Prince Andrew won’t come to US for sex-assault testimony, sources say

The royal will instead give his deposition from London.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew

1/19/2022 11:41:00 PM

Prince Andrew won't come to US for sex-assault testimony, sources say

The royal will instead give his deposition from London.

by his mother, Queen Elizabeth — will instead give a deposition to be transmitted live from London, in the sexual-assault civil suit brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.a source close to Giuffre told The Post: “It would be very bad for him not to be present, it’s unthinkable…”

selling his $23.7 million Swiss chalet,EPAA complex organization, the Crown Estate is essentially a multimillion-dollar property portfolio owned by the Queen as long as she’s on the throne. However, she’s not involved in management decisions.“Andrew certainly won’t be made homeless,” Joe Little, Majesty magazine managing editor, told The Post. “The lease has been granted.”

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He seems to have a problem coming which is unbecoming of him Nope ... bc they will keep him Better just to send the deposition He had no problem when asked to come in Ep's townhome.

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