President Trump continues to use harsh rhetoric while campaigning against Joe Biden

As President Trump uses rhetoric such as 'bloodshed' and 'chaos' while campaigning, @chucktodd says the president is 'painting this imagery that ironically is taking place in Trump's America right now, not Biden's America.'

8/1/2020 9:32:00 PM

As President Trump uses rhetoric such as 'bloodshed' and 'chaos' while campaigning, chucktodd says the president is 'painting this imagery that ironically is taking place in Trump's America right now, not Biden's America.'

President Trump continues to use harsh rhetoric while campaigning against Joe Biden. Anne Gearan from The Washington Post says, “The president … was giving a particularly apocalyptic version of what really has emerged as one of his main campaign arguments.”

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chucktodd Soooo... Biden isn't from America? Just Trump? Lmfao... You can't make this shit up.... msclassyldy chucktodd OTOH, chucktodd Trumps storm troopers left Portland and protests returned to bbeing peaceful. The problem was Trump and his storm troopers inciting riots. chucktodd He always admits to what he is doing by falsely projecting it onto others.

chucktodd Chuck Todd is just noticing this? The rest of the world has been pointing this out for weeks now. chucktodd Likely JoeBiden voters arw the people DOING the 'bloodshed' and 'chaos' now! But let's blame Trump. Such BS. chucktodd They’re Biden’s voters chucktodd AntiTrump people are rioting. AntifaJoe fully supports these actions.

chucktodd Trump has hired white supremacists to go to cities like Portland to try to make it look like it's the protesters who are doing the damage. It is Trump's thugs that are doing the damage. We need to remove Putin's puppet from our White House. chucktodd True. chucktodd Damn Right. Harsh word for harsh times.

chucktodd Big lie.! Stop playing petty politics.! Americans are no longer kids on what the Dems stand for.! America must not be sold to the Chinese.!! chucktodd EnemyOfThePeople chucktodd The ‘give-away’ is his monotone voice & weird mid sentence pauses as he reads the script. No passion in his voice. He doesn’t care about the protesters or their grievances....he doesn’t want to fix it. He just wants to be called Mr President and make mega-bucks.

chucktodd Everyone knows that the 'peaceful protesters' tried to peacefully loot and burn federal courthouses, only exercising their constitutional rights. chucktodd Bidens America... chucktodd Draining a swamp and cleaning out the muck and vipers is never easy or pretty especially when the media is a part of and wants to preserve the swamp. 👮‍♂️🗽🇺🇸

chucktodd YEAH WE KNOW ALL THIS WAS DONE ON PURPOSE FOR THIS EXACT REASON! ALL THIS CHAOS SO YOU GUYS CAN SAY, “SEE, THIS IS TRUMP’S AMERICA” WHAT SICK, TWISTED PEOPLE! chucktodd That’s because that is what’s going on. idiots chucktodd They need to come up with a app that just blocks all Trump supporters comments so no one has to deal with them anymore. There's too many fake accounts especially on Twitter and Facebook that the platforms refuse to do anything about.

chucktodd Our people do not riot. Our people are all law abiding citizens. Our people do not wear masks. Our people blindly follow what I say like lemmings. They will drink the koolaid if I lose Nov 3rd. chucktodd More of DT's projection. chucktodd Me and mind don't allow crime like that in our state. And in our state all are welcome. And enjoyed by all. Seems the problem might be seed.

chucktodd Cause he is a delusional person that needs to be in a long term care facility. chucktodd Projection is Trump’s schtick. chucktodd Let's be more precise, this is mostly happening in democrat-led cities. chucktodd Every Republican President since Reagan has seen either a catastrophic event, war or riots in the streets. When Democrats are President, all you see is pissed off Republicans.

chucktodd Thanks to the Democrats! Five Democrat Goveners murdered tens of thousands of seniors with their negligence in Nursing Homes. Democrats are to blame for the riots 100%! Democrats must be voted out or the United States will become a third world country! chucktodd If that's true, why is Biden's staff bailing these criminals out?

chucktodd He has lost his marbles chucktodd American patriots must rise up against this Obama induced leftist evil that is threatening to consume America. chucktodd Joe Biden can't use rhetoric. He can't even take an interview or field questions from all news outlets. This is not a president I want nor is it a president anyone should want.

chucktodd You got bloodshed and chaos. Pepperspraying peaceful protesters and a peiest for photo op. Calling white supremacists peaceful protesters chucktodd Biden’s America is his basement so actually on about 3 people knowwhat that is. Anyone that denies the violence and destruction going on in many states need to do some research away from the MSM and open their eyes. Violence is worse now since election year & covid hit.

