President Trump says he will ban TikTok in United States

The video app is used by millions in the country.

8/1/2020 6:22:00 AM

'We're banning them from the United States.' Pres. Donald Trump told reporters that he plans to ban the TikTok app in the U.S. through executive authority.

The video app is used by millions in the country.

"We're banning them from the United States," Trump said.The app, which allows users to film and share short videos of themselves along to accompanying music, is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The relationship has caused the Trump administration, as well as lawmakers across both aisles, to accuse the app of being a security threat

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The president said he would sign something as soon as Saturday. Trump called the decision"severance" and firmly rejected the reported spinoff deal involving Microsoft buying TikTok.TikTok has an estimated 65 million to 80 million users in the United States.

Trump did not specify whether he was going to act through an executive order.This Feb. 25, 2020, file photo, shows the icon for TikTok in New York. President Donald Trump will order China's ByteDance to sell its hit video app TikTok because of national-security concerns, according to reports published Friday, July 31, 2020.

This Feb. 25, 2020, file photo, shows the icon for TikTok in New York. President Donald Trump will order China's ByteDance to sell its hit video app TikTok because of national-security concerns, according to reports published Friday, July 31, 2020.

AP, FileThe president threatened to ban the app while speaking to reporters before leaving for Florida earlier in the day, but did not commit to any specific actions, saying,"We're looking at TikTok, we may be banning TikTok.""We’ll see what happens, but we're looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to TikTok," he said.

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Good An attempt at censorship at it's finest, yet conservatives believe Democrats are working hard to invoke socialism. 🤦 Trump supporters, y'all are cray cray! 😂 Trump is the Sweetpotato of Xi Jinping...He is not gonna do any thing against China... Good...Chinese spy tool! Idiot If the truth was told perhaps Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates is paying him for it. Ban one, ban them all because they all use the same system of GREED.

America and other countries should ban TikTok and other Chinese technologies as they provide the backdoor for CCP to steal personal data and censor contents that are critical to the authoritarianism in China. Chinazi BoycottChineseProducts So much for seeing hot babes anymore🚶🏽‍♂️ NO!!! He will do this only having a “American” company standing on the side to release a very similar app the moment it happens. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was promised a kick back from said company.

As if they could do it, they always find a way to access Tik Tok. They underestimate people, in India they not only banned that application, but people have ways to do it anyway... it's the internet! ABC fake news did you run the Clinton child rape story? God stop listening to these news outlets have you all seen the incredible amount of lies and censoring that is going on in all social media and MSM, none of you know the things trump is really doing and why becaue these news outlets are lying through there teeth, wake up

We will just use Donald tiki tinker:-) Well of course he is, TikTok embarrassed him, they outplayed him and he has to shut them down. So he uses his power as Pres to send State Dept after them, the power of the United States being used to punish group of kids for pissing off a thin skinned vindictive man-child.

I just want it banned because it is so stupid. Never seen anything so stupid. And it’s 15 second videos because of the lack of attention span with kids today. Would love to see him try - deal w covid first & unemployment next My Shark IQ that maps out my house is made in China and my Alexa that listens to conversations is made in China, but Trumps worried about an APP. Bullshit! He’s pissed TikTokers are calling him out for the fool he is! And yes, this is censorship! He needs to be IMPEACHED! Again!

GOOD. Ban it CCP has leash on all Chinese SNS companies such as Tik Tok. who has access to billions of people's personal dates which they can and already is using to penetrate or target those who has access to sensitive and/or classified infos. CCP already stole F-35 data and made knock offs 🤯🤯🤯💙💙💙💙

A Chinese company bought AMC in 2012. Anyone with the AMC app has been gobbling this same information freely. It’s not about us being spied on. It’s about us assembling to take him down Really sir come down from your cloud Great idea! Build a Wall ! From my understanding, I don’t think trump has the right or authority to do anything about tic tok

😂 trumpincages2020 And the public will ban Trump from the White House How about we ban Trump from the United States? Should've happened 2 years ago.. better late than never tho I guess finally We have to ban it so we can finaly rest in peace from the dancing teens that think there sooo cool plz ban it 👍 winning Best President Ever

Has ABC considered the validity of Trump's claims? Or did you start with the assumption that he is wrong because you love the assumption so much? Are you so filled with hate that you would rather hurt Trump than consider what the Chinese may be doing? Who are you? So...let's ban them so we can be more like them? I thought GOP has been bitching for weeks about suppression of free speech...

