Preheat and Prepare Thyself to Bake These Epic Holiday Treats

Preheat and Prepare Thyself to Bake These Epic Holiday Treats

12/9/2021 6:44:00 AM

Preheat and Prepare Thyself to Bake These Epic Holiday Treats

Like your friend who you can always count on, some cookies are classics (and always pick you up when you're down). Follow these simple holiday cookie recipes.

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10 easy, cheesy baked pasta dishes for the holidaysBaked pasta can be meaty or vegetarian but is always warm and cozy. Yummy

Nanaimo Bars, the Essential No-Bake Canadian Christmas TreatThe Nanaimo bar requires no glitter to sparkle, but it will certainly shine at any cookie swap or holiday celebration you bring it to. That is not a Nanaimo Bar. They are not white in the centre, they are yellow. Why is the middle layer so light?

Freeze Scone Dough to Bake Up a Breakfast Treat Any TimeThere's no denying the allure of a freshly baked scone, but, as it turns out, the dough itself doesn't need to be freshly made. Here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons of cold storage, and how to successfully freeze and bake your favorite dough.

Did Someone Say Sugar Plum Shortbread? These Stunning Cookies Are the Perfect Holiday TreatThese stunning floral shortbread cookies from Alma Kitchen are a dream treat. Shop the Alma Kitchen's holiday cookie collection and more.

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Cookie swap 101: Part celebration, part baking exchange | AP NewsThe holiday cookie swap is an evergreen tradition, a terrific way to share sweetness and celebrate community (and lighten our holiday baking loads!). The premise is simple: Each guest is tasked with bringing a few dozen home-baked cookies.