President Joe Biden was caught cursing about a Fox News reporter on a hot mic.

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'What a stupid son of a bitch': President Biden was caught on camera cursing about a Fox News reporter following the reporter's question about inflation and midterm elections.

President Joe Biden was caught on camera Monday cursing about Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

"What a stupid son of a bitch," Biden said as reporters, including Doocy, were being ushered out of a room after he made remarks about inflation. Biden spoke quietly, but the insult was caught on his microphone, which was still on. The remark was included in an official White House transcript of the president's remarks."He called my cellphone and he said, 'It's nothing personal, pal,'" Doocy said on the program.

Biden turned slightly toward the person sitting next to him and said:"No, that's a great asset — more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch."in an appearance on the network Monday before going on"Hannity."Doocy, the son of"Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy, has a history of exasperating Biden.

The exasperation preceded Biden's presidency. Doocy would often ask Biden about his son Hunter Biden's personal and business dealings during the 2020 campaign, clearly annoying him. In one instance, Doocy asked Biden whether his son had fathered a child in Arkansas."On another occasion, Doocy asked Biden who his running mate was going to be."


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He is demented. 🤦

It happens when there is no script to follow- and unscripted answer is eroded by cognitive impairment and lack of actual knowledge of the subject

Well doesn't fox deserve that, I think it was well put.

so what! heard worse from don the con!

You go Joe!!! Show them who is the boss!!!

So what.

Once again our President speaking truth!!

Let's go Brandon you stupid son of a bitch

He only said what we all think every time that fool asks an ignorant question only to get a rise from Jen Psaki mostly.!!That woman & President Biden must be saints.!!!

Humm, must of learn that from trump.

Reporter Doucy, asked a legitimate question if Biden. Did he,Biden, think the pour Economy and highest inflation in 40 years would have an impact on this years House and Senate elections? Biden, should answer the question and stop acting like the Andre old man👍

Took him long enough!!!




To me, Bidens' response to the reporter's question better described Biden's response to the question than the reporters' question. Not only did Biden insult the reporter, but he also insulted the reporters' mother! Another low-class moment for Brandon!

Totally agree with him.

Biden is the greatest president ever! Go Joe!

Foul mouth is a trademark of Most politicians, it’s as American as Apple pie , can’t understand all that fuss, Trump badmouthed everyone where was the cry , move on media outlets find something better worthy to report about, like the serious of Russia invading Ukraine

Nothing wrong with the president cursing that is the beauty of America freedom of speech

The truth hurts

The uniter will go down in history as 2 notches below Ford

The question was super stupid

Trump did this shit all the time and yall jumped all over him, Biden does this but because it's a Fox News reporter that you don't like it must be fine. Typical.

Likely the Fox News 'reporter' [of questionable authenticity] is a 'dumb sob'... 😏😁

Good for the President!

Oh wow the President cursed. Compared to some previous presidents he is an innocent of what comes out of his mouth.

Following a stupid question

After four years of TFG's obscenely childish behavior who cares!

At least he didn’t lie!

I'm sick of 'reporters' playing games with our leaders. They ask questions which are clearly meant to get a reaction instead of an answer. Both sides do it and then congratulate themselves when they succeed at getting the reaction they were looking for. It's all about ratings.

Why is The President being criticized for telling telling the truth? Isn't that what he was elected to do, tell America the truth?

It was funny

And yet.. The President was right on both Inflation and Doocy!

He wasn’t lying…

He apologized…time to move on…has Trump EVER apologized for anything in his life

Didn’t see you do a headline when Trump called Chuck Todd a SOB. But Biden apologized.


I think it's a stretch to say the question was about inflation.

Call me when he mocks a handicapped person and I’ll find a fuk to give.

I’m glad he said it.

It was a legitimate question. Get out of the kitchen, Mr. Biden!

Biden is the pot calling the kettle. Apparently they didn’t medicate him enough.

he just wanted to embarrass Joe...

Well, Biden is not wrong there.

Give um hell Joe!

Biden is projecting.

he called him thereafter. trump would have followed more insults on twitter.

And the Lets Go Brandon crowd is clutching their faux pearls

Telling it like it is. Thank God for POTUS Biden

نداء استغاتة الى كل شرفاء العالم ومناصري حقوق الانسان

He should have said it sooner

This is nothing compared to the other stuff he has said in the past

Good for him. I don't watch Fox but whenever I'm watching something else, like John Oliver, and he shows a clip of Fox, I have the same reaction. Everyone over there is a moron. But at least Biden apologized.

Okay I'm sure all of us Dems. & Reps. will get a chuckle out of a hot mic. At least he didn't say ' Punch-em in the pu_ _ y'.

This inflation is negatively affecting every American!

Finally a president who tells the truth.

I didnt care much, but now i think i like this guy.

مازال باب المشاركة مفتوح للجميع

Maybe old age is failing biden. Just thinking

PresidentBiden 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 PETER💨💨💨🤣🤣🤣 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 PeterDoocyStupidSOB SomeSimilarity😂 Sob💨 StupidSOBDoocy

I ❤ it !

Biden wasn’t “caught” doing anything. He expressed himself exquisitely. Go Joe!

If I were giving out percentage points for favorability he just got 15% points. Great comeback Biden!!! As long as he is using common sense reasoning. He’s got my vote!

I'm here to show my appreciation to TarellaCampbel who took me out from zero to hero. I'm so glad to be among your winning team ma'am and I will always show my gratitude and work with you always.

I would have said it too, we are nearing a war with russia and some Fox guy asks about inflation?

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