Yes, for safety concern . Tiktok = Spying software produced by the CCP. BanTikTok can protect your privacy. Pathetic man The Donald is doing what he does best that is to deflect deflect deflect Thank you president trump Good. Tiktok is a pedo's playground But it’s OK for him to be Putin’s puppet ? Let’s ban all of his communication with Putin instead.

Bully!! Aren’t you supposed to be handling COVID-19 I think everyone forgot this was a pandemic Sure he is. Blah blah blah Just think of all the mellenials, he will lose, from his election base. Though there are other essential stuff to do in midst of Coronavirus, it is absolutely vital that tiktok is banned so that no more data is being stolen by China.

Stupid idea; he should concentrate on fixing the coronavirus pandemic in America. He's starting madness with a social media, its not the problem/enemy; suppose other countries started banning Facebook, PayPal Amazon, Ebay, or Twitter; everyone will lose. Even if you ban it, Tik Tokkers will still lose you the election. TulsaRally2020

Tiktok is not just a social media platform, it is not just spying on you and infringe your rights, it is doing much MORE than that BanTikTok Trump decided to ban TT because of the Covid 19 and protesting out of control Good news! Ban all Chinese Spyware to stop Chinese espionage and infiltration. Long ago the US government banned beer and alcohol we can see how that turned out.

Microsoft's acquisition of TikTok can indeed calm the anger of those who make money through TikTok. Hoped the relationship between Microsoft and Microsoft China will not give rise to other issues. Hope... boycottchineseapps This is the correct way to use TikTok aka malware from China that aims for surveillance of users. boycotttiktok

They need to have him read all of Amendments. He is worrying about TikTok when you so many people still dying from COVID-19, even one of his supporters who attend his rally with no mask😷. He put a ban to TikTok he could say goodbye to his young supporters. It’s the right thing to do. CCP uses Chinese apps to steal personal data and it’s not safe for users. There’s a bunch of social media app out there you could use. Just STOP using Tiktok. BanTikTok BoycottMadeInChina

Why? Isn't this overstepping his job again? I follow so many wonderful TikTok'ers.... He's such a control freak! People are dying and he's golfing & worried about an app. They've stopped even attempting to hide it now. The lies & corruption are fully out in the open. Unbelievable!!! Very great news. It is important to stop china chinazi ccpchina from infiltrating other countries and make the app as their propaganda tool. boycotttiktok boycottchina BoycottMadeInChina

Why are you focusing upon an app when your own people are dying from the Coronavirus? Tbh I'm ok w/this. Want to know how to get 18-25 yo to vote? Fuck w/their social [media] lives. Especially during a pandemic when its been their main source of connecting to people. Shit, they'll carpool to the voting place & hit a Wendys drive through for $1 frosties on the way!

TikTok should ban long ago for back foot function of stealing and sanction all ur mobile info AntiChinazi that's great I haven't been able to get quarters for my business for the last 2 months but we can send federal agents to Portland and ban tik Tok, how's the economy supposed to get started again without any change to conduct business this man is the worst excuse for a leader ever

Now all 14 year olds hate you too. If you're voting by mail and worried about Trump using Louis DeJoy to sabotage your vote, hand-deliver your ballot to your Board of Elections. Trump is not good in first expression but he is now improving his mind and enhance the quality of United States. DonaldTrump

Happy to see the tiktokban happening! Why would 🇺🇸 allow a ccp-made application to collect the data of US citizens? Absurd! The only place where Tiktok belongs is the bin! Please banned Huawei, Tik Tok and their device 😂🤣😂🤣looser I didn't even know Tik Tok was the cause of Covid but glad he's finally doing something to stop the virus. Wait, what? You mean....but then why would he... but that doesn't make any....but how can anyone be that....?

