Post-ABC poll finds a deeply pessimistic nation, worried about the economy and Biden’s leadership

2/27/2022 4:00:00 PM

A pessimistic nation worries about Biden’s leadership and the economy ahead of Tuesday’s State of the Union, a Post-ABC poll finds

A pessimistic nation worries about Biden’s leadership and the economy ahead of Tuesday’s State of the Union, a Post-ABC poll finds

The president’s approval rating hits a new low, as voters indicate more trust in Republicans than Democrats as they approach November’s midterm elections.

ArrowRight Biden will be dealing with multiple problems when he speaks to the nation in prime time from the House chamber.The share of Washingtonians who say they are not safe from crime is up from 22 percent in November 2019 to 30 percent this year, the highest in more than two decades of Post polls.As if the airline industry needs yet another hurdle to overcome after two of the worst years it has ever experienced, carriers are now wondering what will happen to travel in Europe given the war in Ukraine."Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on Friday explained why he believes two pandemic winners, Etsy and Cash App parent Block, will continue to find success in the years ahead.

Russian troops have invaded Ukraine, disrupting the stability of Europe and challenging the Western alliance.The sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and its allies could hike oil prices even as the country continues to labor under inflationary costs.Residents describe hearing gun shots, seeing police converge at crime scenes and learning about violent and property crimes on neighborhood email discussion groups or social media.Meanwhile, Biden faces the fallout from remaining pieces of a domestic agenda that have been stalled for months.Faury admits travel in Eastern Europe near Ukraine may come under pressure, but overall he is optimistic air travel will surge in the months ahead.The poll finds Biden’s presidential approval rating at a new low, with 37 percent saying they approve of the job he is doing and 55 percent saying they disapprove.Advertisement Story continues below advertisement Charlene Battle, 54, a D.Overall, 44 percent say they strongly disapprove.

Predictably, Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove (86 percent) of his job performance, but most independents (61 percent) also rate him negatively.native who works as a medical insurance examiner, has lived in Ward 8 for the past 20 years.At one point transatlantic flights were down more than 75%.Among Democrats, 77 percent give Biden positive marks.Advertisement Read full Post-ABC poll results Asked whether they would prefer the next Congress to be in the hands of Republicans acting as a check against the president or in Democratic hands to support Biden’s priorities, 50 percent of adults say they would rather have Republicans in charge on Capitol Hill while 40 percent prefer the Democrats.“I was like okay, this thing is close to me,” she said.On the question of how they would vote in House races if the election were held today, 49 percent of registered voters say they would support the Republican candidate while 42 percent say they would vote for the Democratic candidate." For Airbus, as well as its competitor Boeing , Russia's attack on Ukraine raises the question of what impact sanctions may have on their plans to ramp up aircraft production this year.For comparison, just ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, which saw Democrats score big gains and capture control of the House, it was Democrats who enjoyed a seven-point advantage on this same question.It makes you not want to walk out the front door.

The Russian invasion has changed the calculus at the beginning of this election year, though given that the fighting in Ukraine is still in the early stages and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ultimate objectives are not fully known, it is too early to assess what the impact might be on voters’ attitudes toward the president and his party.Advertisement Story continues below advertisement The early assessments are contradictory, with a big and bipartisan majority approving of the sanctions imposed on the Russians but with a 47 percent plurality also saying they disapprove of the way Biden has managed the crisis to date.Battle and many other residents said they want more police patrolling communities."The security of supply is guaranteed independently from sourcing that could be challenged from Russia," he said.So far, the international crisis has not given Biden any boost, as sometimes happens in such moments.The survey was mostly completed before the full invasion began and the United States and others responded with sanctions.Story continues below advertisement And just a little more than half rate D.Americans rate Biden negatively on other big issues beyond leadership on the Ukraine crisis.thanks to strong demand for the A320 and A220, both built at the company's plant in Mobile, Alabama.

Biden’s approval rating on his handling of the economy now stands at 37 percent compared with 58 percent who disapprove.police as “good” or “excellent” (54 percent), down 20 percentage points from 2017, reflecting diminishing trust in police following calls for the reinvention of law enforcement after the murder of George Floyd and demonstrations for social and racial justice.That is slightly worse than in a November poll, but the differences are not statistically significant.On his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, 44 percent approve while 50 percent disapprove.2-14 among a random sample of 904 adult D."That's what we have in Alabama.Biden’s numbers on the pandemic have been in a steady slide since last summer, when about 6 in 10 said they approved of the job he was doing.Every Post-ABC poll since has seen that support decline a little further even as the number of covid cases has dropped sharply and a general easing of mask mandates and other restrictions is underway in many parts of the country.residents over landlines and cellphones.

