Europe, Prince Harry Says İnstitutional Racism İs 'Endemic' İn Society - Cnn

Europe, Prince Harry Says İnstitutional Racism İs 'Endemic' İn Society - Cnn

Prince Harry says institutional racism is 'endemic' in society

Prince Harry has said that institutional racism is 'endemic' in society and apologized that not enough has been done to combat it.

7/5/2020 4:00:00 AM

'I, too, am sorry. Sorry that we haven't got the world to the place that you deserve it to be.' Prince Harry has said that institutional racism is 'endemic' in society and apologized that not enough has been done to combat it.

Prince Harry has said that institutional racism is 'endemic' in society and apologized that not enough has been done to combat it.

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The guy who wears nazi uniforms will finally end racism CNN is the enemy of the people! Institutional racism? Sounds like there’s plenty of examples since y’all push this narrative. Since that is the case you could probably rattle off 15-20 different examples. Let’s start with just 1. Help us all understand so we can join in the fight to eradicate it.

Ha ha ha ha haaaa... wow, I bet his wife made him say all that crap. Says this product of the privileged system. The monarchy is past its sell-by date. Just a distasteful relic of a country’s shameful imperialist and colonial past. Sorry for dressing as a Nazi or using racist language? Be specific. Harry is no longer a prince.

The man is not wrong. Too big of a word for trump supporters One of them was a manhandly rapist. And IF my son shot him. Out country is better off Well we collsaped Webb Roofing Company because Lady Catherine hated Iran. Excuse. Me. Alot of fish in the sea. But ya can't fish in a well. Harry you have abdicated any influence you thought you had after you dropped out. You are no longer royals as you wished, shut up and go away, yesterdays news

Missing person hotline was called my son a 27 year old man s man w/ a master degree in construction management. He now has Covid 19. He just moved got busy did not have time whatever David and Sandra Edwards purchased an RV. So what? Good old fashion shot? What are you talking about? Read your history in detail!

Oh that’s his defense to the child molestation charges. Do we really care what he says? Really Harry! Why haven’t all you royals and politicians from decades past been able to show us the way? What a waste of years accomplishing nothing! Well, He has his cold blooded granny to blame Shakespeare Look to Prince Harry for reality🤔FakeNews CNNFakeNews

So sad the Dem incited riots have led to so many deaths of innocents Well he was the institution... Grow up lad. The bandwagon has moved on Harry you have to realize and face facts on who and what the Fake News is and does and covers up, then you will have a real Impression of the USA. I applaud him Why everyone so angry Time to heal

Seen on FB - can anyone confirm content I’m MUCH more optimistic!! Melting pot ) Harry should be back home in Britain where he could have made a real impact/ change with William. Another stupid brainwashed by the BBC and the evil SPLC ....being royal does not mean being smart or clever or erudite or simply have the reason...

I though they quit the 'royal' life. So I guess it's harry. No wonder the royal family let him out - he's a POS. manupprince Is he the one tied to Epstein? Or his brother? Ginger bastard 🤡🤡🤡 princeharryh Who cares what he has to say! And besides I thought the title of Prince was taken away from him because they wanted to live a normal life!

Abolish the British crown, they serve no purpose. Damn imagine if we had leadership like that here in America. Instead we have Donnie golf bags What an enormous puss Well.... Let's start with Prince Andrew in the can. We all know about Prince Albert in the can and I think we need some open discussions before Ghislaine is permanently silenced.

the irony at the end of the day, is we've recently seen countless cases of institutional racism against white people in an attempts to counter balance the alleged institutional racism against black people. Like fighting fire with fire, or hatred with more hatred. You are so wonderful with your words that it is the humanity that you carry in your kind heart, brave prince

From a people who still think the Irish are subhuman and should be servants to the crown....f$&k harry and the horse he rode in on ! This coming from a family that wastes millions of Dollars a year instead of taking care of England's most vulnerable citizens. You are so unstable for your child, love him, before you preach to the world.