ML03509599 Technology improves our lives when in hands of the benign. But, the one you are dealing with is the most malign regime. Take a look at Xinjiang, Tibet or HongKong. I presume you don't want to be the next one. FreeHongKong StandWithHongKong SOSHK MagnitskyAct We can’t control the pandemic but we sure as shit can show those teenagers for dancing to Taylor Swift songs

And this is top priority over this. .. Doubt this will make it though the courts. But there is something he could do, ban all apps on government phones. No tic-toc, no whatsapp no twitter.... oh right those last 2 will never happen because he and his people use them to get around having stuff on government servers.

👍 YES!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 🙏🏻 thank you! Since people can’t figure this safety risk out for themselves, I’m glad he’s doing it. Maybe Trump should be banned from talking. This is censorship, a limitation of american freedoms, we let him do this he will continue to do it with other things. Yeah! Trash Chinese spyware app.

I think this is correct, the Chinese Communist Party prohibits the Chinese people from logging in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube. However, Chinese Communist Party officials can freely insult the United States in these online platforms. This is very unfair. realDonaldTrump POTUS Tulsa & sarahcpr ON YOUR MIND WhiteHouse YOUR VERY LARGE OF a-brain CANNOT HELP IT

He gives a fuck what he told. Stop selling it like it’s possible. It’s like cancelling Election Day. He can’t do the shit. realDonaldTrump jealous of the younger ones buying tickets and they were not part of your crowd. Maybe Covid didn’t get them. 153000 deaths 4 million cases. BOUNTIES ON SOLDIERS HEADS WHO ARE OUR HEROES. HOW MANY DID VLAD KILL

This President does not know the constitution. The kids will despise this 😳 NO they are not. The supreme court is going to shit on Trump for a long time to come. It is definitely a wise choice. Protecting personal data and national security are more important than just earning money from China. tiktokban

Blame the cringe Every executive order signed by Trump should be reversed when he is removed from office......all the wreckless decisions he has made should be reversed!!!!!!! tiktokban censorship by a government. Bad! DBoun what will you do?! Haha realDonaldTrump is butthurt because young people use TiKTok to organise a safe way of protesting his Nuremberg rally - they probably saved thousands of lives It’s an abuse of power to ban it and it’s very petty Congratulations Donny, do it and you will become the Chinese govt

He’s banning them. Not we’re banning them. Get it straight. tiktokban TikTok TrumpBansTikTok If just half of you realized how much damage China does on a daily basis in the US. Check out how many Chinese companies create apps. Frankly he should ban US companies from storing data in China at all. It would be unconstitutional to block free speech.

Censorship the Republicans scream is happening to them on social media platforms and ironically they want to censor social media! Lesgoo Good. Well now Trump is going after Young Americans. Trying to take away their platform of expression. Don’t some of them make money with TikTok? A jealous little boy who doesn’t want anyone to profit but him. What’s next You Tube, Instagram, Netflix, Hulu.

Aw! Someone is still butthurt about Tulsa? 😆😆😆 He isn’t really planning to ban Tiktok. He’s just trying to get a favor of some sort from China. Sort of a blackmail scheme. Probably trying to get help with election. He tanking right now Just because they a fool out of him by vids on TikTok and probably it cost him Tulsa visitors for his rally. Keywords: him and his: personal vendetta. Nov3rd

Vengeance is the only language he speaks. Im not saying this is right but I wouldn’t be too bothered if it happened Everyone talks about Obama and Biden that about 4 years now Cheeto is the President he has not done shit accept create racism and divide the country with lies him and his goons as Senate tic tic that racist asses

For Amyone who is not aware, it was released last year that TikTok was spyware and should be removed from your phone immediately. I seriously question why it is allowed to continue to be distributed on app stores. This app will gather personal data. Oh my are they not playing pretty. The Pres can make fun and disrespect everybody on Twitter and on TV but nobody can have a little fun on tic tok Can you say Dick-tator c’mon lighten up Tictok has put a lot smiles on faces in this trying time

What about Tok Tik? Will they be banned too? I'm suddenly worried they'll ban Kit Kat. He really wants to be a dictator. China was warned many times. Its about time really. Facebook is banned in China aswell so let it be this way until they learn some manners and stop eating bats. VPN. There problem solved. 😂

No Tiktok please, we don't want to be censored by China's government . Yeap, land of the free! Not fair. He should then ban K-Pop because the fans also pranked him for the Tulsa rally. America now lives in China can we not all see what’s happening here I’ve been saying this for months this trump reality tv show isn’t gonna end nice. Some people are gonna die military needs to go in right away and remove trump. 25th amendment must be used immediately

About time the are banned This will be Dumpt's legacy. His greatest achievement. TikTok November is around the corner need a run on the board. SQUIRREL! Didn't he say he'd have a signed health care plan 'in 2 week'... 2 weeks ago? Millions are out of work, thousands are dying in a pandemic & realDonaldTrump is worried about destroying a video app that some teenagers have on their phones?! Oy vey.

