President-Elect Biden Hits 80 Million Votes In Year Of Record Turnout

The 2020 presidential election saw the most votes in U.S. history at 156 million and counting, and the highest participation rate since 1900.

11/25/2020 6:07:00 PM

The 2020 presidential election saw the highest turnout rate since 1900. And as of now, President-elect Joe Biden has earned 80 million votes — the most cast for any presidential candidate in U.S. history.

The 2020 presidential election saw the most votes in U.S. history at 156 million and counting, and the highest participation rate since 1900.

Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionRoberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident-elect Joe Biden's 2020 vote total shatters the 2008 record of 69.5 million votes cast for Barack Obama.Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images

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Updated at 9:06 a.m. ET on Nov. 25More votes were cast in the 2020 presidential election than in any other U.S. election in history, and the turnout rate was the highest in more than a century.President-elect Joe Biden has now earned 80 million votes, and ballots are still being counted. That is by far the most votes cast for any presidential candidate in U.S. history. President Trump holds the distinction, however, of earning the second-most votes all time. About 74 million Americans voted for him.

Biden's total shatters the 2008 record of 69.5 million votes cast for Barack Obama. The former vice president was also on that ticket as Obama's running mate.Loading...Overall, more than 156 million Americans cast ballots in 2020, a number that will continue to climb in coming days as more results are reported. The final vote total is likely to get to about 158 million. That is more than 20 million higher than the 2016 record of 137 million votes cast.

The turnout rate isof eligible voters, the highest since 1900, according to the United States Elections Project.Loading...These are remarkable figures with voting taking place in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that has led to statewide lockdowns and

in less than nine months. It also significantly reduced the abilities of campaigns to do in-person door knocking and voter registration ahead of the election. Read more: NPR »

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No one is president-elect until the electors have voted, or the opponent concedes. EARNED 🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 YOU MEAN BOUGHT? That is truly unbelievable!!!!!!!! Fake news. Unreal‼️ Yes he did! Unfortunately for you, other media hacks & clueless leftist‘s proximately 80% of his votes were fraudulent trumpvictory2020 byebyebiden truthwillprevail


The most fraud I am sure you meant to say. Stealing started at the top with lying Biden. All of his and Hunter's money laundering will not make them happy And yet Trump and followers think it was stolen in Layla land Saw the high fraud in history Bullshit If you believe this number, based on his campaign, his record, the lack of visible support, the multitude of examples regarding voter irregularities and his current mental state than you need your head examined as well.

But no sitting president in history received more votes than Trump! And, he didn’t have ghost voters like Biden did. You mad? Lie Voting for Biden has put America in great danger. Already 11 million illegals become C itizens. Will undo all good Trump has done. Will bring alljobs to China. Biden is crooked and a racist. Good luck when China owns us. You did it

🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕Not ever my President!!!! We will never concede Quit spreading lies fake news you’re gonna lose all your ratings you will see 80 million votes for a nutcase crime family I don’t think so Japan knows the Mexican president knows and 80 million American voters know that Biden is corrupt God will take him down you will see

Biden 80 million ? That alone tells you the election was fraudulent. Worst most demented candidate in history! BS. Dead people can’t vote and illegal votes shouldn’t be counted. That’s all BS. Fixed votes. We all know the election was rigged I’m sure it will be 90 million by Christmas This is a joke and a lie. Everyone knows the lie. I’m curious on how the lame stream media is gonna cover their asses once the truth is fully exposed? Stop the propaganda push by the media

And yet he can’t get 100 people to go to any of his rallies... Biden is crooked as most Democrats are. Corrupt is rampant with in their party With the help of republicans 80M realDonaldTrump 😂👏🏼🎊🎉🤡 Just imagine if he actually campaigned to win instead of being basement Biden he could of had 320M votes as the BOTs could have used that in their algorithms

Not even remotely believable! All fake mail in count on it Truth be known he probably only got 55 or 60 million before cheating for the rest You news networks are so full of lies none of you do investigative reporting anymore you just tell what you are told to tell Wonder how that happened? He was obviously so compelling. Sometimes audiences for his campaign speeches even reached double-digits.

Sure he did That’s bullshit cheating!!! You are the devil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Someone that couldn’t even fill a parking lot during his rallies now all of sudden has 80 million votes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Silly morons... Dead Votes Don’t Count He did not “earn” anything! Ass kissing Communist Beijing Biden and his team of cronies cheated and the shit is hitting the fan!!!

How long do you think this lie will last? When are we going to be given access to this man we elected? Is he going to be allowed any unscripted encounters? Will his words come from other than reflections on glass? How do we penetrate the layers of handlers and know this man as he truly is? Why must he be hidden?

