

When r people going to realize....stay strapped all the fuckin time!!!!

may they burn in hell 🔥

Who would’ve thought 😑

Highest punishment possible.

Leeblev50045868 That doesn’t surprise anyone. We have a real problem within the USA and it’s time to make a change.

Fucking disgusting

Hate crime charges, please. NOW.

NashDaDog Human garbage. They need to be purged from society

Duh look at these two white supremacists, they deserve to spend life in jail. Can't wait until they meet their new roomies

morgfair Well, clutch my pearls!!! One of these fine fellows uttered a racial slur. I am shocked, shocked, I tell you!!

those people look like they are about to have a heart attack, and die from obesity:)


morgfair He was jogging...

Burn in hell

Can white people please explain why you hate black people so much? What did we do to you?

Hunted him like an animal WHOMEVER SAID 'dont jump to conclusions'

death penalty

Piece of 💩! I am 52 years old and I am living proof that you can get threw life w/o using any racial slurs. My gran read me a list age 2 she told me i ever said that she'd be mad at me. She was mother the first 12yrs of my life and I refuse to let her down shes been 40yrs!

SylviaZ1913 morbidly obese trump terrorists

Watch how this case goes vs Floyd. Another test of racism will b viewed. Georgia vs Minnesota

SethAbramson Oh Oh!!!

Death penalty!

FuckOffTrump5 Here a little something to ease both of your pain.

The last words Ahmaud heard before he died: “F*king N*gr” Let that sink in. Those men are racist murders. JusticeforAhmaudArbery BlueLivesMatters

Not doubting the event but it does stretch the story when you introduce hearsay evidence to point out what we already know; unless you know something we don't; in which case, what's your motive? Virtue signaling or undermining the case?

Pathetic. I hope they give both of them the chair

god they look so much more suspect than any black man i've ever seen

One look at them says a lot.

Deliverance scum.

aaronlmorrison Oh god. Awful, heartbreaking. A holes.

jbouie Probably not too cognitively impaired.

ssssoooo a lynching. he was lynched

People like this should not be circulating in the general population. They're psychopaths.

Sifill_LDF Death penalty x 2

Justice must be served

Kind of feel like doing some looting tbh

Federal Hate Crime. Enjoy that needle boys.

Это важный для меня пост

Wait what? I mean Ahmaud attacked, this was “self defense” these are good Christian men, he kept trying to run away but they HAD to make a citizens arrest, he should’ve followed simple commands, this was not racially motivated... those two men would NEVER say a word like that 🙄

We will never forget this....

Today, the NAACP and partners in civil rights and social justice are calling for a National Day of Mourning in recognition of George Floyd’s funeral. At 3:45 PM ET, the NAACP IS asking for everyone to take a moment of silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Please pass on

Put them away for life for their heinous and unforgivable crimes.

He was lynched

😢 oh shit...I hate this so much


Death penalty!

SethAbramson Planned and premeditated perhaps...?

1st degree murder for sure!Hopefully death penalty eligible.Why aren’t people talking about the 2 elderly ppl in Delaware that were hunted down/murdered in cemetery by black guy?2 ppl were visiting grave of their son.The offender exchanged gun fire with police then shot himself

southernbirdtwt So attempted kidnapping with 1st degree murder?

SethAbramson America. Or Trump. You can't pick two.

These are the faces of a dying (in)breed

Prosecute this father, son for first degree murder! It’s justified because it was pre-meditated!

DEMONS in the flesh

SethAbramson These guys used racial slurs Shocked!

SethAbramson This was literally a manhunt!

SethAbramson The monsters’ lawyers are trying to get the monsters out on bond. Which makes them all a bunch of monsters.

SethAbramson Who's surprised? Anyone?

vexwerewolf 'evidence also alleges' like the video that was released weeks ago?

Disgusting thugs

donnabrazile fry em

Give these MAGA assholes the chair.

TVRobNelson Awful

emarvelous Put them in gen pop. No protective custody. Let them get boxed in.

Tell the REAL story. We need to hear the truth. Those who have knowledge of what happened should speak up. Quit portraying Arberry as an angel and the white men as the devils. There is a real reason that is being strategically hidden to fit the political climate.

jbouie Putting this blast on repeat: THEY WERE GOING TO LET THESE ASSHOLES WALK.

First degree MURDER! Death penalty!

jbouie Very fine people 🤮

Wait, the guy who filmed it is in jail? Is there a good reason to assume he was complicit in some way?

Racism is value inculcated by upbringing.


Hope they rot.

Trump’s America

Justice must be served.

We knew what they were the moment the story broke.

Why couldn’t you just say men and man?

Proves that there was 2 or more groups of people trying to detain and lynch Ahmad Arbery. All these individuals need to be charged with premeditated 1st Degree murder charges.

Burn them alive for all I care

Until we start understanding racism as but one symptom of the AuthoritarianPersonality that's pushed our entire nation to the brink of totalitarianism in 40 yrs, we'll b fighting one war on dozens of fronts AND going totalitarian. Here, this:

All allegations no truth to it. Fan the flame fake news.

Oh, hearsay. Great evidence. Did you ever report on the young white tree surgeon who has his hand chopped off by a group of Asian men whilst they called him white scum

...and Trump is having popcorn watching his legacy unfold


The looks said it all. Typical White Supremacists.

Lock them up

I'm not a capital punishment proponent, but if that's what the jury decides, so be it. They should never be free again. AmaudArbery

Living a life of crime never ends up good

Ppl just need accountability in order to have JusticeForAhmaud BlackLivesMatter

This is the most unshocking news you'll hear today!

What I saw on the very clear video was the fitting end of a psychopath career criminal who, after casing a construction site for his next score, advanced on, assaulted, and tried to rob a man of personal property, to wit, a shotgun. He won the Darwin Award for the effort.

rot in jail

Police handled it like a shit show. I hope they hang

Lol, of course he did

And, you know... The video...

These gross pigs deserve the death penalty.

Fear white American males!


Did they get arrested? Did they get charged?

I hope they hang.

Throw them into the ocean already!

Modern day lynching.

They better stream this trial live if they know what's good.

These men need to go to jail we can’t have overzealous gun toting citizens handing out vigilante justice


I do have to wonder if the younger of these two murderers will get off as a result of no understanding of what is going on. I guess diminished capacity would apply.

I'm watching right now. Those three are DONE. Time to concentrate on the cops.

These two are even worst than DerekChauvin


Maoith breathers of Mensa society candidates?

And it took 2 MONTHS and only because of public outrage were they even charged.

If he’ll exists then these racist folks should go there to sunbathe in the fires.


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