Womensforum 21

Womensforum 21

Preview This Year's Women's Forum Breakouts - Lifeway Women

Our team is so excited that we are just a couple of weeks away from #WomensForum21! Are you joining us? Here's a preview of what you can expect this year:

10/21/2021 10:16:00 PM

Our team is so excited that we are just a couple of weeks away from WomensForum21! Are you joining us? Here's a preview of what you can expect this year:

Our team is so excited that we are just a couple of weeks away from Lifeway Women’s Leadership Forum! We like to say that Forum is the ultimate destination training […]

October 20, 2021Lifeway Women’s Leadership Forum!We like to say that Forum is the ultimate destination training event. It’s two and a half days in Nashville full of general sessions, live worship, breakout sessions, good food, and lots of fun!One thing that sets Women’s Leadership Forum apart from other leadership conferences is the breakout sessions. With over twenty breakout sessions to choose from, you can customize your own experience to best serve you in the season of leadership in which you find yourself. Everyone’s leadership calling looks different! Whatever leadership responsibilities you are balancing, you will be able to find the best breakouts to lead with confidence wherever God has called you. You will benefit from solid teaching from experienced leaders, be given the opportunity to network with like

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-minded women,and receive practical advice on the next steps to take in your leadership.These dynamic breakout sessions have been separated into three categories—General Leadership, Ministry Training, and Personal Equipping. Check out some of the breakouts below: 

Anatomy of a Miracle: The Jaw-Dropping Discovery of Divine Microsomal Redemption On Every Page of Holy Writ! — Lisa HarperWhen reading God’s Word, it sometimes appears He went through a personality change—from a uni–browed librarian enforcing the rules in the Old Testament to a gentle carpenter hugging lepers in the New. Thankfully, in this breakout session, Lisa Harper uses her signature wit, theological acumen, and captivating storytelling to explain how our Creator Redeemer’s unconditional love is woven throughout Scripture—even in the often overlooked and misunderstood passages. So bring your darling Forum self to this session for some engaging exegesis tips, as well as to rediscover that you’ve always been the object of His affection! headtopics.com

Develop Any Disciple: A 5-Step Discipleship Method that Works!— Ashley Marivittori GormanWe all agree that we should be making disciples—the real question ishow? What does it look like in the busy and the bustle of daily life to develop another woman in the faith, deeply discipling her to look more like Christ and walk with Him no matter what? Whether it’s a casual friendship, a one-on-one mentorship, or a gal in your small group the Lord has put in your heart, in this 5-step discipleship method, Ashley Marivittori Gorman will show you how to develop any disciple in key areas of their Christian journey.

Leading and Grieving: When Leadership Requires Us to Lead Through Our Own Pain — Paige Clayton Greene The past year and a half have held so much tragedy, turmoil, and heaviness in our world. During that time, the normal rhythms of life and death continue. Whatever happens around us, leaders are still expected to lead and even ramp up to face the ever-increasing challenges around us. But we are not robots! Leaders also need soul care as they carry their own burdens and those of others. This session will provide helpful

Iideas and encouragement from a counseling perspective for weary leaders.It’s Not Just You: Sexual Discipleship for Christian Women — Ashley ChesnutAs we encounter sexual acts that aren’t explicitly mentioned in Scripture, how do we know they’re sin? Why is God worth following when His commands about sexuality go against what I desire? Together, we’ll discuss six aspects of God’s design for sex, how to know whether a sexual act is sin, and how to disciple someone in the area of sexuality.

Burnout, Brokenness, and the Beauty of Grace: Truths for the Well-Watered Woman — Gretchen SafflesHave you ever wanted to hide your brokenness from others so much that it kept you from experiencing true life in Christ? You are not alone. Ever since the garden of Eden, humans have hidden behind brokenness. Jesus came to set us free, to break through our brokenness through being broken for us on the cross. Breakdowns often lead to breakthroughs which God uses to break apart the lies and strongholds gripping us. We weren’t made to walk alone. But first, we must be willing to walk broken, knowing Jesus is with us, loving us every step of the way. headtopics.com

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Counterfeit Comforts: Looking For Relief in All the Wrong Places — Melissa SpoelstraLeadership can sometimes leave us weary—even on the other side of ministry highs. The prophet Isaiah warned God’s people to exercise caution concerning where they looked for comfort to ease life’s difficulties. When tasks overwhelm us and people criticize our hard work, it can be tempting to escape with TV and ice cream. As leaders, we can heed Isaiah

‘’s call to receive comfort from God rather than counterfeits.Reading Scripture Faithfully and Theologically — Mary WileyHow do we read Scripture with an eye to the overarching truths it is teaching? As women who are seeking to follow hard after Christ, we want to become faithful students of His Word and rightly understand His instruction for what to believe and how to live, but sometimes it’s far easier said than done. Let’s dive into how we can approach the text with wisdom and humility with an eye toward genre, audience, occasion, authorial intent, and the grand narrative of Scripture, allowing the Holy Spirit to inform our reading.

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