NPR made me the conservative I am today. And just think...! He did this all by cheating! Google confirms that the election was indeed manipulated by hidden technology and ballot improprieties; it is an invalid election according to Google, AP, Twitter and Facebook. It's amazing that people who voted in 1900 still voted in 2020. If you count all the phony ballots, then sure. joe could have gotten 100 million. Doesn't matter when they're mostly fake.

Does anyone really believe the most pathetic presidential candidate in U.S. history got 80M votes or is your hate for Trump that blinding? Biden didn't even leave his basement to campaign because they knew the fix was in... Come on, man! Glad you said as of now. If all the fraudulent votes are removed, that will not be the case. The American people do not believe the fake news rhetoric and propaganda. The only solution is to redo the election with paper ballots filled out in person.

Well maybe because ppl who were born in 1900 voted...bidennevermypresident He didn’t earn the votes they were stolen! Because it was full of fraud. Thousands and thousands of ballots all dropped at same time with only Biden checked and not any other on the ballot. Or the same signature for thousands of ballots,

PattyArquette Peut-être la plus grande fraude des usa que le pays ait jamais eux, il ne faut pas s'aventurer trop vite dans le blabla sache déjà que la merde démocrate déjà pour commencer 2 trublions obama Hillary elle qui se parjure devait rester impartiale c'est pas le cas 2 merdes grave'hum How many are fraudulent! Millions! Cheats!

And in his first days he’s going to clear the path for 11 million undocumented people. I’m not good at math but..... And that’s called cheating and how he won and it can never be proven He cheated and now it will be very hard for the left to cheat and get away with it. Hold that thought..... PattyArquette Thank you black Jesus

Dominion voting machines saw 80 million votes for Biden after a glitch in the software. FRAUD! Sorry but 1/3 of JoeBiden votes will be deducted. Chester and Thief Something seems very off by this.... Yeah, the turnout was so great, that more more people voted than were registered! And Koe Biden is still not the president-elect. It is a journalistic lack of integrity to keep using that title before Joe Biden’s name until it is decided in court. We see your game!

I call BULLSH*T How can you expect me to believe that a man that hardly campaigned,spent most of his time locked in his house,and more than half the time people couldn’t comprehend what he was trying to say,got more votes than the first black president or first woman running4 P? Population grows overtime & turnout was for COVID19 fear & Trump botching it. Biden almost lost, wouldve w/o covid. He was a drag on DownBallot races & TheDemocrats msg of “Trump bad, other GOP good” was a fatal error for centrists who lost seats even in blue districts.

80 millions alive? Or the 80 include the dead as well? Jon snow was included as well? India is attacking peaceful protest if farmers not allowing them to protest Nope! That’s fake news! The election was rigged. He’s a fraud. I call bullshit Guess who rigged elections in the past against slaves? It happened again against minorities who are republicans. How many minorities voted for republicans in this election? Democrats...

Dominion Executive: Trump is not going to win. I made f***ing sure of that! And there you have it!! via YouTube No way Manufactured votes! Everyone knows this was a fraudulent election & he will never be a legal president. Millions will never accept him nor respect him. Going to be a very long four years. The damage he will inflect knows no bounds. Millions are locked and loaded.

Statistically, extremely unlikely to the point of absurdity. The cheating algorithm just keeps humming along it seems. Half of the votes for Biden are fake. Fake news! These numbers are disputed! Fact checked! Wrong! Did not anyone see the hearings this morning? But not really . WHO IN HERE STILL NEEDS A PS5 AND ARE SERIOUS IN BUYING ONE I HAVE AN EXTRA FROM BEST BUY FIRST COME FIRST SERVED RT LIKE AND VOUCH

Way to go Joe Living the lie! Karma? ✍️ fakenews rigged Election2020 China Joe , don’t ya think your “Handlers” over did it a bit with the votes ? 80 million !! Eye never ever thought of you being this world wide Rock Star of a political party. Eye mean Trump is HUGE compared to you the past 4 months and Trump tallied only 72 million. Fuzzy Math.

Hahaha and Trump still believe that he won. Only because he had to steal that many votes fraud at its highest us population in 1900 - 76 million us population in 2020 - 330 million and biden got more votes than ever before? gee, you don't say. Dam that’s a lot of dead people and duplicated ballots 70 million of those voted were against Trump. Not for Biden. This is all US 'democracy' can offer?

