Prince William Says Racism Is an “All Too Familiar Experience” for Black People in Britain Today

Prince William Says Racism Is an “All Too Familiar Experience” For Black People in Britain Today

6/22/2022 6:17:00 PM

Prince William Says Racism Is an “All Too Familiar Experience” For Black People in Britain Today

He said his controversial royal tour of the Caribbean helped him reflect on 'how the past weighs heavily on the present.'

He added that these migrants have enriched Britain's culture in immeasurable ways."This is something that resonated with Catherine and me after our visit to the Caribbean earlier this year," he said."Our trip was an opportunity to reflect, and we learnt so much. Not just about the different issues that matter most to the people of the region, but also how the past weighs heavily on the present."

, which saw many legal residents from the Caribbean wrongly detained or deported by the U.K. government.Prince William and Duchess Kate pose next to the National Windrush Monument at Waterloo Station accompanied by Baroness Floella Benjamin, Windrush passengers Alford Gardner and John Richards, and children.

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princewilliamisaracist scobie LIKE yourSIL? scobie Says the biggest perpetrator of racism.🤨🙄 I thought this was an actual parody statement. KensingtonRoyal took an active part in promoting racism towards his Black sister-in-law. He didn't write that speech but was forced to say those words scobie In.KensingtonRoyal lousy 40 and 40+ lives pray tell what tangible, measurable, finite, OK, minute thing that could ease racism can any objective UK Journalist, the UK Press at large can site were orchestrated, engineered, conducted to ease the All Too Familiar Experience by Wm⁉

scobie This tool is gaslighting! He is ACTIVELY and LAVISHLY benefitting from the results of colonialism, slavery Can speak out about racism for sports and Windrush but never ONCE for his SIL - which HE supported! He is a despicable piece of thrash that Harpers keeps platforming! scobie They choose to live there tho. The racists must be named & shamed

Both himself & K obviously just read whats put in front of them by their enept pr team (badly) without making any effort to understand the reason they are there or what it's about. Neither seem to be very bright or genuinely interested scobie As it is in every country, unfortunately. America is extremely bad

scobie What does he do? hypocratic or hypocritical oath scobie So is he saying his treatment of Meghan & Harry wasn’t fueled by racism of Meghan, but instead his pure jealousy of them🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐

Prince William Is a 'Gentle Soul' Like Princess Diana Was, Astrologer SaysIris Goldsztajn is a London-based journalist, editor and author. She is the morning editor at Marie Claire, and her work has appeared in the likes of InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Bustle and Shape. Iris writes about everything from celebrity news and relationship advice to the pitfalls of diet culture and the joys of exercise. She has many opinions on Harry Styles, and can typically be found eating her body weight in cheap chocolate. Except for the whisper media campaign he ordered against Meghan Markle when Harry got engaged to her. But that was driving a mixed race woman to suicide, so it doesn't count as cruelty to him.

PrinceWilliam said: 'we are very much not a racist family' 1. But, but, but how dark will the baby's skin be🤔 2. Colluded with the BM to chase his biracial SiL out of the UK 3. Helped the Daily Mail against Meghan The list is long, most people know princewilliamisaracist scobie William knows all about the problem since he’s one of the leaders of the pack.

This a damn joke right it has to be I'm just taking this as a damn joke🙏 Cringe. No journalists of color were invited, and with the way he and his staff have smeared Meghan in the media, he has no grounds to talk about racism. Oh, and Kensington Palace won't release its diversity figures. scobie It's nothing compared to what it was in the big cities in the early '60s. It was overt & could be dealt with, but Anti racist laws have worsened the problem by driving it underground. Things like BLM are just provocative and create even more unrest.

scobie One word - Hypocrite!!!! scobie Yes, like William Sister in law. Seriously have no time for this family PR machine scobie Except in his family, we know there is no racism there according to KensingtonRoyal. scobie I guess William should know first hand, because he dealt it on his sister-in-law!

Prince William Is Reportedly 'Protective' of Kate Middleton as Royal Sources Discredit Cheating RumorsPrince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly doing better than ever after discrediting rumors of infidelity. You mean lying about it like they do Meghan and Harry. Oh, I got you. She will be the Queen one day, she has to forgive and move on! She will deal with a lifetime of cheating…she does not care as long as she is the Queen. She has boyfriends I am sure!

William Sit your butt down!! Speech corrects wrongs? HB complicit tell Billy. Facta Non Verba! Actions not Words. Statue assuage UR guilt, does nothing to right the wrong? Billy and Kate UR silence to RR did wrong to H&M N remember CW service and the cut direct in front of world? Says It all. Hypocrite!

