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Prosecutor: No charges for officer in Michael Brown’s death

BREAKING: Prosecutor says no charges will be filed against former police officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, after re-investigation of 2014 shooting.

7/31/2020 12:48:00 AM

BREAKING: Prosecutor says no charges will be filed against former police officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, after re-investigation of 2014 shooting.

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — St. Louis County’s top prosecutor announced Thursday that he will not charge the former police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a dramatic decision...

July 30, 2020 GMTCLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — St. Louis County’s top prosecutor announced Thursday that he will not charge the former police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a dramatic decision that could reopen old wounds amid a renewed and intense national conversation about racial injustice and the police treatment of minorities.

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It was nearly six years ago that agrand jury declinedto indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot Brown, a Black 18-year-old. Civil rights leaders and Brown’s mother had hoped that Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell, the county’s first Black prosecutor, would reopen the case after he took office in January 2019.

ADVERTISEMENT“My heart breaks” for Michael’s parents, Bell said. “I know this is not the result they were looking for and that their pain will continue forever.”Describing the announcement as “one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do,” Bell said that after a five-month review of witness statements, forensic reports and other evidence to determine if his office could prove that Wilson committed murder or manslaughter “we cannot prove that he did,” Bell said. headtopics.com

But, he said, “our investigation does not exonerate Darren Wilson.”The August 2014 police shooting touched off months of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and made the St. Louis suburb synonymous with a national debate over police treatment of minorities. The Ferguson unrest helped solidify the national Black Lives Matter movement that began after

, a Black 17-year-old, was shot to death by a white officer in Florida in 2012.The issue has taken on new life sinceGeorge Floyd’s deathin Minneapolis in May after a white police officer pressed his knee into the handcuffed Black man’s neck for nearly eight minutes. Ferguson is among cities around the world that has seen protests since Floyd’s death.

Bell — who took office in January 2019 as a reform-minded prosecutor promising to eliminate cash bail for nonviolent offenders and to increase the use of programs that allow defendants to avoid jail time — faced no restrictions in re-examining Brown’s death for potential murder charges. Wilson was never charged and tried, so double jeopardy was not an issue. There is no statute of limitations on filing murder charges.

The shooting happened after Wilson told Brown and a friend to get out of the street as they walked down the middle of Canfield Drive on a Sunday afternoon. A scuffle between Wilson and Brown ensued, ending with the fatal shot. Wilson said Brown came at him menacingly, forcing him to fire his gun in self-defense. headtopics.com

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Brown’s body remained in the street for four hours, angering his family and nearby residents. Some people initially said Brown had his hands up in surrender when Wilson fired, although a grand jury and the U.S. Department of Justice didn’t find those accounts credible.

Bell’s predecessor, longtime prosecutor Bob McCulloch, drew considerable criticism for taking the case to a grand jury rather than charging Wilson himself. Critics also accused McCulloch of swaying the grand jury to its decision not to indict Wilson — an accusation he emphatically denied. Wilson resigned days after McCulloch’s Nov. 24, 2014, announcement that the grand jury would not indict the officer.

The Justice Department also declined to charge Wilson, but issued a scathing report citing racial bias in Ferguson’s police and courts.Bell, a former Ferguson councilman, upset McCulloch, a staunch law-and-order prosecutor, in the2018 Democratic primary

and ran unopposed that November. Within days of taking office, Bell took steps to remove three veteran assistant prosecutors, including Kathi Alizadeh, who played a role in presenting evidence to the grand jury in the Ferguson case.In his campaign to unseat McCulloch, Bell focused on larger criminal justice issues, not on McCulloch’s handling of the Wilson investigation. headtopics.com

Bell, who, like McCulloch, is the son of a police officer, said in an interview after the election that he would appoint independent special prosecutors for allegations of wrongdoing by officers. He said he would support police “200%” as long as they act appropriately. But he said officers who violate the law must be held accountable.