How when he was hiding in basement ?!!! People are getting ready for the next step in human consciousness. Must people know what’s right. That brings hope. Even people from the 1800 years voted for joe this election such a big joke How many of those were legal? 🤔 Fake News. Why aren’t y’all reporting the outcome of the Judge’s decision today in Pennsylvania. Boy these Liberals aren’t going to like hearing President Trump’s SECOND Inauguration speech.. and fair warning to the BLM/ANTIFA crowd, better stand down this time 😉 😉 😉 👁

Damn, that's a lot of fraudulent ballots! Two of my dead relatives voted Democrat. I am ashamed Fake paper ballots casted for him leading him to win this election. The truth will come out soon. He is not yet our president There is NO WAY in HELL that Joe earned that many votes. Wake up people!! You are being played!!

Many of them were named John Smith, Jim Jones, Sam Johnson, etc.. Many of the lived at 555 Main Street, etc.. Many dead people, were 'Resurrected' to Vote Democrat also. FRAUDULENTLY!!! STOP LYING THE USA AND THE WORLD! PRESIDENT TRUMP WON BY LANDSLIDE and HE AND WE THE PEOPLE WILL PROVE IT! Yes, huge turnout! In many areas we even had 150% voter turnout. 😂

It remains to be seen if he earned 80M voted fairly. It was a perfect storm of an election. Covid, early voting, 100M mail-in voters all unprecedented. I don’t usually wear a tinfoil hat but something is not right. Bullshit! US people protected US democracy .. What a JOKE if it WASN'T a FEDERAL CRIME! HELL NO JOE - your comrades stole the election. FRAUD, Illegal & invalid votes! Trump one of the greatest Presidents! Joe you yourself & family know your not fit for office. I wouldn’t wish dementia on anyone. The extreme socialist left will declare you unfit within 15 months.

Bla bla bla just like the most cynical socialists. You will soon be president-deelect! You expect me to believe that Americans voted Republican for the house and senate and only voted Democrat for Joe Biden the guy who has zero charisma, could barely speak and barely campaigned? Yea right! Respectfully, you expect me to believe that a deadbeat candidate who barely campaigned (almost as if he had been told the fix was in) got 80 million votes? Yea right! realDonaldTrump won in a landslide and America knows it!

This is what scares the most ... How come? Who dah hell believe this amount of votes was by fair procedures? RiggedElectionsUS Nice propo. Stop the lies, 'Fake news'🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ FAKE The most illegal vote also. The truth stands up when the world's on fire !!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

what a joke...millions of fraud votes were In play. Theres no evidence that a fair election was brought forth. Biden did not recieve 80 million votes I can just tell by looking at his corrupt career. Sad. Even more sad that the evidence of fraud is being completely ignored. Funny thing is, he’s not President-Elect yet.

How many were dead, illegal immigrants, or fake?! Fraud Half were fake ballets Twitter should put a disclaimer on this, as it does with Trump Liessss ! Pinocchio Joe Biden in Hiden has fooled many of you! The reversal is in and Trump looks like he will win after all! Sorry for all those that support Pinocchio Joe 🤥🥊

We are sure at least 10 million of them are illegal Sorry. To bad they were illegal votes. Half of those belong to Trump!! I know there can’t be 80 million idiots in the Country Let be honest those votes were against Trump not necessarily for Biden NEXT 4 YEARS WE WILL SEE YOU LETTING CHINA MAKE AND DELIVER WITH A BIG PROFIT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND THE YOUR INNER CIRCLE. BTW KAMALA TAKING OVER. SOCIALISM.

A RIGGED AND DISHONEST ELECTION. THAT IS WHAT YOU HAVE BIDEN. For a senile candidate that never clarified one of his policies. Total bullshit election that they’ll never convince 72,000,000 voters otherwise. This is the beginning of the end... ¡estupendo!.. And Trump won the most votes than any 'Sitting President' in American history. Even more than what he won in 2016...

I noticed you have a seizure of children that is not the National Guard doing it. Child Protective Services is to protect children's education. The National Guard is to Protect children physically. And yes if the parents are criminals the children are sent to military school. They were fake!!!!!! Hello do you have dementia too?

Fake news, all from campaigning from his basement, this man supposedly received 15 million more votes than Obama, and could barely hold a sentence together. The media does not select the president, only the certified votes of the electoral college. Woke America is ready!!! That seems impossible by the numbers.

Fake News Its scary how many of you don't pay attention to whats going on. I predict a lot of screaming at the sky and rolling around in the streets come January. Step outside your echo chamber before reality hits you hard in the next few weeks. Start by checking out the PA hearings today If it had been a fair and honest election, we would be saying how many votes Mr. Trump would have received but because of voter fraud perpetrated by the cheating Democratic party, we'll never know.