Then who does he ban next in his authoritarian dictator like opinion. His opinion is the only one that matters now? The Right has lost their voice and don’t even realize it. realDonaldTrump Nice try, but my catsoftiktok are still meowing at the orange rhetoric ruler........ Interesting timing. He pretends it’s for security reasons, but everyone knows it’s because he can’t handle the fact that he was pranked by a bunch of teenagers on Tik Tok.

Duh! they are using TIK TOK to gain ID and printing mail in voter ballots in China and signing your name to the democrat party to get there bought Chinese communist Democrat politicians elected.Theyve been busted in Houston I don’t care one way or the other if it’s ban but it seems like it would take away many jobs created here. Also weren’t Twitter accts just hacked by teens in the US? I don’t think I see the problem anotherdistractionfromPOTUS

All social media's should be a banned We're going back to era 2000's, nofreedom Wow, unbelievable! Besides infringing on liberties in disguise of “protecting the US” realDonaldTrump are you sure you want to do that? You’re declaring technological/social media war against the most technologically savvy and sophisticated generation ever! 😏

it is just a strategy to invade Americans' privacy with a mask of entertainment! Wish he fought the coronavirus half as much as he’s fighting Tik Tok. TrumpIsAMassMurderer One way to loose an election, mess with teenage addiction (TicTock). There is a reason why trump loves Putin and Kim yong un. Trump wants and love ultimate power where he rules with fear and terror. Trump don’t like democracy. Constitution should be all about what he wants and how it favours him and his family.

Suppressing Democracy...... make it back to the 1800’s again sarahcpr singlehandedly destroyed realDonaldTrump self-esteem. The CARES Act ended yesterday and he's worried about TIkTok? C'mon November!! This. Even though I don’t like tiktok, I still think it’s not the right time. The focus needs to be on the COVID-19 situation!

And this. What 45? Afraid of youngsters? Millions are 18 and older! Available to vote and savvy enough to do so! Americans now find it completely normal, and ok that their ‘president’ is willing to ban free speech. You’re so fucked. thisasfa oh no Doesn’t matter. Those kids will make another app or will move to YouTube.

Switch your region to Canada 😉 Because his widdle ego is bruised. Never thought we'd see the day where a man in the seat of the 'President Of The United States' who whimpers, whines, and has tempertantrum's. While in real time, and embarrassingly on display for all the world to see. PoutingPOTUS BogusPOTUS

Let’s talk about the biggest economic depression the US is going through and the 150,000 deaths due to COVID and stop being distracted by irrelevant topics VoteBlue2020 President concerned with tic toc while thousands of citizens are dying from a pandemic and our economy is in shambles: God help us. Here he goes into the big coloring book, I wish the Republicans would hide those crayons, his misery knows no bounds...

good Is it like the liquor prohibition? VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteBluetostopcensorship vote Sounds like someone realDonaldTrump is pretty threatened by sarahcpr People.... before you all freak and act like Ken and Karen - DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! And use whatever brain you have left to Think about his end game -

: 'We're banning them from the United States.' Pres. told reporters that he plans to ban the TikTok app in the U.S. through executive authority. tiktokban Use a Canadian VPN. He's an idiot. And that’s going to stop the kids Great news why just because its Chinese. google .twitter . facebook all spy on us and sell our informations lol totally shit

Dictator! Wait for this to come out on tiktok... America, the new communist state. Sickness, poverty, evictions, profound loss of life, all on the presidential platter right now & Pony Boy is doing nothing to help, except to add silencing the voices on TikTok. Haha, I guess this is a bad thing until the liberals decide that he should have done it 3 months ago.

