Power Through the Holidays With Sweat's Two-Week Low-Impact Barre and Yoga Workout Plan

No excuses — these 30-minute workouts can be done right at home with minimal equipment.

11/30/2020 6:04:00 PM

No excuses — these 30-minute workouts can be done right at home with minimal equipment.

This two-week barre and yoga workout plan from SWEAT will improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

, or just take it completely easy.The best part? All of these workouts can be done entirely at home with zero to minimal equipment. Plus, the plan is designed for all levels; for true beginners, there are modifications for the more difficult moves, like the exercises in the barre workouts. According to the Sweat trainers, the goal of this two-week program is to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness while also improving flexibility, coordination, and balance. The workouts also help you be more in tune with your body. So put on your favorite workout outfit, grab a mat, and get ready to sweat!

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.Equipment needed:yoga mat, water bottle, and sweat towel. For some of the barre workouts, you will need a chair and light weights, about 2-8 pounds (think what you can use for a high number of reps); if you don't have light weights, you can use soup cans, laundry detergent, or jugs of water. For some of the yoga workouts, you may need a yoga block for stability, although that's not required. headtopics.com

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