Interestingly he chose to come to America - apparently the great evil in the world. Were no other former UK colonies available? Sierra Leone, Rwanda, or even Egypt perhaps. Shut up go back to England you have no say so here. You are illegal here. Moron I just found a great place for freelancers! Check it out: Whether you are a graphic designer, marketer or virtual assistant, it’s free to search and list your services (unlimited).

The royal family is half the reason for racism in the world this coming from the uk which in slaved most of africa with their colonies the same uk we fought for our own freedom Does he get paid to say things yet? Which society are you speaking of. U.K. or U.S.? You never spoke of problem's of racism, until you got involved with Meghan; maybe you could work on making the world a better place, by examining your own self, your heart, and take a counselling class, for your babie's sake.

Now go clean yourself up! Any news of Andrew? I give his marriage 2 more years-tops! What exactly is this “systemic racism”? How come a lot of us don’t know about this? What does Garry know living as a prince? They milked Canada for what they could get and when the Taxpayers said enough, they packed up and moved to someone else's mansion in the US..They footed us the security bill..Some privilege you have there. Rent a two bedroom apt and we'll maybe believe you are serious..

Lmao Are you sure its not systemic environmental economic racism? CNN CHINESE NEWS NETWORK Class act. I'd agree historic systemic racism existed, but it largely does not exist today. Get to work, Harry... Judging by how the British press treated his wife I'm not surprised he sees it from a different viewpoint now.

'Not enough has been done'? You living, breathing embodiment of privilege and racism speaking passively as if others should do more to fix the problems YOUR family has contributed greatly to. Tell him bring his pedo family member to the fbi that would be justice. Prince Andrew is a pedo and needs to be jailed

Prince Harry wore a Nazi costume ...... Just saying What an arse. A man without a country. 😴💤 I don't feel sorry for these Royals. Another bandwagon virtue signaler! make the world better for archie harry Then give up your excess wealth Harry. Along with Meg. Until then, it is just virtue signaling words.

And why do we care what prince harry says? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ahh, the sweet sound of passive racism whereby the privileged white dude believes it's only people like him who could have 'got the world to the place that you deserve to be'. Nobody gives a fuck what Prince Harry thinks Obidenshit says b's obidenshit

Prince Harry thank you for your kindness. You are a beacon of light in the darkness. This is true. The crown bending the knee to fascist BLM. What was this guy going to do? Parade around in Nazi uniforms and pray for rain. 🤣🤣🤣 coming from a prince.... If you look closely, you can see his vagina. This guy is a pedophile

*yawn* *YAWN* How about your Uncle? Should be in jail! Where’s your comments about what he did? He is right. He knows it first hand. His family is part of the problem and they cannot stand that he brought a black intelligent woman inside the circle. We need all the good people. This is evil vs. Good and he is part of the good by speaking up and acting on it.

Days someone who just raced it crown for a straight-up hoe Prince Charles beautiful virgin, Harry gets a stripping ho This isn’t England. His words are no more important than some bum on the street. I don’t care about privileged assholes who were born into some fantasy royalty game. He’s a disgrace! Just keep this traitor in USA cos we’re done with this stupid!😏🧐🤔🤡🤡🤡👽👽👽👽

Harry needs to ask his wife to return his balls and backbone. He's her little puppet. You don't like it here, Harry? GO HOME. It's Harry Markle now. He gave up that whole prince thing. poor poor pampered lil prince Said NO ONE in America!!! Says the Nazi Prob cuz his family is too busy stealing land and running drugs. Ginger bitch

Prince? Did he apologise to Queen and got the title back? Oh f- off. White guilt in all its manifestations is the most condescending, patronising phenomenon that a black person with any sense of pride or self esteem should reject outright. His family is the one that profited the most in does times! Maybe they should be the ones to pay for reparations. They have the money

