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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Prince Harry ‘On Verge Of Total Breakdown’ After ‘Huge Fights’ With Meghan Markle?

“Now they’re talking about going to couples counseling to help them get through this stressful period,” insists one source close to the Royals. 😨😰

6/16/2021 10:00:00 PM

“Now they’re talking about going to couples counseling to help them get through this stressful period,” insists one source close to the Royals. 😨😰

Is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 's marriage at a breaking point after having an explosive fight? That's the story one tabloid's pushing this week. Gossip

Meghan Markle‘s marriage at a breaking point after having an explosive fight? That’s the story one tabloid’s pushing this week.Gossip Cop(Life & Style)Prince Harry And Meghan Markle ‘Arguing Behind Closed Doors’?Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently had “The Fight To End All Fights!” according to the cover of this week’s edition of

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Life & Style. From the front page, the tabloid promises all the juicy details, from Markle refusing to let Archie visit the queen, to Harry’s struggle with substance abuse.The report begins by detailing Harry’s multiple interviews where he’s opened up about his experiences growing up in the royal family. But a royal insider elaborates on how his actions have affected his family. “Every time Harry talks he just seems to upset and disappoint them even more,” but they aren’t the only ones hurting. According to the source, “All the drama is causing tension between Harry and Meghan.”

And the aforementioned tensions between Harry and Markle have reached a boiling point. According to the report, Harry never intended to hurt his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, and fear of losing his relationship with her has him flailing. Since the queen has allegedly expressed her desire to see baby Archie once more, Harry is determined to take his son to England, but Markle is not having it.

Prince Harry Stands Up To Meghan Markle?The source explains, “He’s a devoted husband and usually goes along with whatever Meghan says, but for once, he stood up to her. She wasn’t having any of it. Meghan totally flipped out at him.” The fight that followed is described as “devastating,” and, “the fight to end all fights.”

The source spills all the gritty details: “Harry stormed out of the house to get some breathing space and cool off,” adding, “Meghan tried reaching him – there were loads of missed calls on his cellphone – but he just wouldn’t answer.” Although Harry returned, the couple was unable to reach common ground. “Now they’re talking about going to couples counseling to help them get through this stressful period,” insists the source.

The tabloid then recaps Harry’s experience with therapy as well as his previous struggle with substance abuse. The magazine wraps the story by implying his turbulent relationship with Markle may very well send him over the edge. “But Harry swears he’s fine and doesn’t want anyone worrying about him and Meghan, that all marriages have their highs and lows. In fact, Harry says he’s confident that the birth of their daughter will bring him and Meghan closer together,” concludes the source.

Gossip Cop’s TakeDespite the tabloid’s suspiciously detailed report, it seems this publication is completely out of touch. First of all, if this alleged fight happened weeks ago, why would we just now be hearing about it? Prince Harry and Markle just welcomed their first daughter to the world, making a fight like this old news in royal gossip.

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Secondly, what exactly were the duke and duchess fighting about? The tabloid claims it’s because Harry wanted to jet off to the UK with their son shortly before Markle was due to give birth. Yeah, we’re not buying it. And finally, in a classless move, the publication uses the prince’s openness about addiction and mental health against him, insisting Markle is driving him to a breaking point.

Furthermore, unless the tabloid is talking to two-year-old Archie, who exactly would have been witness to the couple’s alleged fight? The most likely answer is no one, and this report was a complete work of fiction. Most telling, there was no mention at all of the duke and duchess welcoming their baby girl this week, confirmed the story was likely written long before it was published, and no one bothered to even update it with the latest information.

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