Business, Vol 51 Issue 11

Business, Vol 51 Issue 11

Progressive Company Pays Both Men And Women 78% Of What They Should Be Earning

Progressive Company Pays Both Men And Women 78% Of What They Should Be Earning

5/27/2020 5:54:00 AM

Progressive Company Pays Both Men And Women 78% Of What They Should Be Earning

SEATTLE—Stressing the importance of treating all its staff members equally, progressive technology firm Northstar Solutions described to reporters Wednesday its strict policy of paying both male and female workers 78 percent of what they should be earning. “At Northstar, we’ve always believed that employees who contribute the same level of hard work for the same duties should earn the same meager fraction of a reasonable wage, regardless of whether they’re men or women,” said the company’s founder and CEO, Jack Stargell, who noted that every staff member’s compensation package was routinely reviewed to ensure that personnel with comparable experience and job responsibilities were being equivalently underpaid. “Sex is simply not a determining factor in how we view our workers; they’re all disposable quantities to us that deserve an identical amount of disrespect and lack of recognition. No exceptions.” While noting that these gender-equal practices were unorthodox, Stargell added that the company was already seeing clear benefits to its bottom line.

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That's progress!I'm sure other companies will follow suit! and 👏that’s 👏on 👏equality👏 thomasgdocs Back when I was running the school newspaper, I only payed people 10% of what they were earning. This is still extremely biased Progressive They’re outing you Nevertheless, he persisted. Send their jobs to China and the company can save another 64%.

Harsh but fair 😂😂 corybarlog Imagine this Makes sense when five people are doing one person's job. It’s like affirmative action! That is not funny in some parts of the world They finally cracked the code. I just got laid off from a job like that so, any retail job? No gender pay gap today 😤 💯 Yeah? How much does it pay for eggs?

Oh my fucking god this is good I wish I made that much! Also called Amazon Prim. They pay so well. Places like Walmart and McDonalds won't even pay people half of what they should be making. Money makes no sense. It really is time to screw all our workers equally Its not a company, its New York State. TYT Women wanted equal pay didn’t they?

corybarlog A+ headline progressive company treats all their wageslaves equally badly Chaotic equaly Well, finally! Don’t work at Progressive. They kick dogs McDonald's? Equal but unfair The company name: Progressive AF

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Joni Ernst: This Memorial Day, proudly say of our daughters, 'she should serve''The men and women of our military serve this nation selflessly at home and abroad. Women especially should answer the call to service,' says joniernst in usatodayopinion joniernst usatodayopinion lol good luck with that joniernst usatodayopinion Free coffee and doughnuts joniernst usatodayopinion Joni needs to work on her grammar. ‘Having served in the Army Reserves and National Guard for more than 23 years combined, the men and women of our armed forces hold a special place in my heart.’ This would cause a HS English teacher to have a seizure.

Disgusted Loose Women slam TV show where men compete to impregnate a womanThe Loose Women panelists were discussing a new TV show that aired in the United States where a woman aims to get pregnant with a stranger

Hertz Paid Out $16 Million in Bonuses, Days Before BankruptcyCar-rental company Hertz paid more than $16 million in retention bonuses to senior managers, including its new chief executive, just days before it filed for bankruptcy Friday night That is vulgar. Reward for making it bankrupt 🤔 Claw-back incoming.

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to paying bribe for daughter's admission to GeorgetownRobert Repella, a former biotech executive, could get 10 months behind bars for the scheme. --- I Sure Wish As Much Attention Was Directed At Lobbyists Who Bribe Politicians So what , I would do the same if I had the money for my children , what loving parents wouldn't Next time just make a HUGE donation to the school buying admission that way. Worked for Trump and Kushner.

White woman fired after calling NYPD on black man who asked her to leash dog in Central ParkBREAKING: A white woman who called police alleging that a black man was threatening her in Central Park after he asked her to put her dog on a leash has been fired from her job. Choices have consequences The Branch Covidians are gonna start a damn go fund me and she’ll be able to retire just like that Karen hairstylist in Texas. Good! Nasty bitch 😡