President Trump's niece, Mary Trump, sues him and his siblings alleging fraud

Mary Trump claims her family worked against her to deny her inheritance she was entitled to receive.

9/25/2020 1:21:00 PM

Mary Trump, President Trump’s niece, files a lawsuit Thursday against him and his siblings claiming her family defrauded her out of millions of dollars in inheritance.

Mary Trump claims her family worked against her to deny her inheritance she was entitled to receive.

book about him."For Donald J. Trump, his sister Maryanne, and their late brother Robert, fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life," Mary Trump's New York State Supreme Court lawsuit says."They concocted scheme after scheme to cheat on their taxes, swindle their business partners, and jack up rents on their low income tenants" before targeting the teenage Mary Trump after the death of her father, Fred Trump Jr., the suit contends.

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Sept. 18, 202004:43"Rather than protect Mary’s interests, they designed and carried out a complex scheme to siphon funds away from her interests, conceal their grift, and deceive her about the true value of what she had inherited," the suit claims.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany dismissed the allegations when asked about them at a press briefing."The only fraud committed there was Mary Trump recording one of her relatives," McEnany said, a reference to secretly recorded conversations between Mary Trump and her aunt Maryanne Trump Barry, where the president's sister said he was a liar with"

no principles.""She really discredited herself," McEnany said.Mary Trump also claimed that her uncles' machinations accelerated after the death of the president's father, Fred Trump Sr., in 1999.The trio presented Mary Trump, who inherited minority interests in various Trump businesses,"with a stack of fraudulent valuations and a so-called settlement agreement, and forced her to sign. All told, they fleeced her of tens of millions of dollars or more," the suit says.

Mary Trump said she only discovered the truth in 2018, after an investigation into the family's finances by The New York Times.The allegations mirror the charges Mary Trumpin her best-seller"Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man."

President Donald Trump speaks in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House on Sept. 23, 2020.Mandel Ngan / AFP - Getty Images“My father died when I was still a teenager, and my uncles Donald and Robert and aunt Maryanne were supposed to be protecting me as my trustees and fiduciaries. Recently, I learned that rather than protecting me, they instead betrayed me by working together in secret to steal from me, by telling lie after lie about the value of what I had inherited, and by conning me into giving everything away for a fraction of its true value," she said in a statement Thursday."I am bringing this case to hold them accountable and to recover what is rightfully mine.”

The suit seeks unspecified money damages against the president, his sister Barry and the estate of the late Robert Trump, who died in August, as well as punitive damages for their"malicious, wanton, and willful" conduct. Read more: MSNBC »

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It's all fraud money. I wish Trump would lose it all to the very fraudsters he's surrounded himself with. Apparently accountability is not happening, maybe karma will She just wants to be rich. Leave it to MSNBC to be Pro-Democrat and take the side of a brat that expects someone to pay her for what she didn't earn.. Both pathetic losers!

You go, girl!!! Typical. Shall we call her stormy.... Msnbc can have her on every night til she loses and then leave her on the side of the road like trash. Just like avanotti. Book sells are off? Use your investigative skills to trace the money that Bannion and his cronies stole from the so called “Build the wall” bullshit fund. YOU KNOW some of that money found it’s way into unc’s hands somehow. FOLLOW THE MONEY. That will bring him down.👍

OK just what we thought it’s all about money. All these liberal networks showcasing her every single day for hours it’s all about money I am what’s No real news to report - where is Hunter Biden? 'LOVE ME DADDY, PLEASE!'~MaryLTrump Power to you Mary! MaryLTrump I hope you succeed in this: stay healthy and stay safe plus enjoy your weekend

And more proof she is a gold digger cashing in on Trump presidency. She has the means to fight him now. Trump runs from a fair fight. Time for somebody, anybody, to sue the lawsuit king of America. And MSNBC said it wasn't about the $ with her.🤣🤣 Best of luck Mary Trump!!! 👍👍 So now the truth comes out. The nutter just wanted to exhort the family for money... thought so.

I mean is ANYONE SURPRISED!! How many law suits does Trump have - before becoming president that resembles this? 🤣🤣🤣 Oh so now we know why she's so upset. She's greedy and wants more money..... Of course she did…just in time for the election. If you know the story this chick made her bed, it certainly wasn’t Trump’s doing. Speak to the old man who’s now dead. But hey we know darn well you won’t tell the truth msnbc.

