Prince Andrew Loses Last-Gasp Bid to Stop Rape Accuser’s Suit

New York Judge Lewis A. Kaplan refused to grant Prince Andrew's motion to dismiss the civil suit against him by Virginia Giuffre

Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew

1/13/2022 8:40:00 AM

New York Judge Lewis A. Kaplan refused to grant Prince Andrew 's motion to dismiss the civil suit against him by Virginia Giuffre

The queen’s son has learned the result of his motion to dismiss a civil suit being brought against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre .

went to court Tuesday to argue that Giuffre’s suit—in which she is seeking unspecified damages, claiming that Andrew raped her three times when she was 17—should be thrown out.The judge had said last Tuesday that he would rule on the motion to dismiss “pretty soon,” and today delivered his ruling.

Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies told The Daily Beast: “This is a very thoughtful and detailed opinion, and Ms. Giuffre is very pleased that Prince Andrew’s motion to avoid a trial has been denied. This means that evidence will now be taken on her claims. She will give evidence, Prince Andrew will give evidence. We are all pleased that there is now going to be a judicial determination on the merits of Virginia’s claim.”

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someone should be finding the pictures of trump with young girls on Epstein's yacht. They will spill the beans.

Prince Andrew fails in bid to dismiss sex abuse suit from Virginia GiuffreA judge in the United States on Wednesday rejected Prince Andrew 's bid to dismiss a federal lawsuit brought by a woman who alleged that he sexually abused her when she was 17 years old. He’ll face the light as well, a place where facts are witnessed. 'O, the Grand Old Duke of York He had ten thousand men He marched them up to the top of the hill And then marched them down again' And when they were up they were fucked And when they were down they were fucked And when they were only half way up They were all fucked upside down

Judge rejects Prince Andrew bid to toss Virginia Giuffre's sexual assault lawsuitA federal judge has rejected a bid from Britain's Prince Andrew to throw out a sexual assault lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre. The prince has denied all allegations and has no recollection of meeting her. NBC's Kelly Cobiella has details.

Lawsuit against Prince Andrew a go despite Epstein deal | AP NewsNEW YORK (AP) — A judge gave the green light Wednesday to a lawsuit against Prince Andrew by an American woman who says he sexually abused her when she was 17. U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan wrote in an opinion that Andrew’s lawyers failed to successfully challenge the constitutionality of the lawsuit Virginia Giuffre filed against him in August. It isn't just Prince Andrew, most privileged people think they can do whatever they want because laws do not apply to them. But if he is found guilty, I hope he is extradited to the USA. Great news! Such a difference between honest USA judiciary and discriminatory, corrupt English one including CPS & metpoliceuk especially when they’ve to protect foreigners (like virginiagiuffre, horrific EUnational case) POTUS cnni CIA AFP VP Diversity4me Time for princeandrewisnext to be held accountable for his deeds.

Prince Andrew must face sex abuse accuser's lawsuit - U.S. judge Prince Andrew failed to persuade a U.S. judge to dismiss Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit accusing the Duke of York of sexually abusing her when she was underage, and being trafficked by the late financier Jeffrey Epstein . KayBurley I don't see why he had to pay a settlement if he was innocent. Gruiffe has sued numerous people already and no doubt she is just going to keep going. She was no innocent by the time she went to work for Epstein Follow your flag pole…the sun never sets or something like that

Judge rules sexual assault lawsuit against Prince Andrew can move aheadA federal judge in New York denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against Prince Andrew filed by Virginia Giuffre, a woman who alleges she was sexually trafficked to the royal when she was underage. Get the latest news and analysis on Israel and the Middle East When will Trump be named in a lawsuit A good decision by the federal judge.

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