I agree with this. Tiktok is an arm of the Chinese government. No one should have this app. The reason Humpty Trumpty is coming after it is... typical and bullshit.. but this app should be banned. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The day Donald keeps his promise is the day he can make anymore executive orders. He over used his rights as POTUS but didn’t work a day in his life to earn it spoildbrat

good. about time. So many more important issues to worry about. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Now is the time to release Not Tok, tik tok done better with special features plus advanced security using the latest public released toolkits from the NSA github. Put the seal on there and have the eagle talk to folks and each turn of the key puts you in a new AR hologram.

just because the users planned to ruin his rally my god Simple, we are at war with Chinese Communist and American Communist in the Democrat party. He shut down China’s Houston Consulate for spying, this is next step. Of course, Communist and supporters of American Communist don’t like it. Awww man. You’re taking away everyone’s babysitter! 🤣

Oh, but assault weapons are cool right 45? 🙄 This is sooooooo wrong !!!!!!!! My daughter will have no reason to live Aaaand today’s distraction is.... Good news! We don’t want CCP having access to our people’s personal data via their state-owned tech companies. BoycottChina So a Trump rally was burned last month because a group of TikTokers did something about it. Now Trump wants to retaliate. Weak.

How about just reporting on the pedos in Hollywood? No? Silent? Get fucked TikTok Anything he doesn't understand or like or is fearful of -- he issues an executive order - and POOF 💥 Is there no one he cannot push around? Oh no. sarahcpr I hope it’s not true Anyone who supports this thug at this point is just as bad as he is.

So facebook can release REELS a copycat of tiktok. More product endorsing from the whitehouse. Ok boomer KeithKochert murdered Abigail Williams and Liberty German AbbyandLibby DelphiMurders ISPLafayette As a father of a teenager who loves tiktok I can tell you they will switch another platform in minutes. They have no loyalty to these apps, nor should they.

Cuz they used Tiktok to screw up his rally? tiktokban Millions of people struggling right now and Trump is worried about an app, nothing new here carry on 😀 So much for free market capitalism LOL. So now anytime an international company outperforms USA companies you just ban them how pathetic He is doing it because it is a source of national security and censorship concern. He is a source of national security and censorship concern. Go figure.

Dude no what’s wrong with tiktok? If anything insta is more dangerous! Hater. Sad. Big cry baby. its_alexisshae ? Like banning the books The POTUS is quite primitive. Silence, sickness, poverty, evictions, death. All on the presidential platter right now & Pony Boy is doing nothing to help. YES.... THAT COMES FROM CHINA..

Once again silence on the right wingnut side of the aisle. Their time would be better spent doing their jobs - like, idk, prevent more deaths from COVID. If it were friendly to Trump they would promoting it. Trump banning Tik Tok is gonna piss of a lot of kids that vote. Go ahead ban it Right in queue every single Friday night since in office he puts out a crazy tweet and you eat it up and don’t call out the real issues. Covid is out of control and that needs to be top and only story! GStephanopoulos Ignore the nonsense and focus on the problem.

It's Chinese propaganda ... good! Trump wants to be the sole supplier of disinformation to the populace. Another diversion tactic by IQ45. He wants us to forget he’s launched us into a depression And there goes the dictator interfering with first amendment. Let's give Grandpa yet another diversion to tinker with while those of us NOT suffering from dementia try and focus on dealing with a deadly pandemic. Go ahead realDonaldTrump - your actions and tweets are 'full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.'

In true dictatorial form. And we’re just going to roll over and take it Tiktok needed to be banned anyway, it’s a playground for pedophiles TimTok helped a bunch of kids dump a bowl of mashed potatoes on his head in Tulsa. Did they make a handful of people show up in Florida too. We won’t forget what you do Bounty Boy

And this is helpful because . . . Waiting for Jared Kushner to release new, “totally secure” TrumpTok app* next week. *servers may or may not be located in Siberia Riddle me this, is he banning them because a group affiliated with the service brought up a large portion of the tickets to his rallie and gave him false hope, (pie in the face) or is he worried about the security of the America people? I would bet it’s about him!