chucktodd I can't believe people buy into his stupid fear-mongering. The Mexicans are coming to get you. The Muslims are coming to get you. BLM is coming to get you. The guy who bungled the covid-19 response. The guy who is OK with Russians paying for Americans to be killed. Him. chucktodd Just another hater post by obviously partisan MSDNC! SilentMajority

chucktodd On July 4th 2020 Bloodshed & Chaos occured in these American city's. Chicago 80 shot 17 killed New York 64 shot 10 killed Philly 31 shot 7 killed Atlanta 28 shot 4 killed What do all these city's have in common ? ... There mayors are all Democrats. chucktodd chucktodd Well heck, Biden's America is his basement.

chucktodd Democrats destroying democrats cities. chucktodd TRUMP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR AS MANY COVID DEATHS NOW, AS THERE WERE AMERICANS THAT DIED IN WWII. chucktodd Breaking: Trump 2020 campaign returns to successful outsider themes from 2016 failing to realize he’s campaigning against himself. chucktodd Sooo... he's changed his tone then or what? I'm so confused chucktodd... all these tones of Trump. Personally, I always thought he was 💩. 💯

chucktodd The biggest story is this. Cover it!!! chucktodd Democrat run cities are shit holes, if Trump goes in you accuse him of being a dictator if he does nothing you say he has blood on his hands for doing nothing. Which is it? chucktodd Wasn't something like this in his inauguration speech? He wants chaos and conflict to stay in power. He is just copying other dictators at this point.

chucktodd Yeah, Chuck. We know. chucktodd No, Chuck, its ALL happening in blue cities and states, and YouAintBlack Sniffy Joe and his Bernie Sanders, AOC agenda will spread it nationwide. chucktodd This country will never be Biden’s America… No matter how MSM wants to frame words and events out of context :|

chucktodd How’s that new tone working out, Chuck? chucktodd DemocratRiots chucktodd DTrumpiee is still in his mind WW2 or Vietnam making russia a better place n profits. chucktodd Cause he is a DUNCE! chucktodd The bloodshed and chaos is exclusively and wholly perpetrated by Democrats. America knows this, even if you do not.

chucktodd Taking place in Democrat cities because of Democrat mayor's and governors. Under Biden this would be everywhere. chucktodd Illegal and​ Disorder.​ I​ thnk so! save​ US chucktodd At Chucktodd is a tool. A friend of mine said this a few years ago. He is a tool. Every hour before him and every hour after him asks at least some relevant questions. But not while Todd is on.

chucktodd Putin, please liberate us from these tools. chucktodd realDonaldTrump THIS IS THE REALITY YOU CREATED. NO ONE CAN BE BLAMED FOR WHAT WE ALL SEE YOU DOING chucktodd Democrat cities are a mess. Trump’s America is peaceful. chucktodd Occurring at the hands of Democrats/Biden supporters. chucktodd BillClintonIsAPedo

chucktodd chucktodd Thank-you. chucktodd Yeah, its so strange. He's describing the current state of the USA while he's president. Its absurd. No wonder he halted any ads this weekend to figure out something new chucktodd That's what I keep thinking. It's one thing to blame Obama for everything, but how is he getting away with pinning the current chaos on Biden? That's some ninja level cognitive dissonance there.

chucktodd Trump 2020 chucktodd More lies and deception from MSNBC chucktodd It's amazing that we didn't have issues like this when BarackObama was in office. Yet Dumb Donnie realDonaldTrump wants to use the only tactic he and the republican party know; scare tactics, lies and cheating. chucktodd More MSM lies

chucktodd Biden don’t have an America! He has Delaware! The guy is a shell memorizing what he has to say! chucktodd Democrats are the source of this! They let this happen intentionally and people have died! There is no other way of seeing this but honestly! People will not forget in November who allowed all this to happen, who allowed police to be treated as they have, all for politics!

chucktodd MSNBC =DNC chucktodd Bidens America will take away our police, guns, and give us everything for free. Allowing a zero chance to rise up when he then abolishes the voting system and remains in power. FakeNews FakeNewsAlert chucktodd More Bullshit from MSDNC......There is no Bidens America......IF IT DOES HAPPEN YOU CAN COUNT ON YOUR TAXES GOING UP, SPENDING GOING UP, OPEN BORDERS, JOB LAYOFFS IN THE ENERGY INDUSTRY, 401 k GOING DOWN

chucktodd Trump campaign slogan: 'Make America Great Again!' chucktodd Thanks to Left Wing thugs being paid to burn, vandalize and destroy. Biden is through. chucktodd Are Trump supporters interested in any truth? or just bullshit chucktodd All happpwning democratic cities. chucktodd Wow in front of 105 people including press what a nut job

chucktodd He's too dumb to see that. chucktodd Biden’s America is pudding and unicorns. He has no clue which planet he habitates. chucktodd Rhetoric? chucktodd That would actually be progressive socialist Democrat America supported by the media chucktodd msnbc = Fake News chucktodd But not Trump supporters.