...Genesis 4: 1-13 symbolizes people's unwillingness to accept responsibility for the welfare of their fellows — The guy who disowned Archie when he was born and said nothing when that baby was compared to a chimpanzee ? This guy? scobie Amazing speech from future Monarch. This escalated quickly. The author should have led with a warning ⚠️! This is incredibly insensitive and I believe “tone deaf” has been used before? Unreal!!!

scobie Bravo William! scobie Tsk tsk like he ever cared about the racism thrown at his SIL. Charity starts at home. He and Cruella are such hypocrites. Go away! princewilliamisaracist PrinceWilliamisaBully RoyalFamilyLied IBelieveMeghan HarryandMeghan ServiceisUniversal God help us💀 Ahem…… Wills it starts with you and your family, so shut up

All of the royal family's sweet birthday tributes to Prince WilliamThe future king turns the big 4-0 today!

scobie A very strong & powerful speech. Lovely to see the memorial unveiled. The artist has done a wonderful job. He did not see his nephew and niece during their resent visit to the UK. Why, because he hates their biracial mother. Dude please! All too familiar from your household to your sister-in-law. Hypocrite!

I honestly did not realise how angry this would make me! 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 scobie Crocodile tears PrinceWilliam WindrushDay2022 WindrushDay scobie How ironic that as soon as Megan's investigation is over William is apologizing. I hope he call Megan and apologize Btw scobie, Megain and clown Harry have NO talent justbact victim and critize others

Btw scobie stick to Megain and Cliwn Harry. Royals are NOT racist Megain used the card and played victim for her own benefit $$$$. Ridiculous scobie Stunt

Prince William Celebrates His Milestone Birthday With Help From The Royal FamilyThe Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 40th birthday back in January.

I’d say William knows a lot about Black people’s experience of racism in the UK. Afterall, he & wife, mumbles, have organized and orchestrated a vicious & sustained racist campaign of hate aimed at obliterating his brother’s mixed race wife and children. princewilliamisaracist. William 'Africans have too many babies ' Windsor? The one cosplaying colonialism on tour? The same who refuses to show his diversity hiring? ..., the one who tried to send his sister in law to Africa?...that William? Sure.

scobie William never stood up for his brother, wife or new nephew in relation to even the published chimp photo. He’s missed the stand up against racism boat by several years. Every POC felt Meghan’s pain with the racist BM. Charles hasn’t stood up for them either. This has nothing to do with the Meghan, she's not black! And if, she's trying to erase desperately every piece of her mother's genes...

WOW. Just slap Meghan in the face. What i heard was he is letting the world know that he is familiar of being racist to his sister in law! scobie He would know all about that experience. Sadly, his family made sure Meghan knew about it too. scobie Maybe if he sat down with his biracial SIL and discussed how she was treated by the British media and the British establishment, he’d have an even better understanding of the black experience in the UK. There’s no sincerity or substance behind his words. It’s just words.

scobie Are u kidding me?! Ur d one of d best poster boy of the highest level of hypocrisy. Remember ur sister in law before u talked about this topic 😡😡😡 scobie

Kate Middleton and Prince William Are 'The World's Most Glamorous Royal Couple' Right Now: ExpertIris Goldsztajn is a London-based journalist, editor and author. She is the morning editor at Marie Claire, and her work has appeared in the likes of InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Bustle and Shape. Iris writes about everything from celebrity news and relationship advice to the pitfalls of diet culture and the joys of exercise. She has many opinions on Harry Styles, and can typically be found eating her body weight in cheap chocolate. They are an amazing couple! Could you please start referring to the Duchess by her proper name? LouLouLa10 I’d definitely agree with that

scobie scobie Please listen to him because he knows first hand…his own sister in law left because of the racism. He never once helped her, in-fact he helped the media that continues to bully til this day. princewilliamisaracist PrinceWilliamisaBully RoyalFamilyLied WindrushDay2022 This man thinks he’s smart. Someone should tell him to get a job and stop enjoying his life with the residual income from black folks hard work. The audacity of this man. He’s still living his best life on the back of black folks. He thinks we forgot how he treated Harry’s wife.

What about Meghan? This is all smokes and mirror and he does not care. He needs to fix the root problem in his family. Whatever happened to the diversity czar they were going to hire? 😂😂😂 RoyalFamilyLied Spare us the Hypocrisy Wilileaks. As long as his Family members are Qwhite Right! Didbt he demand Africans should stop having kids? Insisted the Asian Uber Driver is Frisk at the Palace Gates Ran a Smear Campaign against his Biracial SIL where she lost her Unborn child ?

He’d know, right? MeghanMarkle He just needs to 🤫 and take the L! PrinceWilliamisRacist PrinceWilliamisaBully Then why didn’t PW help Meghan?

Prince William: I want to raise my children like my mom, Princess Diana, raised meThe Duke of Cambridge opens up about his mother's influence on him in a new essay for The Big Issue, a newspaper that supports people who are homeless. 🧡 That is what made America great What a load of bs your bringing you kids up like your father too be a hypercrite same as you and your wide.Horrible man.

He should know! princewilliamisaracist Guess he would know since he constantly attacks his Black SIL☹️ This is performative & empty. Until he publicly apologizes for his own actions toward his biracial sister in law (siccing Jason Knauf on her MoS case to attempt to derail it) & other offenses, these speeches will continue to fall flat. And tell his wife to stop cosplaying M.