Time to get a real job “influencers” So masks are an attack on liberty but controlling GAFA and banning Tik Tok is all good? I thought executive orders are for CRISIS and EMERGENCIES? Yes get rid of it and the snowflakes Does anyone else feel like the first amendment is dying in the country?. Can he ban himself from America too

So he'd rather do this than run the country that has the most deaths and cases right now? Lmao! Good!! Untrustworthy Chinese ran company. Trump just turned off an entire generation to the Republican Party. Wow, you have mass shootings all the time, but you can't make any law's to try and keep weapons from Kooks and Terrorists (KKK) White suppremesists, etc. Or declare those terrorists as Terrorist organization, What about the bounties on our soldiers? Not going to ban That? Idiot!

He’ll ban Twitter next if he can’t post his lies and disinformation. first vapes and now this. he’s gonna lose his young nazi audience. Uh, can he do that in a capitalist society? 🤔🤔 I’m so glad I’m in Canada. AYO 🔇TRUMP🔇🔇WE STILL🔇🔇ON🔇🔇TIK TOK🔇🔇🔇 Not happening What else is bru banning? Thank you realDonaldTrump, Ban tiktok. 🖕

may we PLEASE hold a convention of states to pass a constitutional amendment that all future presidents must have an IQ of at LEAST 12 before they can run the fucking country? Chinese consulates burning documents all over the country, & many Chinese companies spying for their government etc. Maybe it’s a good idea. Better safe than sorry. But then again what could China possibly use videos like these for? Wonder what the intelligence community thinks?

I dislike Tik Tok but, are we becoming China o North Korea? WTF Asshole. That's the majority of the folk I follow gone. Y'all need to move to Canada or something!! Never had it on my phone but seems like Mr POTUS cares much about big data that China can get from US people Very bad app tik tok 👍 Where’s all that freedom of speech talk now, Trump Supporters?

Can't defeat TikTok? Ok, ban it, first Huawei, then Tik Tok, and next ...... Forgot PRISM, forgot Edward Snowden? Can he concentrate in the TrumpVirus and stop calling it the Chinese virus because it’s more people that have it here. Zuckerburg doesn’t want Microsoft to get TikTok. Trump is helping him out.

Lol 😆 Just throw it out here to anyone listening who can make apps; Now's your chance to make millions with a US-made TikTok clone... TIKTOK also have servers here in the United States to keep China from having all of Americans private data. He's doing this because TIKTOK users embarrassed him with his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally when he thought there would be millions of people attending.

lol Executive action really needs to be re examined in the new administration. Trump is ruling by decree..something he shouldn’t be allowed to do And for his next act...The Washington Post. Well that's one way to get under 25 demographic to vote against him. lol The only true reason is the TikTop belongs to a Chinese company! Where are the fairness and freedom? Where is so-called Market Economic System?

ABC News supports communist China. Good idea China banned all US social media NORD VPN.. Idiot. Good! ha thanks for banning it that app was a trick Ban Everything that is Chinese! Where did Tik-Tok hurt the baby? Does he really think he’s going to outsmart that generation? They’ve already embarrassed him once - now there will be no holding them back. I can’t wait.

realDonaldTrump you can’t. TrumpVirusDeathToll150K TrumpIsACompleteFailure NobodyLikesMe ImpeachTrumpAgain Screamqueeninc Oh so an app for kids to make dances during a pandemic when 52 million people are unemployed and have nothing else to do is worse than another county hacking into our countries election. 🤔

American way When a government bans a social media platform like this, using security issue as an excuse, we know much freedom we have left now. They will keep on banning any apps they feel like, using the same excuse. This is BS. Trump is the grinch in disguise no wonder he wears so much make up and a wing

But rights..? He literally has nothing better to do Good What is tiktok Tik tok is where his focus is? A stupid app not the thousands dead, not the millions sick, The economy dying, people losing their healthcare, the bounty out on Americans by Russia. This is what he is worried about Can someone please create a new app so all of us tik tok lovers can reunite on an app made in the US? 😂😂 I’m not trying to be hella bored for the rest of this pandemic..

Good that’s a good thing ! Trump takes a very good decision It sounds to me like trump figured out a way to get young people to vote in November lol Good! I bought Home Security Cameras on Amazon that were made in China. They SIX IP ADDRESSES. For you illiterates out there, that means at least 4 of those IP addresses were spying on me! That is insane.