Advertisement Story continues below advertisement The president appears to be weighed down by Americans’ sour assessment of the economy."We think we can enter into service the first hydrogen by 2035," said Faury.Today, 75 percent of Americans rate the economy negatively, up from 70 percent in November.Susan Breakefield Fulton, a now retired co-founder of an investment management firm, lives in Logan Circle, near where a Peace Corps worker was fatally shot over the summer while walking home from a dinner date with his wife.That represents the worst rating since 2013 in Post-ABC polls.In all, 39 percent say the economy is in “poor” shape, the highest number since 2012, though little changed from the 38 percent who said the same in November.“But I certainly don’t think it’s gotten any better.By a wide margin, Americans say the economy has gotten worse since Biden took office, with 54 percent saying so compared with 17 percent who say the economy has gotten better and 27 percent who say it has remained about the same as it was before he was sworn in 13 months ago.

During Biden’s first year as president, the unemployment rate has dropped to 4 percent and the economy added about 6 million new jobs.C.But the inflation rate has hit a 40-year high, with gasoline and grocery prices hitting the pocketbooks of American families.Advertisement Story continues below advertisement Almost 6 in 10 Americans say inflation has caused hardships for themselves or members of their household, with 3 in 10 saying those hardships have been serious.Bowser (D), but also the police, saying they’re stuck in outdated strategies that leave out social workers who she thinks should be paired with them on calls.Among those with incomes below $50,000, the percentage who say they have suffered serious hardship is even higher, at 43 percent.More than one-third of Americans say they are not as well off financially as they were before Biden became president, while almost half of all adults say they are in about the same place financially as they were when Biden came into office.Advertisement “We have to find a way to work with people who feel that crime is the only solution for them,” Fulton said.

One in 6 say they are better off.Americans are split almost evenly on whether Biden is to blame for the current inflation rates, with 50 percent saying he bears a “good deal” or a “great amount” of the blame and 48 percent saying he bears “not much” or no blame “at all.Story continues below advertisement Though a majority approve of the mayor’s job performance, her popularity dropped from previous years, and the poll finds more than 7 in 10 Washingtonians rate her “not good” or “poor” in reducing crime in the District.” Those views break largely along party lines.Advertisement Story continues below advertisement They assess greater culpability for the rise in prices on big companies seeking higher profits and on the economic disruptions caused by the pandemic, which has interrupted the supply chain.Shootings jumped 53 percent from 2018 to last year.More than two in three — including majorities among all partisan groups — say corporations trying to increase their profits are to blame for higher inflation rates and more than 7 in 10 cite disruptions from the pandemic as the cause.

An underlying weakness affecting perceptions of Biden’s performance in office is the degree to which people have doubts about his personal capacities.The force lost 267 officers in the past 16 months, the police chief told lawmakers last week, which the administration blames on budget cuts imposed by the Council in 2020.On the question of whether he is a strong leader, 59 percent say no and 36 percent say yes — closely aligned with his overall approval rating.Among independents, 65 percent say he is not strong.On an even more personal question, 54 percent say they do not think Biden has the mental sharpness it takes to serve as president, while 40 percent say he does.The last time this was asked in a Post-ABC poll was in May 2020.

At that time, the findings were roughly reversed: 51 percent said candidate Biden possessed the mental sharpness needed to be president compared with 43 percent who said he did not.Advertisement Story continues below advertisement Not surprisingly, Republicans and Democrats have wholly opposite views on this question.Among independents, a critical group in the upcoming election, 59 percent offer a negative assessment of the president’s mental sharpness, a rise of 13 points since May 2020.Interest in the November election, meantime, appears relatively high for contests that historically produce lower turnout than in presidential years.Today, 67 percent of adults and 75 percent of registered voters say they are certain to vote.

That is slightly higher than at the start of 2018, when midterm turnout surged to the highest in a century.At this early stage, 82 percent of voters who support Republicans for Congress say they are certain to vote, compared with 74 percent of voters who support Democrats.The current Post-ABC poll is the second in a row that has shown an increase in the percentage of people who identify as either Republicans or independents who lean Republican.The latest poll finds 46 percent of adults identify or lean Republican, up from 41 percent last June and 40 percent last April.The percentage identifying as Democrats has slipped from 48 percent last April to 43 percent this month.

This is in line with what polls have found in their party identification tracking: a marked shift toward Republicans from the beginning of 2021 to the end of the year.Advertisement Story continues below advertisement On issues, the public offers differing assessments of which party is most trusted as the midterm elections approach.Republicans have a big advantage on the economy, with 54 percent of adults saying they trust the GOP and 35 percent saying they trust the Democrats, tying Republicans’ record 19-point advantage on this issue in 1990.Meanwhile, Democrats have a narrower advantage on the pandemic, 43 percent to 37 percent.The public is closely divided on whom they trust on education, which has become a more contentious issue over the past year due to everything from mask mandates and remote learning to parental involvement and curriculum issues, especially the teaching of America’s racial history.

Historically, Democrats have held the advantage on the issue of education, but Republicans have signaled that they will seek to make it a top issue in November and that they will try to put the Democrats on the defensive.Today, the poll finds that 44 percent say they trust Democrats more to deal with these issues compared with 41 percent who trust Republicans.In 2006, 56 percent trusted Democrats more.From 1990-2006, Democrats averaged a 13-point advantage in trust to handle education.The Post-ABC poll was conducted Feb.