How long is the line she has to get in of all the people suing the dumbass? Really explains her petty vendetta against him. The whole bloodline is trash Hehehe this has nothing to do with her long history of drug and alcohol abuse. Lol Why is she suing her uncle that no sense whatsoever This is the real reason she’s such an outspoken critic of him, probably tried to use the book as leverage, but the tactic clearly didn’t work. Follow the money, baybee.

Oh so it's really about the money. Now I understand. should change it’s name to “The Mary Trump Network.” You DO know he has other relatives, right? What, her book of lies not selling well enough? Go get them Mary. You rock Now we know motive. Thanks! Its all about the money. msnbc has no guts to speak the truth, why?

She needs to pay for her book, nobody bought it. Fat 🐷🐷🐷 What Low life scum rips of his Dead Brothers Daughter? His Niece? a man who already Millions thanks to his Daddy? Donald J. Trump.. Russian collusion Maybe , Hunter will share with Mary. What kind of person would record a family member while discussing family dirty laundry and turn around and sell the information by way of a sensational book only written to hurt And to make money Who does that?

Good luck Mary 👍 It’s always been about the Benjamin’s and we knew that Grifter Lol She just begging for some attention!! I hate people like here that do and say anything to anyone who will listen. All of a sudden a month before the election she has something to say. THIS BITCH IS JUST JELLOS Aaaaaand there it is. The real reason she’s doing all this stuff. She’s not part of the in crowd at Thanksgiving and wants retribution at all costs. 🙄

Go get 'em Mary! My thoughts and prayers are with you.💆🙏✊✌ This has been running for over a month, only a few bubble heads are interested in this crap story. Maybe they spent that money on her alleged stints in rehab. Go get ‘em! I Guess Book Sales Are Down? The Trumps, other than MaryLTrump have thieved & stolen off America for decades. Mary’s entitlements were stolen by realDonaldTrump & other family members. Mary deserves everything she is claiming, as do so many others who lost everything because of thieving Donald J Trump.

Are we having family court on Twitter She’s a nut and you keep exploiting her Her own father wrote her out of the Will that’s why she wrote this book. Facts matter OH PLEASE SHE HAD YEARS TO DO THIS BUT ONLY NOW THAT ATTENTION IS ON HER SHE GOES THAT ROUTE -FAKE Psycho niece strikes again. LOL. She’s how old now?

Wow, big news. We all know that Trump has a history of crooked transactions; hope his niece will receive what she has been cheated out of. Trump is the worst POTUS ever! A distraught family member sucking any cash Lamestream Media will give her. Who is the puppet, Mary Trump or the idiots ?

Mary Trump sues President and his siblings for fraud, calling it the family 'way of life'Mary Trump, President Donald Trump's niece, filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing the President and his siblings of committing fraud in order to deprive her of her interests in the family real-estate empire built by Fred Trump Sr. Discovery is going to be 🔥🔥🔥 Good It all comes down to the money, whether it’s rainy, or snowy, or sunny... Funny how it all comes down to money, the money...

Mary Trump Sues President and His Sister Claiming Fraud, ConspiracyThe complaint names as defendants President Trump, his sister Maryanne and the executor of their late brother Robert’s estate, alleging the siblings perpetrated a scheme to defraud Mary Trump of interests in the family business. LOL. How much was she paid by Soros to do this? These scumbags never stop. This will definitely not help her seem less crazy Maybe she should write a book about it...

Mary Trump sues the president and family for fraud - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Trump is a known super conman. He did try to con his late father into signing an amended will that would've made him the sole proprietor. I believe he stole his late brother's inheritance. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 😂

President's Niece Mary Trump Sues Trump Family For MillionsMary Trump's father, Fred Trump Jr., was the president's older brother. Did not make enough money selling the book, so now is plan B. Good for MaryLTrump as she should get what was rightfully hers that Benedict Traitor realDonaldTrump and his siblings stole from her. Its an outrage that this happened to her and I look forward to how this will play out.

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Mary Trump: Take It Seriously That Trump May Not Hand Over PowerHow far is he willing to go to remain in office if he loses? 'Farther than you can possibly imagine,' warned the president's niece.