Vol 56 Issue 22, Government, Protest

Vol 56 Issue 22, Government

Pros And Cons Of Curfew Laws

Pros And Cons Of Curfew Laws

6/5/2020 10:03:00 PM

Pros And Cons Of Curfew Laws

Cities around the country have implemented curfew laws in response to the ongoing protests over the police killing of George Floyd, with the measures receiving support and backlash. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of curfew laws.\n

The Onionlooks at the pros and cons of curfew laws.AdvertisementPROAllows police to escalate situations without needing to be creativeGet to spend time in more parts of city while being trapped by police on street or bridgeAdvertisementHome in time to watch

Perspective | Trump got his crowd and his fireworks, and peddled his fiction After he shot and killed an unarmed teen driver, a Kansas police officer was paid a $70,000 severance At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war

NCIS: New Orleans7 p.m. an ungodly hour to be deeply concerned about fate of democracy and equal justiceAdvertisementCurfews inherently give preferential treatment to morning peopleCould irreparably damage the Fourth Meal industryMakes it dangerous for people who need to get to their jobs as paid protesters

Forces protesters who don’t think systemic racism has been solved yet into a real pickle Read more: The Onion »

boris3324 Not the right time, Onion. Ya'll really gonna spread dangerous conspiracy theory shit like this? 🤡 Rioting is dangerous work Please change your image specs so that they don’t get cut 🙏🏻 everyone criticizes the Soros-Industrial-Complex, but they never provide a constructive alternative. 'CON Curfews inherently give preferential treatment to morning people' 😆

Everyone is still waiting for their Soros bucks. It's like he doesn't even care! Guys did Soros change his number I can't get the direct deposit to work Hahaha. Now that’s funny! Everyone forgets about our poor, paid protesters. EssentialWorkers We don’t need them. The looters don’t abide by them anyhow. Regular people In big cities aren’t going out late at night these days.

Con: Bill de Blasio gets to scream at every one of us worthless, hippie maggots in the squad car. Save fourth meal! We deserve fifth meal at that! I love The Onion so much. When an Onion headline doesn’t tell you everything about the article, you know you’re in for something good I love this They don't miss

Why would I care about some random country's laws?

Fauci weighs the pros and cons of reopening schools this fall amid Covid-19Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he believes it's a 'bit of a reach' to keep schools closed in the fall because of coronavirus safety concerns for children. But...isn't he mister 'wave two is coming and may be worse than wave one'? I'm not saying it's a for-sure, but I'm not sure how the Wave2 theory dovetails with this comment. Isn't he the guy back when we had a pandemic?

After more officers charged, a fragile peace falls over George Floyd protestsSome cities are crediting curfews with curtailing the looting and violence seen earlier in the week, but in Brooklyn, New York, officers clashed with protesters shortly after Wednesday's curfew began. I want to crack realdonaldtrump – you know the moment when his denial finally gives way to reality and he breaks down and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. We can't be that far from it! LetsCrackTrumpNow! Where in the hell did you get that from Follow TheNAJournal for non-partisan news. No opinion... just the news.

Confusion abounds over L.A. County curfew; officials, sheriff differ on when curfew beginsLos Angeles County announced Wednesday's curfew would begin at 9 p.m., but county Sheriff Alex Villanueva said his department wouldn't begin enforcement until 10 p.m. Villanueva should resign. These curfews are illegal, fyi. I'll just keep saying it and wait for the ACLU to prove it because it's true. These people are scrambling to keep their job MayorOfLA LAPDChiefMoore LACoSheriff

Hong Kong outlaws insulting China’s national anthemThose found guilty of intentionally abusing the anthem face up to three years in prison and fines of up to 50,000 Hong Kong dollars ($6,450). Welcome to China And this is the system liberals want here.

Hong Kong outlaws mocking China's national anthem on Tiananmen Square anniversaryAfter last month's national security law from Beijing, pro-democracy lawmakers fear the anthem bill is a further encroachment by the mainland.

Curfews Leave Restaurant Workers Confused and at RiskFor food service employees, citywide curfews are causing new problems. Been enraging Curfew chaos