20 through 24 among a random national sample of 1,011 adults, reached on cellphones and landlines.The margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points for overall results and among the sample of 904 registered voters.Comment.

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Punk ass can’t even get rid of student debt Not sure if misinformation or disinformation but either way it’s bullshit. The economy has never been better. USAA sure trust in to the CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITICAL BS VALUES conservative party 🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣 yaaaa sure BS This poll is obviously bullshit. Only fools would trust Republicans to do the right thing.

America’s only hope is the Democratic Party takes over at midterms. The GOP had their way for 4 years and nearly destroyed our country and our democracy. How much lower can it go? Wow, according to your poll, many Americans would rather have the Republican Party, that created lies about who win the 2020 election, most voter participation in history, then stage a coup on our democracy? Who are these people? Not Americans!

I’m convinced ratings are low because of media narrative. Can’t the media just report facts & stop with projections, criticisms? Forget Fox. It’s nonstop anti Biden propaganda. The media is going to be single cause leading to the fall of democracy. Biden is best person 4 our time

3 in 10 District residents do not feel safe in their neighborhoods, Post poll findsMost residents say more police would reduce crime, but the share of those who rate police positively has dropped. thats all?

If that's the case, we're fucked. So how does bias liberal WaPo explain it! A newspaper that always supports the democrats has to finally admit what the world knows, especially the USA, that Biden & democrats can’t govern! Umm no Bullshit. Why does the Washington post want us to belief this How could anyone trust Republicans as they pass laws to discriminate, ban books and the teaching of history

'voters indicate more trust in Republicans' is truly mind boggling to see in writing. Help me understand. How do I get in on these polls? It's odd how thick Americans are when they continuously hamstring Democratic presidents by splitting the houses and making it impossible for them to forward their agenda and to make a meaningful impact in their own country.

Man, you guys really, REALLY want Trump back, huh? Not gonna happen.🖕 Just what the Putin/Fox/GOP cabal is looking for.

Airbus CEO: Transatlantic flights, Europe travel will grow post-Covid despite Ukraine-Russia tensionsThe CEO of Airbus, which is based in Toulouse, France, believes an expected surge in travel this summer is still likely. Tensions?

He is doing all he can to alleviate our hardships create by events he can only influence marginally. Like the effects of COVID, including the price if gas, made worse by Putin aggression. Many understand that, and give him the credit he deserves. November elections Dude it’s February! It’s early, too damn early!! We are still racked by covid and now this nonsense frahfoo by Russia.

We may be pessimistic...but did you poll only Republicans? That poll is bullshit. I live in Tennessee and Biden’s support has increased significantly. clean up this garbage. I mean, the press licked Trump's boots for four years and has spent the last year kicking Biden's ass right and left, so maybe y'all are a factor here.

I just totally disagree and you didn't ask me. Your polls suck Anyone surprised? Those who voted for sloppy joe, enjoy the show BULLSHIT Christ you went downhill…

Jim Cramer sees post-pandemic staying power for Etsy and Cash App parent Block'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer on Friday explained why he believes two pandemic winners, Etsy and Cash App parent Block, will continue to find success in the years ahead. Sell signal confirmed 😱Need to sell Etsy Yes, I'm sure Etsy will be profitable at the expense of the smallbusinessowner. Chinese business continue to sell or sell thru newer sellers and list items as 'handmade,' or copy American IP forcing them out. Very few of the original sellers remain. Shopify is the answer.

Wtf is wrong with American people? I hope you get what you want so - GOP rule.....and live with it. People only see as far as their nose look whats going on a pandemic that went on way too long because people did not want to work together. Unstable world Economy for sometime and a total shit show he Inherited .

Well I don't believe these polls they said the same thing about 45 and he had over 70 million people vote for him POTUS VP just got more votes. It’s all perception Goes to show you that relentless negativity and relentless lying which the GOP is good at works better than simple good programs, credibility and decency This is the Wal Mart I phone instant entertainment need effect American idiocy crushing our nation

STOP REPORTING POLLS AND REPORT FACTS. No thanks. We do not need traitors in Government. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Bidennis doing an amazing job even with all of your lies! Everyone wants to explain the problems! Seams no one wants to explain the answers!!!! Republicans were falling all over themselves to carry Putin's.water for years and now we are getting nuclear threats off the heels of a murderous invasion...your poll is crap

More trust in Republicans who are siding with Putin? Are you sure?

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You are not polling all the people. This is ridiculous. يعني ننتظر لمن ٢٠٢٤ ؟ يعني عمر المرشح امريكيا ٤ سنين والله كثير؛يعني العقلية الامريكية لم ترى ان ٤ سنين مع رئيس ليس متفوق اجل طويل وكئيب وبائس ؟ المفترض سنة وكثيرة برضه؛وغير مرشحين الامم المتحدة وو ! الغرب مادري كيف يفكر بصراحة ! ولا اتوقع حجة ترى عدم كفاية السنة لإختبار الرئيس !

Was this poll taken above or below the Mason-Dixon Line? Where did the poll take place? At a klan meetup, aka Trump rally!

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