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Omg This is the 3rd time. Come on, it has already been determined that Michael Brown robbed a store, was on drugs, attempted to take a police officer’s gun, resisted arrest, charged a police officer. How could anyone question this shooting? If only Michael had complied with the cop. Horrific! 6 years later mutiple investigations, no evidence of wrongdoing, Obamas top cop AG Eric Holder found zero fault with Wilson, only some police department reform needed. People on this thread should read the reports instead of making up own versions. Dont try to take cops gun

This is why we really should just start burning down these police stations Omg MikeBalsamo1 Good for them and good for the police. Michael Brown was a bad guy a criminal who defied and challenged the police. A thug turned into hero by misguided guilty whites and activists blacks. They are still trying the same thing and the stupid people are still buying the bullshit

Its almost like the officer was justified when a man goes after your gun. RealDTW Ferguson know what to do Mike Brown stole cigarillos, physically assaulted the store owner, then assaulted the cop when the cop lawfully confronted him about the robbery. Mike Brown didn’t deserve to die for stealing cigarillos, but he put the cop in a tough situation.

MichaelBrown blm Justice for Michael

Federal agents to begin withdrawing from Portland, governor says: 'They have acted as an occupying force'Federal agents will withdraw from Portland after days of violent encounters with protesters, Oregon governor says Bye Who will that weak Governor blame then?

Show the video of him robbing the store before the incident in question The prosecutor said the officer could have handled it differently. So could have Brown. Then everyone’s good and the town isn’t destroyed. No surprises here. The system is working as designed. We must keep fighting. The world will turn upside down. BlackLivesMatter

Re-investigation of the Michael Brown death? Why? Young blood was a complete punk thug! When you try to grab a cop’s weapon during a physical struggle, expect bad things to happen! They happened ! Good! Jesus Christ does nobody read anything other then twitter comments ? The system is resisting. We'll keep marching and protesting. No justice, no peace.

All these virtual signals. Bastatds every last one of you. Wow, people are str8 up morons for investigating this again..mike brown assaulted a cop, tried to get his gun and was shot for it.....2 investigations cleared Wilson. Yeah we heard that several years ago.

Women charged in beating of Wisconsin state senatorProsecutors charged two women, including a high school social worker, with attacking a Wisconsin state senator during a chaotic night of violence outside the state Capitol last month. I’m sure they were “mostly peaceful” Women? Sure? na! Where’s the 2nd woman?

👮‍♀️ Mike Brown attacked the cop. Facts matter. Forensics matter. Of course not, this thing has been wrung out, turned upside and shook, nothing there. moral of the story, don't attack a cop you won't get shot. Michael Brown was charging at the officer. I believe there are race problems in our police departments across this country. I believe the majority of white people have race issues. Whether they recognize them or not. But i don't believe this officer should be charged with murder.

It's amazing that after all this time, no video was available from anyone, anywhere, showing the 'innocent' Brown *snort* being shot in the back with his hands up. What a con this BLM bullshit is. Great decision! Finally Justice in this case!!👍 Good. Now that you all have destroyed his life, just like you did Richard Jewell's life.

Michael Brown was a thug and is exactly where he belongs.

U.S. Appeals Court Will Reconsider Dismissal of Case Against Former Trump Security Adviser FlynnA federal appeals court will rehear a legal challenge to whether charges against former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn must be dropped, the latest twist in a yearslong legal drama. Put this traitor away. The rumps not having the best day🤣😂🤣

rolandsmartin No black person (except make believe black grand jury person) believes cop's story. rolandsmartin If course not. He lay in hot sun 5 hours, no medical tried. The cop took the gun home and washed it.he claimed brown grabbed the gun. Didn't make a statement for days. All witnesses said brown had hands up EXCEPT AN UNKNOWN BLACK PERSON IN GRAND JURY SAID HE RUSHED COP.. sure..

Here comes all the “police brutality” shit from a bunch of people who have never read the facts about this justified shooting. Anything else y’all wanna stir up Man report some dam news or something The guy attacked the officer first. Don’t trust narratives of the media. This sounds like a great use of tax payer dollars.

The truth is Michael Brown had had just committed a strong armed robbery, that's why the cops were called, brown was also high on drugs, he fought with the officer trying to get his gun and he got shot, no big loss. You can Google him doing the robbery, he had a long rap sheet. Hands up don’t shoot what is the biggest scam ever pulled on America when it comes to supposed to police brutality. The corrupt media and idiots like Kim Gardner help push that narrative and ruin Ferguson forever. BLM as a domestic terror organization don’t forget it.