Well there goes the 18-25 year old vote How about banning whatsapp in China 155000 dead from Trump virus. 33 percent drop in US GDP on Trump’s watch. A crashed economy. Double digit unemployment. VoteBiden to help America get better at being America. I hope everyone votes for JoeBiden if Trump bans TikTok app to appease tedcruz.

I bet if Russia owned Tik Tok he would be promoting it instead of banning it. Karen Snowflakes TrumpIsACompleteFailure VoteBlue2020 Guess who is the biggest winner. I know tiktok is bad but good grief I didnt expect this to happen XD. We’d like to ban you realDonaldTrump Do it. Good fucking riddance I just change the state where I live in

finally some common sense. kudos Mr. President Yes, He’s the only POTUS who really ever has cared 4 America🤗 except President Lincoln 😌Get rid of TikTok No I like tik tok it's hilarious most of the time. So TikTok is more of a priority than bounties on the heads of our troops. Got it. I support the President on this. Tik Tok is a spy app disguised as social media.

The world needs to ban more Chinese products. just going to leave this here And now it begins. Trump is such a piece of 💩. Can’t wait until November. Vote BLUE. I hope so! His pissed from the Tulsa rally Wow !! Where is the « land of the free » are we free to do everything we want ? Just cannot stand P-45 and his over controlling attitude.

good from what i have heard the apps like really shady af anyway So much government over reach these last few months. It’s getting old. Let me have dangerous freedom The Chinese govt has been using Tiktok to infiltrate the US. This would be a sound decision by Presideny Trump to safeguard national security.

He is suuuuuuuuuch a big baby. Bring back Vine Millions of teens and twenty somethings are going to be so pissed. Finally... some good news... Looking at replies,no wonder Europeans call these muricans cattle and dumbfuckistanis.... Trump is an idiot... but the way these people are responding, if Trump advocates breathing then these people will stop breathing tommorrow...

Ugh, why do I live here? This is pure bullshit! Who's we? Oh how I wish there was an SNL this weekend with Alec Baldwin. The China TicTok ....TicTokVirus Trump is the best President in modern times without a doubt, maybe ever The churches have pretty much banned obedience to Jesus in them - have you seen the difference between Jesus and the churches? -

TikTok collects users' personal information and violates personal privacy, which is the case with apps in authoritarian countries. China has been banning the use of Twitter, Facebook, Google...Unequal relations between the two countries… Good. We don't need the Chinese Communist Party collecting data. It's time they're treated as the global thugs that they are.

...which he cannot do. You left that part out. “Small government conservative” haha Right decision. Tiktok has ties to CCP works on spyware which most news state. When American and other countries social media platforms are banned in china as they say it effects their sovereignty then Trump is right to do as well. ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied

Gateway to hell You know they control social media in China and North Korea too? Just saying... Communist activities from our Communist leader. Totally stupid YAYYYY Come on, and your ownership certainly recognize suppression of creativity and creative thought. How about you lead the charge against another foolhardy attempt to dumb down America

150,000 people are dead, but TikTok you guys... Lmao that he thinks he has the authority to do this Look at all the liberal idiots in this thread who are completely unaware of why Trump banned this Chinese government spying app. 🤣 At least the article EVENTUALLY mentions that India has banned it and that the Democrats don’t want their people to use it (neither does Amazon).

More diversion and smoke. Who gives a fuck about Tic Tok when people are dying because of incompetence. Dictators gonna dictate. I hate this app ! But it’s bad move to ban , u will lose some votes Wtf?!! Hahaha great American 'freedom' Thank the lord I'm Canadian 🙄 Yall saying tik tok is invading our privacy like google and facebook dont do the same damn tbing 💀

Idk India banned it to and Japan looking into it so seems more then just temper tantrums Ban Clinton Thank. Goodness. oh my my my how tragic He hates sarahcpr making videos mocking him. It’s comedy gold! Fighting China by becoming China Well I agree with Trump on this 1 thing. I hate Tik Tok however many people do lpve the app and are going to be pissed. I would love to see it and I am here for it.

Trump bans Tik Tok cause he can’t dance. Have you seen the videos with Epstein. Hilarious 😂 If this doesn’t turnout the youth vote, nothing will. Bet Bozo has no idea how a VPN works 150k & counting passed away presently from Covid, million lost unemployment benefits as of today, but the realDonaldTrump is worried and more concerned with phone app.

