Pregnant People Are Fleeing Texas for Abortions

Pregnant People Are Fleeing Texas for Abortions

Planned Parenthood, Abortion-Rights Movement

10/20/2021 8:32:00 PM

Pregnant People Are Fleeing Texas for Abortion s

Planned Parenthood health centers surrounding Texas recorded a 1,082 percent increase in patients with Texas zip codes last month.

becomingineligible for the procedure under the new law. Angela Huntington started a new position as an “abortion patient navigator” at Planned Parenthood Great Plains—which covers Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri—in September, a position that she says was essentially created because of the new Texas law. “From the get-go, the patient navigator position was created to reduce the harm of Senate Bill 8 on patients’ ability to access abortion. We knew it was coming,” she told Jezebel. “The point of this whole navigation program in my affiliate [is] to help patients navigate to where they need to go to exercise their constitutional right to abortion.”

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Huntington said that even though Texans who can afford to travel to other states still have the option to exercise their constitutional rights, the whole process of getting an out-of-state abortion creates a logistical nightmare for everyone.Advertisement

“The travel from Texas to Oklahoma is daunting. I mean, if you’re coming from Galveston, for example, it’s a 450-500 mile drive. So, we get them from point A to point B and back again, I mean that alone is so difficult,” Huntington said. “So you’re talking gas, you’re talking food vouchers, you’re talking, sometimes depending on where they’re coming from, airline vouchers, Greyhound bus tickets, hotel vouchers.”

Finding funds for those practical matters is crucial to being able to access the procedure, as the Planned Parenthood data shows patients with Texas zip codes seeking care as far away as New York and California. “Essentially we are a spider web of support and resources from patient navigators to abortion funds, to Planned Parenthood, to independent providers. I mean, we’re all working together,” Huntington added.

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