Great use of tax money, re-investigating an open and shut case of justified use of force Yes P R O T E S T N O W.... NO J U S T I C E NO P E A C E

Most Americans support national protests over race, poll findsThe protests around racial justice, sparked by George Floyd's death at the hands of police officers in May, are resonating with most Americans. LaurenDezenski Why is always lying? Nobody supports riots or racist BLM protest. CNNisTrash AntifaBLMDomesticTerrorists 🤥 LaurenDezenski The author of this article is so biased and one sided. While there are “scattered “ instances, too funny. I noticed they didn’t ask the question do you support the arson, burglaries, assaults and other crimes committed during the protest? LaurenDezenski No, most Americans Don't! Call in the National Guard on them, but what kind of diatribe do you expect from CNN Leftist news organization

Eric Holder said there was no reason to charge him and now a 2nd prosecutor (who happens to be black as well) said the same. He broke the law and paid the price. Its sad, but its also the truth. This is actually the right call. I’m surprised so many people here don’t know the facts of the case. Sad. See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News BlackLivesMatter Ferguson MichaelBrown BLM PoliceBrutality via ground_app

This case couldn’t BE more investigated, and by unrelated individuals leading the investigation, including Eric Holder who would have loved to sink this police officer. There are many other factual police brutality/wrongful death cases, THIS ain’t one of them, not even close.. We gonna revisit this every few years?

How many times does the investigation have to fail before they realize this thug shouldn't have attacked the police. Good No surprise here. Just WS doing their thing. Paper over the cracks of their falling system. Enjoy while it lasts. FBA will have their time to shine. Believe that! Remember the law is the law. The Obama administration found the police officer, INNOCENT!!

Thank goodness! Michael Brown was up to no good. His parents should have taught him better.

The WNBA Is Wearing Breonna Taylor's Name on Jerseys. The NBA Should, Too.It's been four months since Taylor was killed by police. The officers involved in her death have yet to be arrested.

Once again, Justice prevails! Now for the loony backlash! Fucking lame Michael Brown was a thug.....now the thug is dead The officer did not do anything wrong, so there's no need to keep revisiting this. Uh, yeah bruh.... 👎 Seriously? Who pushed for this nonsense. Even Obama and Holder had to admit hands up don't shoot was a lie

It was a BS narrative to begin with. Hands up don’t shoot never happened and he tried to steal the officers gun. Let the peaceful looting begin🤣 HANDS UP DONT SHOOT WAS A LIE BROWN SLAMMED WILSONS DOOR AND REACHED FOR HIS GUN

Hundreds of cases involving LAPD officers accused of corruption now under reviewThe L.A. County District Attorney is revisiting criminal cases involving three LAPD officers charged with falsifying evidence. DA suddenly cares, briefly, when she has a tough primary. And......nothing will happen. The headline is a little bit misleading, because it's 3 officers charged with misconduct, not some larger number.

That’s cause he charged the police officer. When that happens you get shot.. common sense. Of course not! Michael Brown robbed a store, attacked the store manager, then assaulted the police officer who was stopping him for the robbery. Being a criminal has consequences. MichaelBrown So sad he is no longer with us. Seems like two investigation say the same thing.

No sh*t, 3 investigations proved the shooting was valid. As it should be. AG Holder found the same when it was investigated years ago. The punk resisted and tried to take the officers gun. He NEVER put his hands up. Ever. That was a lie. Which makes it all a lie. That fat slob tried to kill him. Duhhh Well duh. Michael Brown best the officer and tried to steal his gun. And he failed and got shot for it. He deserved it. Plain and simple

HunterJCullen No surprises there! I've said it before & I'll say it again. If you bring up Mike Brown 6 years later & you couldn't be bothered to read the 1st 8 pages of the DOJ report on him which obliterates the entire narrative around it, you deserve to be publicly humiliated MisterMike92660 Arrest this Racist Prosecutor, for being Complicit in the Murder of this Black Child!

That should calm things down. Gentle giant who chose to assault a policeman and lost Police just begging us to permanently defund them because they refuse to self-police or accept any responsibility for their PoliceBrutality. DefundThePolice NoJusticeNoPeace Hands up, don't shoot was a lie. Pass it on.

KTNV Well duh! When you attack a cop and get killed, that's your fault, youre the criminal. Not the cop protecting himself. According to eye witnesses he ran up on the cop and tried to take his gun. No justice, no peace. ✊🏼 Good. This one was 100% justified and the reason for the lie “hands up don’t shoot”.

