President Biden calls for 3-month federal gas tax holiday

President Biden will call on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months and ask states to suspend their own gas taxes.

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6/22/2022 2:43:00 PM

JUST IN: President Biden will call on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months and ask states to suspend their own gas tax es or provide commensurate relief to consumers.

President Biden will call on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months and ask states to suspend their own gas tax es.

WASHINGTON -- President Biden will on Wednesday call on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months and ask states to suspend their own gas taxes or provide commensurate relief to consumers, according to the White House.The federal government charges an 18.4-cent tax per gallon of gasoline and a 24.4-cent tax per gallon of diesel. Suspending the tax for three months - through the end of September, as Biden will call for - will cost about $10 billion, according to the White House.

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Can he recall some 33+ billion dollars to help his own country. The amount was exorbitant and we could have still helped Ukraine. Make it make sense. Political officials should be forced to take a pay cut to help the people. Who suffers? The poor and the middle class. About time! What happened to the $400 gas relief 🤔

This some bullsh*t About time Open the pipe line back up. Common sense for us to be self reliant. Gas tax will fix the bumpy/deep holes roads Just lower the prices… that’s all Oh WooHoo my KIA costs 85.00 to fill upin CA at a cheap gas station. So a rebate of $2.35, LOL, is someone that foolish to even think the energy and time to track this makes sense? What a JOKE!!

Just adding to inflation. Good going.. why don't you throw that pen away.

Biden to ask Congress to suspend gas tax for three monthsPresident Biden will ask Congress to suspend the federal gas tax through September, a move that could shave off 18 cents per gallon to help consumers battling record prices at the pump, officials said. Seriously? A whole 18 cents? That’s a meaningless thing to do. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing the President has the power to implement.

A great union will not let their own people suffer. What a failed country. apparently Congress is rejecting Biden's request. Something must be done now 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 What blows my mind is that no one regulates the oil companies lol. Not even the government 🤔 Hurray If this man (that’s a lot of credit) wanted to fix his mistake he’d increase taxes on gas and use the money to expedite construction of the keystone pipeline he cancelled when he took office. Everything this guy does is wrong.

F👿😈🤦🏾‍♂️ the USA There is no oil gas shortage only white collar grid profit take from the poor give to the rich Robin Hood crime there is no shame in their pocket what comes around goes around karma is a b**** And watch for the taxes to be increased later. That'll be a big .50¢

Biden calls on Congress to suspend federal gas taxNEW: President Biden today will call on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months, ask states to do the same and demand that oil and gas companies boost production. WOW SO HELPFUL Refineries are already at 94-96% capacity. At least the ones that haven’t converted or shutdown due to bidens policies. Not to mention he halted the expansion of a refinery in the Virgin Islands. What a boob

Where is the money Newsom told us he gives us? Oh wait, he's gonna give it when it's closer to voting for him. Be about it and stop talkin about it Awesome! Come on Congress and States!: Meanwhile in CA. Raise the gas tax! The Democrats need SOMETHING to say in the 2024 debates to claim they lowered gas prices. LOL

Maybe lower the gas prices altogether! This is absolutely ridiculous when we have other means to get gas. Stop blaming the ukraine war! Bologna!!!! Even BarackObama calls out his dude by saying the gas tax holiday is a 'gimmick'. On average, you will save about $10 a month. What does that do now that everything else costs more because of POTUS ?!

Biden will call on Congress to pause gas tax for 3 months President Joe Biden will call on Congress Wednesday to pause the federal gas tax for three month as Americans across the country deal with record-high gas prices. How about cutting govt payroll by 50%? We dont need half the clowns working within the govt anyway. Bloated salaries and benefits, FOR LIFE He raises priced $3/gallon, lowers them 18 pennies, and wants us to thank him. WE ARE NOT THAT DUMB. November 2022, and 2024, are coming. As California raises the gas tax…. Unreal

That will only hurt the economy more than it would help it It’s a gimmick! Let’s talk about root causes for high gas prices This is a joke Only 3 months how about forever .18 cents. Big whoop. F J B. 😂🤣🤭🤡 So if they can just suspend it, it makes me wonder if they ever actually needed it in the first place.

Wow a whole 3 months 🤬

Decision on U.S. gas tax holiday may come this week, President Biden saysBiden said members of his team were to meet this week with CEOs of the major oil companies to discuss rising oil prices.

That and imposing a price ceiling will help too, folks. Newsom will get away and not comply. We are scheduled for another gas tax starting July 1st Big Fukkking deal “It’s not that simple” -Greasy GavinNewsom Watch the oil companies profits skyrocket. Now would be a good time to invest in Exxon BP Won’t happen in California

🤣🤣🤣 So now JoeBiden Thinks he some kind of hero for a mess he created 🙄🙄 This does nothing. I wish Trump was back in office. He'd know exactly how to stop these guys. So… where will the government get the money to replace that income? What is that revenue used for? Seems illogical and I just paid $6 a gallon at Costco 🤢 but, is that a smart thing to do? Can’t just suspend taxes and run up the out of control debt more

Perfect! 18 cent reduction will do nothing to help but reinstating it just before the midterms will crush the Dems even more than they are already going to get crushed.

President Biden considers gas tax holidayWhile AAA reported that gas prices dropped below $5 per gallon on Saturday, the current rate of $4.98 a gallon remains $1.91 more than a year ago. I just upped my gas price at my job to 5.19 make it stop.

GavinNewsom it’s a bad look when the president has to force you to do it😬 🤡 It's ok the individual states will just raise theirs to equal it all out....demonrats not doing us any favors ✋ Biden wants to ✂️ this source of revenue while giving billions to 🇺🇦 monthly The 🇺🇸 gov will simply print more $ to meet its obligations Result is the 💵 will lose even more value Get ready for Venezuelan style prices!

Another short-term solution that barely will save Americans Pennies. Biden’s energy policies have been a failure. But this does nothing to get to the root of the problem, oil and gas corporations making record profits. The gas prices, world wide and over inflated for one reason, greed. 😂 that should knock off at least $1 off the price of gas here in Commie CA

Is this really going to help? It should be the oil companies that provide the relief not the government. Pretty sure oil companies can still make money without price gouging Sir president let me advice you that the gas prices r high because of lionel Gibson not knowing what to do and putting her nose where it don belong

GavinNewsom you listening yet? Remember your moronic self was saying suspending the gas tax wouldn't do anything?

Texas GOP Goes All-In on Trump’s Big Lie, Says Biden Is ‘Acting President’The Republican Party of Texas now officially, in writing, opposes “all efforts to validate transgender identity” and does not support the use of taxpayer funds for any “medical gender dysphoria treatments or sex change operations.” MsContrarianSci Smart ATT you helped make this happen.

So instead of paying 6.45 at the pump, we will now be paying 6.20 😐 This should help bring down our 41-year high inflation rate. 🤡🤡🤡 A whole 0.25 cents lol Then in 3months gas is forsure going to be over $10 That trick won’t work. He a great con artist though.