Prince Charles Somehow Managed Not to React at All as Boris Johnson's Umbrella Went Haywire Next to Him

Prince Charles Somehow Managed Not to React at All as Boris Johnson's Umbrella Went Haywire Next to Him

8/1/2021 4:02:00 PM

Prince Charles Somehow Managed Not to React at All as Boris Johnson's Umbrella Went Haywire Next to Him

Prince Charles maintained a stoic, straight face as Boris Johnson's umbrella turned inside out next to him at a National UK Police Memorial dedication ceremony.

Getty ImagesDuring an appearance at the National UK Police Memorial dedication ceremony in Stafford, England on July 28,showed the world some royal decorum in action.During the somber event, Charles was seated next toBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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, who struggled with his umbrella when it turned inside out during the ceremony.Photos of the incident show Johnson making faces and struggling to fix his umbrella within a couple of feet of Charles, while the royal seems to barely notice.Prince Charles

taught an impromptu master class in royal stoicism this week when he proved his uncanny ability to keep a straight face in the midst of a bought of objectively hilarious chaos.The royal was among the VIP guests in attendance at the dedication ceremony of the National UK Police Memorial in Stafford, England on July 28. The memorial commemorates the courage and sacrifice UK Police workers for dedicating their lives to serving the public. who have dedicated their lives to protecting the public. The memorial was designed by Walter Jack and is located in the National Memorial Arboretum, along with 350 memorials for the armed forces, civilian organizations, and voluntary bodies who have played their part serving the country.

This is all to set the scene and give context to what a somber and serious event this was. Charles was seated next to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who struggled spectacularly with his umbrella when the outdoor event was hit by some light rain.

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