Can't wait for dipshit boomers and some of my fellow lesser minded boomer-lite Millenials cheer this on because they like to watch things that make teenagers happy get crushed, while never stopping to think about the authoritarian implications of this. bunker boy is scared of a social media app GirlOfNox 😥😥

this means nothing. a dozen new apps will be available tommorrow. What would a 10 year old do? That's his motto And here comes the Dictator its the lack of freedom of speech for me lol TikTok is Chinese intelligent spying tools MORE: Pres. Trump called the decision 'severance' and firmly rejected the reported spinoff deal involving Microsoft buying TikTok.

Should be banned here to nzlabour Yummy 😍 Dammn I didn’t know he is this childish who knew this was our president. Screw him Isn’t do Instagram Facebook Twitter doing the same thing X shelbee_bee uh oh The United States Government can ban social media apps, but when children get murdered at schools by people carrying assault weapons....NOTHING?!!!!! FUCKTRUMP TrumpThreatensAmerica VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Biden2020

Trump casssemyon Seizing the means of production i see This is a HOAX right?🤣🙏🏼🇺🇸🌎👮‍♂️😷🖤 this is so fucking dumb. idc about tiktok but set ur priorities straight amas pq man At This Point I don’t Care if we get another GOP or Democratic President. I jus want him realDonaldTrump to lose his Election

While we are at it... why not do away with ALL social media! Just a thought! We would all certainly be better off! I love TikTok, but at the same time it could also be a trap. Im thanking Trump for breaking my addiction to the app, and hopefully save some privacy for myself! 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 Good! I mean if it's getting banned in major countries in the world, so there must be an issue with it🙂

as your resident 15 year old,,, why? isn't there better things for a president to do? especially in the middle of a global pandemic? just wait till he takes it away and everyone comes for him and he hide in a bunker again. god I can’t wait for August 27th Stop worrying about stupid shit, Donald J Banning an app that teach us more than school? anyways..

Honestly if we can't survive on fb IG Twitter LinkedIn zoom Snapchat FaceTime Line then damn we are not working enough lol The GOP isn’t going to like the the long term results of the precedent the president is setting with executive power abuse. In theory a TheDemocrats president can declare a national health emergency and institute universal healthcare.

Right now, what do we do?, labeling COVID-19 a foreign virus. That's what my plan calls for.. If I may respond., -- my times up. First a cruel When Trump will unite this state well... in honor of my favorite app.. heres on of my fav ones 😔 Wonald Wrump I'm quite sure that Biden, as I predicted months ago will be dropped by the Democratic party. His VP will continue to run against Trump.

Promising a TikTok ban, Trump escalates tech war with ChinaIn reportedly preparing an order to force TikTok's Chinese parent company to sell it off, the Trump administration chooses a peculiar cyberdefense beachhead in an emerging battle over information espionage. Too talk that's true capitalism 155,000 Americans dead by Monday and this is the priority?

Trump Said He Plans To Ban TikTok From The USTrump has been threatening to ban the popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app citing national security concerns that the company could be misusing American consumer information. Who cares The Land of The Free good thing i live in canada 🕺🕺🕺

Trump Says He Will Ban TikTok From The U.S.The app’s China-based corporate ownership creates a security risk, administration officials say. He should ban Russian bountys Well, it does. Trump gave China reasons to ban American companies or apps.

Trump says he's banning TikTok in the U.S.BREAKING: President Trump says he plans to use his executive power to ban the popular video creation app TikTok in the U.S. as early as Saturday. What 'executive power'? Live look at Teenage girls Doing as a true dictator does

Trump plans to ban TikTok in the U.S.President Trump said that he plans to bar the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok from operating in the United States, a move that comes as officials across Washington accuse the company of posing a national security risk Yes, ban the surveillance! And 4 that matters, prosecution 4 those who surveyed our POTUS How does tiktok threaten national security I’m sure this has nothing to do with his friend Zuckerberg rolling out next week a rip off version of TickTock called reals GOPCorruptionOverCountry TikTok tiktokban

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as SaturdayPresident Donald Trump on Friday told reporters he will act as soon as Saturday to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the United States. awh:( is the big baby upset Tik tok should ban trump instead Will JustinTrudeau man up ban app too?