Prince Harry obviously touting the book that’s coming out Sick and tired of the circulation of this left wing propaganda At least one royal from the family I chosen to speak out about the real issue of racism much respect Harry He’s pushing the distraction/ race wars. The Royals are deeply connected to pedos. (Jimmy Savelle, Epstein) ....doesn’t take a genius. PizzaGate


When are the Bantu going to apologize for wiping the Khoisan off the face of the Earth? When are North Africans going to apologize for destroying and enslaving millions along European coasts? Oh wait, they won't Cabal I don’t like British people after what those assholes did to my Irish and Scottish ancestors

then go the path of voluntary simplicity and give up your IMMENSE wealth and work for the poor. Sorry....harry is an entitled asshole with his own racist incidents in the past...hardly the one to be lecturing ab out what was or wasn't done by others...what has he done? 🙄 Who is we? Go away!!!! Now that's how a leader speaks

You’re not prince anymore, traitor. Stop taking advantage of your royal family, shame on you. Wanna all the benefits but too lazy to do any work. Fuck you prince harry tell him please take care of WHO and CHINA rest ppl take care themselves It may be endemic & pervasive but violence will not solve racism. AllLivesMatter

Love him Habari yenu . Watu wapendane jameni💯. One love 🔥 I don’t know why he is sorry there is no such thing as institutional racism Who? Oh right...that guy. Another cuck rising to the occasion of submission. BLM Art by Hurst Wilson Tell this to your grandmother please thanks Please, name me the law, person, or institution and we got get rid of it or condemn it together. Name it.

There is no systematic racism in America

Meghan Markle Reportedly Spoke 'Perfect' Spanish and Teased Prince Harry at LA Charity VisitMeghan Markle and Prince Harry recently volunteered at an LA charity, where Meghan had a conversation in perfect Spanish with one attendee. For a couple who left england n the royals due to the paps they sure seem to like bein in articles across the way.

Prince Harry Condemned 'Institutional Racism' in His Diana Awards Speech“My wife said recently that our generation and the ones before us haven’t done enough to right the wrongs of the past,' Harry said on what would've been Diana's 59th birthday. I hope the corona virus goes away but if possible and necessary, abandoned schools for space & hotels for the homeless etc., can also be inspect & reopen. Was 'Prince' Harry wearing his Nazi uniform when he spoke? Lol is there a bigger cream puff than this guy? We, maybe his dad and brother.

Prince Harry Talks About Racism and Change in a Speech for the Diana AwardsOn what would have been Princess Diana’s 59th birthday, Harry opened up about conversations about the history of race he’s had with Meghan Markle. Is he the bodyguard's kid or is it the other chap? Who cares about Harry and Meghan ? Diana Spencer would be proud of her son.

How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Spending Their First Fourth of July in AmericaAccording to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to spend their first Fourth of July in the U.S. hanging out at home with Archie. I hope, Happy, Well & taking care of their Archie. Shame on Marie Clare being so click hungry they are willing to use Katie Nicholls, a full fledged royal reporter bully, and one that the Sussexes don't deal with, as their source. -And of course she goes the veiled insult route about them not making money & needing to work. Marie Claire do you know for a fact the Sussexes have not made money or are you relying on Katie ‘the bully’ Nichols? Making profits should not be more important than human decency and standing up against a bullying culture. Not a reader but I will make the effort to warn others.

Author Likens Meghan Markle, Prince Harry To Hitler In Unhinged InterviewLady Colin Campbell, who once insisted that Jeffery Epstein wasn't a pedophile, is again attacking the royal couple. Yes she believes children can prostitute themselves. Bye then!!!!!! ... close the door when you go Personally I’d rather hear a lot less bleating from Harry & Meghan. Made your bed lie in it. But Colin Campbell is bang out of order the sad embittered old witch

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Visited an LA Social Justice Charity and Prepared MealsThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex quietly joined the organization's bakery and café workers to help feed those in need.