Bullshit lmaooooo People were not voting for him you idiot... The morons could not see how better we have been & are with Trump. That is a lie. The entire election will always be known as the most corrupt and fradulent election of all time, not just in America but the world. Can we have this printed on dollar bills, just to rub it in the face of one term presidents

Prayers to all Americans who are in the same shape my family is! If they would have put us Americans first and sent out Stimulus we could have had A Thanksgiving dinner let on Christmas coming! My prayers go to all Americans that’s in the same shape tomorrow 🙏 What a freaking joke! HE DID NOT get 80m votes! He stole them from my President who actually earned them. He should have no less than 78m, so Biden can go to hell and stop taking credit for this thievery.

I’m glad for President Biden! I just wish they would have put us Americans FIRST! Because their will be millions like my family tomorrow who don’t have a cent to have a Thanksgiving dinner or a cent for the holidays! They could have sent our Stimulus month as ago! To late now😢 Thief Yeah cause he’s awesome! He’s way better then Obama! 💯

A real leader not a cheerleader. Stolen votes don’t count! who fucking cares? omg, the turnout rate in 1900 was high - well this is more of a question of who the fuck hasn’t been voting these past 120 years to make the rate lower!!! society seems to care less. back then a high rate of voters turned out - they were more incomed

You cannot possibly believe that basement Joe Hiden got 80 million to vote for him. A geriatric dementia patient who’s owned by China. Rigged election Not from what I heard in the initial hearing of legislators in PA today... Including dead people, people voting multiple times , and people’s votes being paid for!

If Biden won, then how come the Democrats lost in Congress? Total Fraud About over 10 million of those 80 were either from dead people or duplicate copies of the already cast ballots. 😳😲🎶I believe in miracles🎶😅😂🤣 And he did all this from his basement. AMAZING! 80 Million. BULLSHIT. “Earned” ROFLMFAO

Except many thousands if not millions of the votes were FRAUDULENT!!! Fraudulent Highest level of fraud and the biggest crime in American history! Lol msm and big tech trying to suppress massive voter fraud using mail in ballot. realDonaldTrump don't stop fighting. This is their last stand Yea right Millions of dead people voted for Biden... he’s going to jail

He didn’t and anyone with a brain knows it Imagine getting the most votes of any candidate in history not because of Ur policies or vision but because of the hatred alone of the opposite candidate. Imagine getting the most votes of any candidate in history and not being able to complete a sentence without a teleprompter

Blah blah blah Too bad that count is flawed and cheated and soon will be proven to be a landslide victory for trump! How about y’all start covering real news and follow the fraud and the treachery instead of feeding people leftest detrimental koolaid. You must be defunded. We don’t want Geobbel’s media.

His vote count is disputed. Thanks. Not so much Only because of voter fraud There was an evil bastard in the White House, and must be removed. American voters were paying attention, and didn’t want anymore of Trump’s unlawful and self serving behavior. Is OANN a Chinese channel? fact check---- this is a lie----this is a lie

😂🙄 Are any mainstream media organizations doing an in-depth investigation of Dominion? Awesome 👏🏻 80,000,000 Votes for Biden, so far A number that makes me smile 😄 America is hurting and Biden is a healer 🇺🇸💙 I can't believe people actually believe this election wasn't sketch. If this was an honest result then the democrats ran the best campaign in US history and should do it every 4 years from now on.

Holy cow! 65M were actual people. Congrats! LEGAL votes? He’s way way way more popular than Obama. If you disagree you’re a bigot! Didn’t POTUS receive the 2nd most votes cast in history? I can feel the stress being released adult in the House! Someone with a plan, that will listen to the experts & science instead of golfing, watching cable news and tweeting shit. Hurry up Jan 20th 2021.

Yeah but only 79,999,999 were legally cast Well Done Biden, please ACTUALLY make America Great Again ! A pure sham and travesty...Democracy is Dead... Now let's get to packing..(Supreme Court)....hmmmm 15 sounds like a good number.. Don’t delude yourselves! Joe Biden didn’t receive 80 million LEGAL votes. Trump received more votes than any sitting president in history. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Yep, the world just mailed it in for Biden how many of those votes were from mail in ballots? Trump's anger meter just went off the scale. We love JoeBiden Great example of love,empathy,humbleness and honor, we Americans yearn for a change and peace! No more hate and racism and narcissism So many people liked a guy that campaigned from his basement?

