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Janet Mock, Pose

‘Pose’: Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock Break Down ‘Milestone’ Death

‘Pose’: Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock Break Down ‘Milestone’ Death


Pose ’: Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock Break Down ‘Milestone’ Death

SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you have not seen “ Pose ” Season 2, Episode 4, entitled “Never Knew Love Like This Before.” The second season of “ Pose ” sees the story jump forward…

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Murphy reveals that Candy’s death had been a long time in the works, as he and the other creatives behind “Pose” had talked about it since the beginning of the show. But they decided to wait for the audience to get to know the characters before dropping such a bombshell.

“We always had the community right there when we wrote; we knew it was a memorial for them. And for me, it was a memorial to myself,” Mock says.

“The moment at which they go out to search for her when she’s lost, the moment at which you gather together to realize you need to talk about her being dead, the moment at which you have to claim her body, the moment when you notify her parents and pray and hope that they show up, the moment at which you have to sit and grieve on your own and then the fantasy of her coming back to say her last words — we wanted to capture all of it,” Mock says.

In directing “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” which he describes as the “most important episode of TV” he has ever helmed, Murphy says he wanted to give the actors space to decide what their characters’ reactions would be to this terrible loss. This allowed for Indya Moore, who plays Angel, to make an emotionally-driven decision to approach Candy’s open coffin and take her hand.

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