chucktodd Trump has complete control over the blood and chaos; simply stop sending out federal troops to incite it. chucktodd Trump’s America is scary. When he is out of the White House, the chaos & bloodshed he is talking about will go out with him. chucktodd realDonaldTrump No one is safe in Trump’s America. WeWillVote TrumpIsLosing

chucktodd If people had stiffer spines, when he started this tyrannical talk they would turn around and walk off stage, walk out of rooms, walk out of briefings. Old saying: We teach people how to treat us. chucktodd Different day; same incendiary dooh-dooh. chucktodd 👍 chucktodd Love how they call it trump's America but everytime he tries to intervene idiots like chuck Todd calls him

chucktodd Trump’s America is very scary and dangerous, especially after dark. His men are creating havoc throughout the USA. They are infiltrating peaceful protests and causing property damage. His “Storm Troopers” are terrorizing citizens, the Press and communities. chucktodd 🙄 chucktodd Wow .... you’re trying desperately. 😆

chucktodd In Democratic Party America. Not Trump's America... chucktodd He'd suppress us all if he could... If he gets away with banning TikTok, who will be next.. Twitter? He has a beef with Twitter too. chucktodd Still spreading lies and division like farmers spread manure. chucktodd Trump2020Landslide

chucktodd Wait what?! chucktodd Did you catch that? MSMBC just gently dropped a thought into your mind of a One Man's america chucktodd chucktodd Uh, how long has Biden been in politics compared to Trump? This is Biden's America, and Trump is cleaning up his mess. chucktodd Yup. .realDonaldtRump is describing the America he is leading. Then again he doesn't have any leadershipskills. Coronavirus COVID19 tRumpchaos VoteGOPout in 2020 for sacrificing Troops & AmericanLives. Resist Resistance TheResistance indivisible indivisibleteam🌊

chucktodd Biden supports the violence across US cities. chucktodd chucktodd is a hack chucktodd So, according to Chucky Todd, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Austin and Atlanta, to name a few, are not Biden's democrat cities😏

Biden Makes The Simplest Anti-Trump Promise Ever And People Are Here For It...and he didn't even mention Trump by name. Why hasn't this Sniffy, Touchy, feely, Whackjob been extradited to Ukraine for Quid Pro Quo? He is 5th stage senile .. uhmmmmmmmmm

Biden slams Trump, McConnell for 'political games' with further coronavirus aidSpeaking to the American Federation of Teachers’ virtual convention, Joe Biden accused the White House and other Republicans of not doing enough to provide financial relief to workers in frontline fields, like teachers. They're not even in fucking SCHOOL, but teachers need more money. Okay Biden. joe dementia That kind of measures ruins a country. Giving money for not working is a serious economic problem in the future.

Opinion | Reading the Trump-Biden InkblotsFrom WSJopinion: The Black lives most at risk are inner-city school children. A Biden presidency won’t help them, writes danhenninger. opinion DanHenninger Biden thinks he’s running for the Senate opinion DanHenninger A Biden presidency won't help the country. opinion DanHenninger Compare both presidencies side by side please. Helpyour readers truly understand ”both sides of coin” “newspaper”

Why a Biden win over Trump could weigh on tech stocks, boost ‘old-economy cyclicals’When it comes to regulation of the tech industry, Joe Biden “is seen as more moderate…than some of his challengers for the Democratic nomination would have been.' Here's why a Biden win could weigh on tech stocks and boost 'old-economy cyclicals':

Can President Trump Delay the Elections?With polls showing Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden, it is widely rumored that the president might seek ways to postpone the election in order to remain in office. Such a move would be blatantly illegal.

John Lewis Laid to Rest as President Obama Delivers Eulogy, Calls Out TrumpRep. John Lewis will be laid to rest in Atlanta, and Barack Obama is expected to deliver the eulogy. JohnLewisMemorial was one of The Best memorial services I've ever seen! Befitting of a Great Truly Godly Man! Now if only governors would allow everyone the opportunity to properly bury their loved ones instead of only giving that privilege to the rich, famous or connected. About time ..King tut was getting jealous that lewis was racking up more exhibit dates than he had ....just saying