That’s because there are many illegal votes for Biden If nothing else, we can applaud the commitment to vote during a pandemic. Even Trump, in the context of a decisive loss, received more votes than any candidate in history exclusive of Biden. America voted. If there is a major drop in 2024, then you know it was phantom votes.

Earned is a generous term considering about 75m of those were votes against Trump That's a lie nobody believes that. He got 80million votes during covid-19. It also saw a lot of unanswered issues Pathetic that 65% is considered outstanding and is the highest turn out in 100 years. Other democracies have over 90% every election. This unwillingness to pay attention, be involved, and hold representatives accountable is exactly why our democracy has been taken from us.

Doesn’t matter as long as the predecessor doesn’t accept it and treats the American people like idiots. Shore he did 😂😂😂😂 Now guys you may have just ruined Trump's day. Stop saying this as if it was JoeBiden who caused that turnout. Yet he will be the most centrist of any president ever What’s bothering me most about this election is that only a few million less voted for the other guy. America is broken so how do we fix it

Given the current position we are in the number of votes are meaningless. If we ever want the vote to represent the will of the people the the actual vote must be counted and not the vote of an outdated and historically racist fraternity of electors. youvebeenwarned Because more voted. Not rocket science

I think these were votes AGAINST Trump and not votes for Biden. Also, I don’t think he “earned” them because he barely campaigned. That’s how much people hate Trump. If anyone believes that, I’ve got some land to sell you in Iraq. 😂 I hate to say it but..... Not because we were all IN LOVE with Biden, but how much we ALL hated Trump.

Congrats Joe but don't break your back bending over to them! Reach but don't bend sir! They aren't worth it! Don't ever forget what they did to our Supreme Court! We Democrat's were told this fact 3 weeks ago, good to repeat for the rest of them!!! Nah- everyone knows JoeBiden didn’t earn sh*t. He just simply wasn’t realDonaldTrump. I speak for everyone when I say no one is excited about Joe Biden as an individual.

That’s just a lie. It’s just a lie, you can’t seriously believe that people take the MSM for their word anymore? The DNC has been caught red handed so many times for creating votes it’s almost commonplace. It’s just considered part of their process now, how tragic is that? realDonaldTrump RepTomReed RepJacobs It's true that America is the winner here but a special shout out is needed with thanks and much love to Detroit and Philadelphia !

Ha Ha 💙 This is the Babylon Bee, right? Of course it did he cheated using vote by mail lol America can finally move out of the ditch Trump put us in. A huge % of that was people voting 'Not Trump', it could have been Winnie The Pooh and he'd have got 60 million votes. Actually, Pooh 2024! Real News Flash: Pres. Of China Xi Jinping thanks China Joe Biden in his great work overthrowing the American Gov Without firing a Shot! Pres. Trump need to pull the rug out from under China joe! 4 More Years of Pres. Trump has to happen in order to stop China! America Fight Back

Somehow BasementBiden is the most popular candidate in history in spite of running the worst campaign ever and NO ONE in the media or on the left sees any need to wonder why. Let’s be honest, most of those votes were NOT FOR TRUMP and not votes for Biden. The only reason this election was even close is bc people voting in states like Wyoming get four times the amount the amount of say as people in California. The EC is long overdue to go.

You do understand that it wasn’t so much of a vote for Biden as it was a vote against Trump. We settled on Biden when we could have had greatness!!! That’s what happens when you cheat! Create fake ballots and lie Trump got CRUSHED in this election like the LOSER he is! Next stop, PRISON!! MASSIVE LANDSLIDE. Should not take as long as it did to declare the winner. Time to get rid of the Electoral College once and for all!

fishhomeagain cc: LOSER realDonaldTrump Lotta butt hurt MAGAs here Gaslighting Americans. We aren’t stupid. Biden got more votes than Obama and he didn’t even campaign. It’s truly amazing. Can’t wait to see how great a president corporate Joe will be Follow me on Twitter!💙👍 This is not a meaningful boast and I wish ya'all would stop it. Both parties set the same record, one just by moreso.

Delusional (Both NPR and the Alzheimer's president wannabe.) that is 80 million votes against trump. who was the silent majority?... It should be emphasized more that the voting population was effectively only white men in most states in 1900. You don't need the qualifier imho. This crushing victory couldn't have been possible without maga. You were such an existential threat to America you made record numbers of young people and habitual non voters show up to vote as is their lives depended on it. Because, you know, they kinda do.

JoeBiden won bigly! EndOfAnError We mustn’t forget that 74M said “Last four years? Heck yeah I want more of that!” 🤣🤣