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Pregnant woman was searching for safe place to pull over when police rammed and flipped her SUV, lawsuit says

'I had my flashers on,' the woman told the officer. 'I didn't feel like it was safe.'

6/11/2021 10:50:00 AM

'I had my flashers on,' the woman told the officer. 'I didn't feel like it was safe.'

During a routine traffic stop, a trooper used a driving tactic that flipped the car of a pregnant Arkansas woman, according to a May lawsuit.

Qualified immunity: How it protects police from civil lawsuitsThe doctrine of qualified immunity has been used to protect police from civil lawsuits and trials. Here's why it was put in place.Just the FAQs, USA TODAYAn Arkansas woman says she had no safe place to pull over in July 2020 when a state trooper tried to stop her for speeding, so she turned on her hazard lights and slowed down. Moments later, the officer rammed her vehicle, causing it to flip over and injuring the woman, who was pregnant at the time, according to a May lawsuit.

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Dashcam footage, obtained by anattorney representing Janice Harper, shows Harper appearing to slow down with her hazard lights on after trooper Rodney Dunn initiated a traffic stop. She continued driving for about two minutes, during which time a concrete barrier was visible along the road's shoulder and no exits are seen

.Two minutes and seven seconds after the police car first turned on its lights, the cruiser bumped the left rear edge of Harper's vehicle in a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver, which is often used in police chases, causing her vehicle to swerve across Highway 67/167, hit a barrier and flip upside down. headtopics.com

The video received viral attention in early June and an edited clip has been viewed more than 6 million times on social media.When Dunn initially walked over to her vehicle, Harper told Dunn she didn’t pull over right away because she didn’t perceive it was safe to do so, according to dashboard cam footage.

“Well, this is where you ended up,” Dunn replied.Harper doubled down on her decision when Dunn insisted she should have pulled over sooner, according to dashboard cam footage.“I had my flashers on,” Harper said. “I didn’t feel like it was safe.”The lawsuit says the Arkansas Driver License Study Guide tells motorists that hazards can be used to indicate a driver is seeking a safe place to stop when being pulled over by police. Drivers should “pull over to the right side of the road [and] activate your turn signal or emergency flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to stop." 

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Pay up! The fuck yo POS !! What is wrong with the PD hiring process? That's where the problem lies! Hiring wrong people Qualified immunity I'm going to use this excuse next time I don't want to be pulled over. All time horny, if you want come my whatapps. My whatapps number +13853307120 I am waiting for you

Most shameful act of policing. FIRE HIM Dam!!

Nicole Harper incident throws spotlight on police's use of PIT maneuverHarper was two months pregnant when her SUV was flipped over by an Arkansas state trooper trying to force her to pull over. Good! Has the identity of the trooper who elected to do this come out yet?

مقطع فيديو يعرض لأول مرة يوثق اعتداء من السجانين الإسرائيليين على عشرات الأسرى الفلسطينيين وهم مُقيدين في سجن النقب عام 2019 This is just outrageous End qualified immunity and this type of stuff will stop immediately. Intentional bad decision making. She was not fleeing. Memo to stupid people: Pull over when a cop is trying to pull you over. Don’t put your flashers on and continue to drive like a moron all that does is escalate the situation.

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She slowed down and had her hazards on, indicating that she was searching for a safe place to stop. This reckless fool was itching to use that manoeuvre, irrespective of the danger to the driver, potential passengers, other road users and damage to police and private property. Saw dash cam video. This was a stupid and disgusting action by this officer. He should not be a cop anymore anywhere.

Arkansas police officer who flipped pregnant woman's car faces no chargesFootage of the incident from July 2020 has been released as the woman launches a lawsuit against the state trooper. Elizabe29599604 unreal Figures. Smh I missed the part about her plans to get even.

Stupid cops She had NO ROOM to pull over on that highway, driving with her blinkers on was the right thing to do. She was just trying to ensure her (and the officer’s) safety. Completely ridiculous. I would have done the same thing in her position the police would regret if he found out that his close relative is inside the car.

Why do u hate the police USA Today. backtheblue I can’t believe the department won’t admit to any wrong doing here. She had her flashers on. What!! The unsafe part was the police officer. Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about Jonas_claw_ wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation

Cops are Pigs, DEFUND them NOW

Video shows moment Arkansas state trooper flips pregnant woman's carArkansas Police dashcam video shows the moment a state trooper caused a pregnant woman's car to flip on its top with a so-called pursuit intervention technique or PIT maneuver. wtf... Is this the same woman who decided to run from police while pregnant All cops are criminals

Arkansas woman suing police after brief chase ends with her car flipped on its topMotorist Nicole Harper was two months pregnant and believed the crash had killed her unborn baby. DefundThePolice EndPoliceBrutality EndQualifiedImmunity I support the police, but not in this instance. He should have at least waited, following her until they reached an exit. .. this is insane. The cop should be prosecuted for attempted murder

Video shows pregnant woman's car flip over after officer's PIT maneuverA woman is suing the officer who attempted to stop her for speeding, saying his PIT maneuver was 'negligently performed,' causing her vehicle to overturn. Just look at the video provided here. There is plenty of room to pull over her car. I hope she fucking wins. We need police to protect us from police.

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