Well no shit

Alright then, may street justice prevail. Karma is a mother fucker. Pure crap. It only took 6 years !!! Your tax dollars at work ! Okey Dokey... good. Mike Brown had it coming. And one shouldn't be. He was the instigator In this one from minute 1. Ffs. Just for the record, BlackLiveMatter NOT ONE BIT in Ferguson, Jefferson County. But we knew that. Darren Wilson & his family are trash. But we knew that too. (

Good. Michael Brown attacked the police officer that what he gets afropunk Yet they wonder why we in the streets bet Ferguson mikebrown NoJusticeNoPeace BlackLivesMatter afropunk Very very sad. That's all I got. Well, that and this:

Good, he was attacking the officer. Eye witnesses confirmed it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’d say round 2 of riots. But they never stopped. The amount of stupidity in this thread is astounding Everyone saying he should be charged should go back and read /look a the case the facts not what folks in social media repeat.

Are we gonna have burned neighborhoods again now ? You mean the 6’4” 300 lb, crackehead,violent repeat offender Michael Brown that had just jacked a 7/11 n shoved a little old man clerk and then was coming at the cop to take his gun n whip his ass That Michael Brown ? The should make a statue of him ! A true Black Hero !


Of course not Brown was a bully, and a thug who fought the law, and the law won. Obama? 🤨 Michael Brown tried to kill a cop. He got what he deserved. Burn it down The police is KKK Michael Brown violently attacked Officer Wilson in his vehicle and refused to stop, that's why he was shot. Now, we can say Ferguson PD is fucked up and people were right about that, but Brown is dead because of his own actions. Full stop. Not everything is corruption.

It was justified, you can’t take a cops gun. He was retarded for trying

SatiricalJW It's all bull shit. Why can't I attack a cop with no repercussions? It's just not fair. Why does my mom have to worry that every time I rob someone I might get shot. Yall know how ya sound? The shooting victim was in the WRONG place, for the WRONG reason, at the WRONG time. Shootings like this are a precursor to ‘The Robocop Project’.

verumserum Why would there have been? Good idea not to assault an officer and try to take his gun. It’s as if this decision had already been made by the grand jury (and Robert McCullough) based on evidence (or lack there of). Same findings as the Obama administration found. Will cnn and other outlets be sued now for slander?

No shit Sanity prevails at last.

Just more racist police officers getting away with the murder of black people. And people wonder why we want to defund the police. 😠😠😠😠😠😠 keranews Looks like we have justice now if we could have some fucking peace ! That was the start of Black LIES Matter. Remember the “hands up don’t shoot” that never happened ?

Looks like incoming riots and looting. Watch out Missouri, the 'peaceful protestors' are on their way to burn everything down. oh boy, more rioting and looting. Clearly a justified shooting. Smh at the racists saying otherwise. BLM is truely a celebration of thugs. Because Wilson did everything right and Mike Brown did everything wrong.

according to the obama administration it was justified ChuckRossDC Riots will commence shortly ... BS Police guy should have been given a medal. He put down a violent drug-addict robber who robbed an honest hardworking shop owner. This is probably the wrong time for that ruling... Reignite the racism thing! Hurry we need to keep the people fighting and miserable so Trump will be voted out. These people are criminals. Wake up America!!

KTNV Judging by the comments. It's obvious social media and the age of misinformation, anyone can find a tether to whatever it is they want to believe. This country is so screwed. There's definitely no shortage of morons in this world. At this point this is just a set up. They really want to keep the protests therefore covid to keep going up until election day🤦🏽‍♂️

This is why people are on the streets across America

Oh shit. Here we go. No justice, no peace Oh boy. Time to riot. People need new tv’s Enjoy those protests.. How are those protests working out? 😆 SO SAD WHYYY BlueLivesMatters good for him! when do the fires and looting start? NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE! SayTheirNames BLM NoJusticeNoPeace justiceforMichaelBrown ferguson

So, more riots then? Super. ChuckRossDC MichaelBrown was a thug Hands up don’t shoot-a lie He assaulted the officer attempted to take his gun DNA and forensic evidence confirmed The Obama led justice dpt reviewed the case. Justified shooting. Suggest reading before tweeting rolandsmartin why would anyone trust a DA prosecutor that work with cops everyday to really go after a cop.. Its backward thinking .. they are all crooked and it is two different justice systems..

