President Trump announces retaliatory tariffs against China

Before heading to the G-7 summit, President Trump has announced new retaliatory tariffs against China.


BREAKING: President Trump announces further tariffs on China in ongoing trade war, as concerns about the US economy grow.

Before heading to the G-7 summit, President Trump has announced new retaliatory tariffs against China.

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I’m so proud to have a president that stands up to China for stealing our technology and making cheap knockoffs of everything. The only concerns about the economy are from the fake news media Do we need more stuff from China? He’ll forget by morning. Trying to look tough, the little snowflake. Trump's tariffs has nothing to do with the feds decision on raising or not raising interest rates. The fed can't be involved with this type of behavior caused by one man. Trump owns this, it's his baby. We the people are going to have to feel the pain in order to see the mistakes

Is trump trying to ruin the economy because hes unpopular. The truth that came out of LeningradLindsey’s mouth was when he called trump, crazy,maniac,dangerous & will destroy the GOP & the country in the process! Its all reality show now folks!Are we still willing to continue yapping or are we going to take actions to stop this nonsense!

mickekock1 What is Trump to do? Take it up the pooper from China as other Presidents have done for decades? China needs to own what they have done. Short term pain for long term gain. If someone wants to explain why we shouldn't do this then please do. China will Blink First !! Obviously 45 doesn't understand (duh) how tariffs work.

GOP fundraises off Greenland flap: 'Support President Trump and his efforts to help America grow!'Greenland isn't for sale, but Republican donors can get a T-shirt that suggests otherwise The people of Greenland have been praying and begging God to have Trump purchase it. They want to be a part of the best country in the world! For the right price everything is for sale Wow a t-shirt, quite the breaking story

Tariffs Are Taxes: In fact, “tariff hikes are really tax hikes.” by Lawrence Kudlow March 6, 2018 I! HATE! THIS! FUCKING! DUDE! FOR REAL, FOR REAL!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Physic ward stuff. Why is Fat Racist realDonaldTrump so upset - the Chinese are going to pay the tariffs - right? I mean if we believe Divine King Trump - the Chinese are footing the bill and hurting themselves America is winning - so 🤷‍♂️ Why all the drama

From the mentally disturbed POTUS realDonaldTrump As we go, we will plummet into an economic recession, I do not understand why people support someone who makes the United States embarrassed This why Trumps latest job approval numbers are so bad. I said years ago, there will NOT be a China deal. No country that is not directly dependent on the U.S., is going to sign a deal with Trump. He has no credibility, the polls reflect voters are waking up to Trumps con game!

That's why they call it a 'war' Hasn’t he been saying this for months? Or is it one of those I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna wait, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna wait..?

President Trump Sings 'Baby Shark' & Gets Chased by King Jong Un in New Parody Video: WatchPresident Trump sings and dances to 'Baby Shark' in silly new parody video by YouTuber Maestro Ziikos. HELL NO no. oh fuck no

announced on Friday, stepping back on Monday. Call me dumb but?...….. How do you put tariffs on no products?..... All business was ended with China earlier 2day from 'The Chosen One' our Dictator?..... What a Winner he is!!!!! Finally!!! Some stands up to the ChiComs. MSNBC loves communists. All of this only helps one person. He just happens to control our president though

Scaramucc Scaramucc! You CAN do the fandango! Scaramucci is absolutely right - no business in its right mind would keep Trump in the top job. He's a catastrophic failure, a danger to the country and a threat to its existence. That's great! BTW the rainforest is being destroyed. Thanks to imperial white capitalists. How am I wrong? plague FUeverthing!

He flat out lied, then; he wasn't going another round until December.....someone grab this crap by the horns and get Trump!! This is when and where realDonaldTrump the clown bankrupts the US. Because he is a terrible negotiator. He's a petulant child. All he's thinking is about getting the last dig (or in this case, tariffs) in - he's not one bit concerned how it will affect the country. Out of the hundreds of millions of people that live in our great country, how did this lunatic get to be president?

Trump tweets: 'Who is our bigger enemy,' Fed Chairman Powell or Chinese President Xi?President Donald Trump on Friday again ripped into Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, comparing him to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Well, you appointed one of them, Mr. Best People. The Tweeter hisownself Completely panicking

Just in time for the holiday seasons... He's already destroyed the farming industry might as well let him destroy more of American businesses after all his escape plan is to Russia. China won’t win this stand-off, but they would fold quicker if MSM were savvy enough to back the President’s stand. BREAKING: President Trump announces further *taxes on Americans* in ongoing trade war with China. - fixed it for you

I guess my retirement will be delayed. Has TrumpBaby decided he can't win? It's almost seems like he wants to hurt America as much as possible for daring to not believe in him. NotTheChosenOne Remember when we were discussing the fact that it's supposed to be CONGRESS that has the authority to put in place tariffs? Now it's just... okay that he does this unilaterally? Huh. Weird.

When he loses in 2020 he is going to blame everybody but himself. We are 'led' by a petulant toddler... that was keeping it PG. 🤬

President Trump meeting with trade team at White House amid tweetstorm that rocked marketsStocks dropped after Donald Trump ordered that U.S. companies find alternatives to their operations in China. 50% tariffs on everything China... let's see it! 👀👀👀👀📉📉📉 Another 50% haircut for the markets? Coming soon? How about they just forcefully remove his ass already? 25thAmendmentNow

$300 billion tax hike on all Americans courtesy of a Friday night news dump tweet. The concerns about the economy have been created by the media. 1st Q GDP: 3.1% 2nd Q GDP: 2.1% 2.6% annual GDP thru 2 Quarters. In July, Consumer Confidence hit 18 year high. Hey senatemajldr you may want to consider wrapping up your vacation and stop your dear leader (aka orange clown baby) from tanking our US economy! You know... The economy BarackObama left behind, that you try to take credit for... Just saying... 🤔KenCalvert

‘The Simpsons’ Creators Tell President Donald Trump That Life Is All Right In ‘America’President Donald Trump, who has been lambasted by The Simpsons before, is again the comedy target of a new teaser video from the show’s creators. This time, the newly self-christened Chosen O…

President Trump walks back payroll tax cut suggestion, now says, 'we don't need it'President Donald Trump is walking back his comments on implementing a payroll tax now saying, 'we don't need it, we have a strong economy.' 🤦🏿‍♂️We're waiting Lord... INTELLGIENT presisent knows that cutting the taxes would be short term solution and would only cost us more when we need to tape it back together ~ not something igorant osama would think about Trump's businesses appeared successful and strong, right up until they declared bankruptcy and he walked away.

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