Didn't he say that he was 'bored of racism' He needs to stop using Black people as props. Period. Oh my. Given the way he treated his sister-in-law, the wife of the brother he claims to love (obsessed with), then he really shouldn't be talking. Willy should know. He was front and center in initiating and perpetuating hatred and racism towards his brother's wife. What a two face hypocrite he is.

His new PR man is working real hard but he should start with acknowledging the mess he made with his own brothers wife he clearly can’t see his part in the racist actions scobie SMH.... After what they did to MeghanandHarry now he knows? When he's ready to talk about racism his sister in-law faces from himself then talk otherwise,shut up.😤

Hypocrisy at its best…

scobie Oh yes? Huh... How can he relate? aah... yes, he HAD a black SIL, whom he persecuted dido for 5 yrs till now. Tried to unalive her whilst pregnant with his nephew, in that country. He's already responsible for the their miscarriage. Note to all the cult of markle members on this thread the world don’t revolve around her gtfoh not everything is about her.

scobie Little too late PrinceWilliam WindrushDay2022 WindrushDay Typical bit of clumsy PR, carefully written to assuage the nightmare disaster of the Caribbean tour. Unfortunately stuff like👇🏾 'Diversity is what makes us strong, it is what reflects the modern, outward-looking values that are so important to our country' ...just takes the piss

He should know his sil been through it because of him It's familiar to him b/c he's the perpetrator! princewilliamisaracist PrinceWilliamisaBully Why is he speaking about by the black person’s experience scobie We smart Black people want an APOLOGY from Bulliam & KKKate for their RAcism & hatred shown to Duchess Meghan & her Bi-Racial Children!

scobie That rac ist 🤡need to have a seat. He's not fooling anyone. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. SitDown

Of course he does because he is the perpetrator PrinceWilliamIsARacist Yes he know it bc he practices it, the whole institution he is part of & leading is sustained by racism. At least for once in his life he has come close to speaking the truth. This is PrinceWilliamisaBully PrinceWilliamisRacist princewilliamisracist 👇👇 RacistToyalFamily

scobie Where was that learning when someone of colour married into the RF 🤔🤔🤔 and when POC are continually being miss treated for just being people of colour. Action speak more loudly than PR speeches scobie Yes, he made it an ‘all too familiar experience’ for Meghan and drove her out of the royal family. Now trying to PR his way his was out of princewilliamisaracist

scobie And is anyone saying well, he should know, because he's a prime public example of it. Says the all white Prince. Well, if a prince of the royal blood says so, then it must be true! meghan Prince William your family is a racism. So stop talking doy princewilliamisaracist scobie He’s 89% of that experience.

scobie scobie It was only After the disastrous Caribbean trip that he & K claim they reflected on race issues & 'learnt a lot', therefore admitting up till then he & she (both aged 40 & having had the best education money can buy) were uninformed on colonialism & racism. Whose buying that? WELL HE WOULD KNOW!......

The Palace will not release the report on bullying because they discovered the whole plot between William, Kate, Jason Knauf and Simon Case along with the tabloids to destroy Meghan's character in front of the public.RoyalFamilyAreBullies Windrush WindrushDay RoyalFamilyLied He should know... he's Bla... Oh...wait.🙄

Lies and Lies and Lies. We Won't Forget how he Treated Meghan and Archie using his Flunkies The Royal Rota Dailymail, Express & Jason Knauf. Nobody Believes a Thing William says. He doesn't believe that crap he preaching either. He a Fake Ass Liar The same racism MeghanMarkle , experienced from you PrinceWilliam, your wife Kate, the rest of the RoyalsFamily, and the U.K. media. Stop the gaslighting William. You wouldn’t even call out the racism your nephew ArchieHarrisonMountbattenWindsor experienced.

Prince William co-opted an event that has nothing to do w/him to launder his reputation. His embracing diversity in families line was rich. It’s time to point out blatant hypocrisies and clear discriminatory gaslighting by Britain’s RF. chelseansanchez WindrushDay2022 CBS CBC scobie Can't even bring himself to hire non-white people at KKKensington palace.

Forgot this one: Slaves will still believe this racist man RoyalFamily RoyalFamilyLied scobie I thought he said they weren't racist Man in the mirror comes to mind scobie I really want to hear less from him because everytime he opens his mouth an angel loses his wing! 😏🙄 PS. Stop act like a king, you are not one yet! ✔️😫

PrinceWilliam did not address the racism he portray towards his biracial sister in law and nephew. He called her that ‘blooded woman and help the tabloid to demonize her. Until he addressed the racism in his family he will be seeing as a hypocrite Yeah , the sole black person in his family, his SIL suffered racism at the hands of him, his wife, and their cronies. E should start with an apology to her, publicly. thats What matters most, not this lip service

princewilliamisaracist performative bs Like what his sister-in-law experienced by his own family?