Another neo nazi police officer gets away with murder. KTNV ACAB ACAB ACAB ACAB!!!!! Cant just create a crime because u r black Duh. The only crime committed was by Brown. Read the DOJ report in 2015. Michael Brown was shot at close range attempting to disarm Darren Wilson. Forensic evidence proves this to be true. Hands up don’t shoot was a lie.

Michael Brown was a thug, good riddance...thanks officer! Ferguson's new black Prosecutor reviews case: No charges for officer in Michael Brown’s death Hands Up Don't Shoot NEVER HAPPENED, it is a BlackLivesMatter LIE Ferguson MichaelBrown

I appreciate how ’s original article said Trayvon Martin was shot by a white officer, when it was a Hispanic citizen. MidwinCharles White supremacy investigated itself once again and found no wrong doing I think this was direct decision. I watched this video's time and time again then with the discrepancies by witnesses involved, there is really no other reasonable conclusion.

Really? This is the freaking problem. Brown got what he deserved. Don’t try and take an officer’s gun. It’s not rocket science. 👍🏾 ChuckRossDC And had anyone actually paid attention to the trial this wouldn’t come as a surprise. IDK has something to do with facts. 💆🏼‍♂️ No duh, so the false “hands up don’t shoot” narrative can be put to bed.

Brown was a thug who attacked the officer. Grabbed his gun causing it to fire and then Brown charged at the officer again. Brown became a cult hero and the officer lost his job. BS totally unfair! Is this a McConnell appointee that has been told to get the masses out protesting so Barr & trump can send in secret police

You left out a few facts AP-SJW. Like Brown, fresh off committing a robbery, attacked and tried to disarm the officer. The small details. rolandsmartin Are we surprised that systemic racism continues? Not at all the Obama Justice Department had already done a full investigation and if the Obama administration couldn't find anything to charge the cop with, why the need for yet another investigation?

QUe rioters what exactly was there to re investigate . what a waste of time and money The Brown case is one that seems to have been justified. I say that as an ally to BLM. Here comes the BLMDomesticTerrorists Good. Brown attacked the officer. Demorats & MSM push fabricated stories to dissolve facts and create separation. Ferguson was always a lie and “hands up” was always a lie.

ChuckRossDC How is it possible that a cop who shoots someone in the back as they are running away could possibly be acting in self-defense? Here comes another riot. JFC!! It took 6 years to say an innocent man, is innocent ☹ No such thing as a good cop, they all protect their own If he is not charged with a crime - shouldn’t it be “allegedly killed”?

FASCIST POLICE STATE I am as unsurprised as I was on my surprise bday party some years ago. They just don't seem to be learning from their 'mistakes'. Cue BLM protests. go.

So Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder got it correct? Same result. Justified shooting. We need to stop treating Brown like some saintly figure. Oh, and the whole “hands up don’t shoot” thing never happened either. I'm not shocked at all. But I still don't understand how a cop can shoot someone 6 times and they're just standing in the street not pointing a gun or charging with a knife or car. Mike Brown had NOTHING! 6 times!!

Michael Brown was a criminal. Huh Thank you for reporting this! Here we go...... ChuckRossDC The process is the punishment. They already knew he had done no wrong. ChuckRossDC The science is pretty clear in this case. “Hands up don’t shoot” was a 100% lie. More protests and police brutality against protesters.

Let the riots begin again! Wouldn’t it be important to label the robber / felon in the headline too. This “black life” committed a robbery and was feloniously assaulting someone who was trying to protect ALL lives from HIM. That’s why there are no charges - not because of his skin color. Queue the riots.

Officer didn’t do anything wrong. Media just gaslighted a radical, stupid audience into thinking that he did. Good! Of course charges won’t be filed because the police officer was totally in the right. He should be the one getting money instead of Michael Brown’s family. The fact that a false narrative has been put out regarding this case is ridiculous. Michael Brown was a thug.

this is disgusting LOL. Hands up don’t shoot doesn’t apply here I guess. Facepalm to all the idiots claiming that in this case. So hands up don’t shoot is legit, correct? Seems legit

Things will never change. The Blue Mafia will continue to murder people at their pleasure Not to worry, this too shall pass. The cop will question for the rest of his life, is this the day. Beat that dead horse!!!! The right decision. Good. No officer should go to jail for doing their job properly. Brown reached for his gun and got himself killed. I hope the officer gets a large cash settlement for all his troubles.